Monday, November 8, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - November 8, 2010

Cold open for Raw, with John Cena standing at a podium in the ring, asking Manchester to welcome their hometown hero, Wade Barrett! The leader of the Nexus isn't particularly thrilled with David Otunga for botching the invasion of Smackdown last Friday, but he's furious with John Cena for giving the win to Orton & R-Truth in last week's main event. Barrett orders Cena to give us a preview of Survivor Series and announce him as the new WWE Champion, but Captain Buzzkill, Randy Orton has to ruin all the fun. Looks like Nexus will be banned from ringside at Survivor Series, and The G?M sets up a ten-man tag for tonight's main event with John Cena as the guest referee... again.

Oh look, the Divas are in a soccer themed tag match. Get it? Because they're in England and those silly Europeans love their soccer! Or "football" if you want to not be a silly American. This match is especially painful because Josh Matthews is filling in for Jerry Lawler tonight and he's apparently taken on Cole's antagonistic nonsense. Eve and the Bellas win, but the only important thing coming out of this match was WWE confirming that next week's Raw will be the "old school" show, complete with the classic WWF logo! Match surprisingly wasn't bad, but the typical problems are highlighted here, male wrestlers wouldn't have to put on soccer uniforms... unless of course the owner of a soccer team double booked Raw and a playoff game and forced WWE to change cities.

The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos are up next, and no, you're not watching a rerun from five months ago. And did you hear that crowd reaction for The Usos? Is it possible to be quieter than silent? The Usos pretty much killed The Hart Dynasty's momentum earlier this year, and apparently this match was their opportunity to finish the job once and for all, picking up the first win since... ever? Wow, terrible.

Loved the promo for next week's Old School Raw with the classic Raw theme... they should totally be doing this show from the Manhattan Center.

Looks like The Miz will be on Randy Orton's team tonight against Nexus. Well, at least his awesomeness should balance things back to normal.

Full disclosure: I actually had no idea how the Goldust/Aksana wedding turned out until they showed the clip just now. I love Goldust and all, but nothing's going to get me to watch the train wreck that is NXT. Looks like Aksana was a Goldustdigger and only out for her green card; Goldust is shattered though, even painting tears on his face for his match with Ted DiBiase. Oddly enough, Aksana interferes and steals the Million Dollar Title, distracting Ted and giving Goldust the chance for a roll-up win. HUH?!

John Cena vs. David Otunga is our 10pm main event to punish Otunga for the mess on Smackdown (and apparently the viewers as well). Say what you want about Otunga though, that Nexus hoodie is pretty slick. I'm in favor of all Nexus members getting their own personalized clothes. Barrett could bring back his cloak with the "N" on the back, Husky could bring back his vest with half the "N" on each side, etc. Easy win for Cena, but at least this match was something worthy of the crowd getting on their feet for after sitting through Divas nonsense, The Usos and Ted DiBiase.

Okay, David Otunga's hoodie was cool, but it's got nothing on the NEXUS SCARF!

Backstage, Wade Barrett lays down the law on Otunga, ordering him to return to Smackdown this Friday to take on Edge, and if he doesn't win, he's out. Okay, can we stop kicking people out of Nexus, please? Strength in numbers is the whole point of this group.

So Santino & Kozlov are out next for Tea Time, dressed like proper British gentlemen, and Vladimir Kozlov looks AWESOME! He should dress like this every week and reunite with William Regal. Santino's having this little tea party to make peace with "Shay-moose," since they "got off to the wrong foots." This is actually really funny, it shouldn't be, but it is, especially with Santino's "ghosts aren't that white" line and Kozlov calling Santino's win a couple weeks ago "the biggest upset in Double Double E history." Santino spills coffee on Sheamus, and much like the infamous Jericho/Kane coffee feud, this shit is on! Santino vs. Sheamus is next!

By the way, when Eric Bischoff heard there was a tea party on Raw, he immediately grabbed several guns, made a poster portraying Barack Obama as Joker Hitler and booked the first flight to Manchester.

Sheamus vs. Santino in an impromptu match is underway, and for once, Michael Cole might be right, calling this one a "train wreck." Santino's stalling, trying to remove his gentlemanly attire, since his ring gear is underneath it, just like Superman! In all seriousness, I've been growing increasingly tired of Santino's shtick as of late, but this whole bit with Sheamus tonight has really saved the character for me. This was just plain fun and really helped what was shaping up to be the most boring Raw in quite sometime. Santino got DQed after a low blow and almost got destroyed after the match, but John Morrison made the save once again. Still waiting on the rematch between these two after their awesome encounter back in September.

Main Event time! Randy Orton, R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry & The Miz vs. Nexus and John Cena is the special guest referee. Michael Cole's reaction to The Miz's entrance was simultaneously hilarious, sad and terrifying. As Josh Matthews said, "it's like Stevie with Kenny Powers."

Sidebar: I think I've figured out what bugs me so much about Michael Cole lately. I get that he's quasi-heel now, but the way he presents himself, it just gives off the vibe that he doesn't take his job seriously. Maybe he's just a really bad actor, but it strikes me as disrespectful, anyone else getting that feeling?

10-man tag is pretty fun, especially when Daniel Bryan and/or Husky Harris are in the ring. Maybe it's the fact that WWE never goes for guys with that look, but I really feel like Husky's going to be something special someday. Daniel Bryan already is the next big thing, so it was fun to see them lock up and see how their unique styles mesh.

Of course, since it's a big multi-man match on Raw, everything has to go to hell with a finisher fest, but David Otunga provides the distraction and The Miz turned on his team, nailing Randy Orton with the Skullcrushing Finale and allows Wade Barrett to pin the WWE Champion! Oh hell yes. Hey, he's Mr. Money in the Bank, Orton should always be watching his back. Raw closes with Wade Barrett being hoisted onto Nexus' shoulders, and I hope that's how Survivor Series ends as well.

Raw was just fine if you tuned in at 10pm, but if you watched the full two hours, you had to sit through one of the most boring first hours in recent memory. Thankfully, Santino and Sheamus saved the day and got Raw back on track and a fun main event closed things out well. No wrestling you need to go out of your way to see, but the Sheamus/Santino segment was one of WWE's best comedy segments this year. Excited to see what they do next week for the Old School show.



  1. Your spot on about Cole. And in all honesty I want to like him, but it's hard too. What made Heenan great was besides being brilliant is that he cared about the heels winning, hard to explain but 92 Royal Rumble is a great example. Cole is acting like a fan. I don't get at all what they are doing with the commentary. Why not make Lawler the heel announcer, he used to be great at it. One more additional not, since CM Punk is supposedly shelved, I wish he'd do some announcing in the mean time, haha. Can't wait for next week.

  2. Hey now, The Uso's beat Mark Henry in a handicap match on Superstars last week. It had Gail Kim wrestling too (featuring Scott Stanford shouting 'TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!' after a Northen Lights Suplex)! Talk about Bizzaro world.

  3. It was painful to hear Cole talk about football, PAINFUL.
    I was a bit disapointed with the lack of Regal on this show and I think a match between him and the best up and coming Wrestler Daniel Bryan would have been a great way to open the show or headline the hour mark don't you think?