Thursday, December 2, 2010

MVP released

Didn't expect to read this today; from

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar MVP as of December 2, 2010. WWE wishes MVP the best in all future endeavors.

According to MVP on Twitter, he requested his release and wants to start working internationally, perhaps in Europe or Japan. If that's what MVP wants, then I'm happy for him and don't really have much else to add to the situation. I hate seeing guys lose their gig, but he wants to explore other options, and as long as they're available to him, he should be able to pursue whatever career path he desires.

There's certainly no shortage of young talent to fill the void though, MVP's loss is Kaval's gain. Or Christian's, or JTG's, etc. If someone doesn't want to be there, there are plenty of guys who do, and that's not a knock on MVP, that's just the reality of the situation. I'm happy for MVP if he's found something else he wants to do and good for WWE honoring his request, it sounds like this is the rare case where someone gets released and there's no real bad news to report with it. Good luck, MVP!


  1. Well, it puts an exchange between Jericho and MVP on Twitter into new perspective:

    Jericho to MVP, "are you still with the company?"

    MVP to Jericho, "barely it would seem. Just barely."

    Wrestlezone mentioned it a few days ago and I read the little exchange when I was looking into the Mark Madden comments.

  2. Interesting. He's been making thinly veiled comments about his status with the company for awhile now. Nothing at Matt Hardy levels or anything, but I'm honestly not shocked by the news.

  3. I was just thinking about this... when I started to get back into wrestling in 2008, one of the first matches I saw on Smackdown was a 4 way number 1 contender match between the following participants (if I remember correctly):

    Jeff Hardy
    The Brian Kendrick

    And now all four of those people who were vying for a chance to hold the top prize on that show are gone.

  4. The landscape has changed pretty dramatically, just in the last 12-18 months. Imagine if you told someone who was watching in May 2008 that The Miz would be WWE Champion, this Irish guy that's been on ECW for a week would be a two-time WWE Champion and the next KOTR, and the biggest storyline of the year would revolve around 7 guys you've never heard of.