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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - November 26, 2010

Hope you had a fun and safe Thanksgiving, speaking of which, your favorite pie is Apple, how very American of you! USA! USA! USA!

Smackdown started off with the World Heavyweight Champion, Kane, who retained his title in a draw at Survivor Series, but still doesn't have his father, Paul Bearer. I've mentioned how much I hate the abduction storyline because it completely defies all logic, but I thought that at least it's wrestling where logic doesn't always have to apply... well Kane crapped all over that. The World Champion promised not to "press charges" as long as Paul Bearer was returned, but that's not the way the law works, kiddo. Edge is holding a man against his will, that's a felony and the authorities should've already arrested him by now, so this is utterly ridiculous. At least Edge was funny.

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger was the first qualifying match for Smackdown's side of the King of the Ring tournament and was an enjoyable, lengthy opener. And despite starting off a bit slow, the match got extremely exciting near the end. Not really a fan of Kofi Kingston getting the win here since the King of the Ring tournament seems a bit more fitting for a guy like Swagger, but I suppose they had to balance out the face/heel dynamic. And Kofi hitting the Boom Drop in the corner? Awesome.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show was the second qualifying match of the night, and if anyone's tailor-made to win King of the Ring this year, it has to be Alberto Del Rio. He's from a royal bloodline! Thankfully, Del Rio picked up the win (via count-out), in what was a surprisingly competitive match... this is how much of a splash Del Rio's made in just a few months, despite being dwarfed by the Big Show, his offense is completely believable against the World's Largest Athlete. Good match.

MVP vs. Drew McIntyre was our next qualifying match (after a painfully looooooong bit with Edge, Kane and Paul Bearer), and this was an odd pairing. I understand these guys have a history, as of late, but they both needed a big win to jump-start their momentum, so having either of them lose right now seemed a bit counter-productive. Nature of the beast sometimes, and Drew McIntyre picked up the win to continue his quest to become the last King of Scotland. I like watching these two work though, they're both inconsistently entertain me, but they bring out the best in each other and could each be the key to the other's future.

I think Hornswoggle killed and ate the Swagger Soaring Eagle. That was the second felony on this show.

I could watch The Glamazon destroy LayCool every week.

Rey Mysterio vs. "DASHING" Cody Rhodes was the final King of the Ring qualifying match and our main event of the evening. I was very excited to see this one since Rhodes has been so good lately and if you want to see how good he can get, there's no better opponent for him than Rey Rey. Alberto Del Rio joining commentary didn't hurt either, though it wasn't surprising to see him get involved since it was a Mysterio match. One ref bump later, Del Rio handed a HUGE win to Cody Rhodes, but sadly the match itself was way too short.

And to close the show, Edge ran over a Paul Bearer dummy in the parking lot while Kane watched. I don't know what's less believable, this storyline, or the fact that The Rated-R Superstar drives a tan Hyundai.

If you could get through the eye-rolling kidnapping stuff, there was a lot of fun to have on this show. Four solid, competitive matches that set up tomorrow's King of the Ring show quite well. Any of the eight guys would make a good King of the Ring, but like I said earlier, I think this year's tournament is all about crowning King Del Rio.

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  1. it was great to see Cody in the main event after some great matchs lately and it ends another week full of great wrestling i think this is the most consistant WWE have been in terms of great matches in a long time and long may it continue.

    And Razor I know you don't watch TNA but wanted to ask your view on the most annoying thing they do almost weekly and that is after spending 2/3 of the show talking, the main event of the night comes on and then just as it looks like its gonna start ramping up to the climax......credits.... and you have to watch the rest on exploed or something, the only thing is they don't show that in the U.K just seems mindless