Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 49

Very pleased with this episode thanks to our best fake commercial since Orton's Orthodontics. Enjoy!

The Miz is WWE Champion, Mark Madden is a troll, Kevin Nash is wrong, King Del Rio > King Sheamus, Smackdown stalls, and WWE needs new faces.

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Theme song: "Believe" by Grasp Infinity


  1. Y'know, my first thought when I read the Mark Madden commentary on The Miz I thought to myself "Shit, he might be right."

    Because, y'know, who knows mediocrity better than Mark Madden?

  2. Calling Mark Madden mediocre is being awfully generous.

  3. True enough that.

    The reason (I presume) for NXT season 4 is that the WWE has international (read: at least Canadian) television commitments to work through. NXT is shown on TV outside of the States, so that's likely why they're opting to go this route rather than "canceling" it for good and bringing back Tough Enough a few months down the line.

    That said, I wish that WWE would just air Superstars here.

    Hell, I'll take re-runs of Shotgun Saturday Night.

  4. I didn't read Mark Madden's comments... I heard them on Chair Shot Reality.... he said something which I think sums up everything about him.

    About the prospects of him writing a book, but I think it applies to his other views. "I was a marginal figure in wrestling, and no one would want to read it."

  5. MVP's been released.

    Your thoughts?

  6. My husband swears he never got any gruff for his NWO t-shirts in high school. I point out that Rugby stars get a lot of slack, but apparently they had DX vs. NWO debates frequently? I never remember wrestling being embarrassing either, maybe it's a Canadian thing?

  7. Oh yeah, if you're Canadian, you're fine... wear all the wrestling shirts you want! :-P

    It wasn't like we got beat up on the playground or anything, but anytime someone wore a wrestling shirt to school, someone would say something. Like I mentioned in the podcast though, the funniest was when a bunch of us got sent to the principal's office for all wearing our "GOT HEAD?" shirts on the same day.