Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Did last night's Raw ruin WrestleMania?

In my Raw review last night, I mentioned that the final segment, involving John Cena and The Nexus, was so damaging that it could have WrestleMania repercussions. If you didn't see it, Nexus abandoned Wade Barrett when John Cena vowed to make their lives a living hell and threatened to kick their leader out of the group if he didn't hire Cena back next week.

So that whole firing thing? Pointless. John Cena's passionate farewell speech the night after Survivor Series? Rendered meaningless. The whole part about John Cena being a member of Nexus? An afterthought. Basically, it resets all the progress that the story has made and we're essentially back to where we were in September when Nexus was "rebuilding" after losing at SummerSlam.

To be fair, a lot of people wrongly wrote the story off there as well, but WWE managed to inject some new life into it by forcing Cena into Nexus, but they can't just go back to that now. And considering how much they dropped the ball there, refusing to make Cena look even slightly vulnerable or heelish, why should they even bother? I suppose there are plenty of routes they can go to make this interesting, maybe Nexus is setting a trap for Cena, but this whole story has been Cena always being one step ahead of the masterminds of Nexus.

Perhaps there's more to it, there's "the winds of change" and that Nexus is supposedly a part of something "much, much bigger," but we haven't heard anything about those things in weeks. If Nexus is part of some master plan, it is the most convoluted, illogical and inefficient master plan ever concocted. Even Bond villains don't complicate things this much.

And it's especially frustrating because Cena vs. Barrett should be a marquee WrestleMania match. It would be the first time since WWE went to 12 PPVs a year where WWE carried a feud for this long without pausing the story or someone going down with injury, that made it all the way to WrestleMania with the crowd still red hot for it. Luckily, the crowd is still reacting and perhaps even more behind John Cena than they've ever been, but there's going to come a point where Nexus just isn't believable anymore. They've done little to carve out personalities and motivations for any members not named Barrett or Otunga, so how are they going to get another four months out of the story when they're merely cannon fodder for John Cena every week?

The reactionary nature of the internet crowd often annoys the hell out of me, and I hate to be on the side that thinks one segment in December can adversely affect a major PPV in April, but WWE continues to show no signs of bucking the status quo. John Cena is untouchable and Nexus are all talk; the threat of mutiny only makes it worse, because a divided Nexus is even easier for Cena to take out... but he's already shown he can kick all their asses anyway. If there's any hope of salvaging this story and carrying it to WrestleMania, Cena can't just come out on top every single week. The good guy is supposed to be in peril until the final battle when he finally comes out victorious, and that's not just in wrestling, that's basic storytelling. With Nexus being the hottest storyline to come around in years, I hope I'm just another in the long line of people who wrote it off too soon. WWE, please prove me wrong.


  1. I'm just waiting for Nexus Wolf Pack to form so we can see David Otunga give Wade Barrett the poke of doom at Wrestlemania.

  2. I guess the whole element of the storyline about who is pulling the strings of Nexus has fallen by the wayside as well then?

  3. I'm glad you posted this follow-up to your comments from last night. I was getting worried you were becoming a Chicken Little on me.