Monday, November 29, 2010

WWE Raw November 29, 2010 - King of the Ring

The Miz is WWE Champion, and several of my favorite Superstars are vying for the King of the Ring crown. This might be the most excited I've been for Raw in quite a while. I will be live blogging the show as well, so make sure to refresh your page for ongoing coverage of tonight's Raw!

The Miz in opening video holding up the WWE Title almost makes up for the fact that I have to listen to a Nickelback song.

Alex Riley has suited up and is in full hype man mode. YEEEAAAAHHH BOOOOOOYYYYY!!! Riley's on fire here, even bringing up his recent legal troubles, saying that he's "not afraid to party" and tonight is all about our new WWE Champion.

Opening contest is a match I've been eager to see for a few months now, Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan, and this is also the first quarterfinal match in the King of the Ring tournament. Del Rio's my pick to win this thing, and I was kind hoping this would wind up being the final, with Daniel Bryan playing the injured underdog who comes this close to winning it, but loses to the crafty a-hole. Still, I'm not going to complain when these two are in the ring together, it definitely helps the excruciating wait for Bryan vs. Punk... WrestleMania, anyone? Fantastic match tonight though, which isn't surprising, but I feel like these two barely even scratched the surface with what they could do together. Great storytelling with Bryan busting his shoulder on the suicide dive and falling victim to the Cross Armbreaker, and my pick for the next King of WWE moves to the semifinals! Right now, I think we're looking at a Del Rio vs. Kofi final.

WWE mentioned Brock Lesnar winning the KOTR tournament, which naturally whips the internet into a small frenzy. Call me when they reference the Macho King, then I'll be surprised.

R-Truth is here, and he's bummed to see his friend, John Cena, fired from the company, and challenges any member of Nexus to a match. Backstage, Mike McGillicutty accepts the challenge, obviously to make up for that loss to a live microphone on the NXT finale. But before Mr. Imperfect can make it to ringside, he's attacked by a character in a First Person Shooter! We can only get a view of purple armbands and jean shorts... WHO COULD THAT BE?!

And apparently no one else in Nexus gives a damn about fighting R-Truth.

Next quarterfinal match in the King of the Ring tournament is John Morrison vs. Cody Rhodes, two guys that have been around for awhile, but are just starting to find that untapped potential. Fairly enjoyable match, but wish they got more time, but at least Punk was pretty funny on commentary. Del Rio vs. Morrison should be a great semifinal match though.

Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson is our third quarterfinal match of the night, and thanks for coming Drew, but you're not walking out of Philly. Sadly, McIntyre actually put a fight and managed to cause a double count-out. Wouldn't be a WWE tournament without a bye... and that puts a wrench in my Del Rio prediction. Can't see Kofi making it to the finals on a bye and Sheamus vs. Del Rio isn't a KOTR final, so maybe it's gonna be Sheamus vs. Morrison, which is kinda blah.

And Raw just got AWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMEEEEE! Tonight may be for the King of the Ring crown, but the only man you should bow to your new WWE Champion, THE MIZ! All the doubters were wrong, all the haters were wrong, all hail Big Daddy AWESOME! Speaking of awesome, how about that MARVELOUS suit?! You should totally get that for me for Christmas!

Miz tore it up on the mic here, even referencing everyone's favorite meme, Angry Miz Girl... I'm sure her parents are loving that, by the way. Miz vows to become the longest reigning WWE Champion in history (only 2,914 days to go!) and rubs it in the face of guys like Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat, who never won the WWE Title. This doesn't sit right with Jerry Lawler, who challenges The Miz to a WWE Championship match... tonight! The G?M makes it official, Jerry "The King" Lawler gets his first WWE Title shot on his birthday on the KING of the Ring special. Oh and one more thing, that match is a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match!

And anyone complaining about The Miz working with Jerry Lawler, need I remind you that Triple H worked title matches against TAKA Michinoku and feuded with Earl Hebner, so calm down.

Our last quarterfinal match is Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus, with the winner advancing directly to the finals. CM Punk couldn't resist the urge to reference the initials of King Kofi Kingston, and I'm just here shaking my head. Kofi looked like he had the match won after nailing Trouble in Paradise, but Sheamus managed to grab the ropes. Kofi went for a crossbody off the top, but instead ate the nastiest of the NASTY!!! Brogue Kicks, EVER. Kofi folded up like an accordion and The Celtic Warrior moves to the finals. Sorry Alberto, tonight's all about King Sheamus.

Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel vs. Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu? Oookay. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't complain if Yoshi Tatsu makes it on TV. Oh now I get it, John Cena's here, he has front row seats. Hey John, I'm not here to judge or anything, but now that you're unemployed, you don't have to wear your ring gear. I guess if you got a closet full of purple t-shirts and jean shorts, you go with what you got. Cena provided the distraction, allowing Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu to pick up the win (when's the last time I got to type that for either guy?), and then Cena hops the rail and Attitude Adjusts Heath Slater through the announce table! I'm sure people will wonder where security is, but c'mon, they're in Philly, that was tame compared to your average Eagles game.

Arn Anderson sighting!

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison is the first and only semifinal match of the evening, the winner of this match will take on Sheamus in the finals. Pretty excited to see these guys lock up, but the minute Zeke vs. McIntyre ended in a draw, I think it became pretty obvious that Sheamus vs. Morrison would be the last match of the tournament. Fun match, but once again the highlight was CM Punk's commentary, which included a Savio Vega reference! Rey Mysterio distracts Del Rio by honking the horn on the Rolls Royce and officially puts the final nail in my original KOTR prediction. Gee, thanks Rey, Punk is right, you are a jerk!

Wade Barrett is making his way to the ring, sporting a new Nexus shirt, which is cool, but not as slick as the one on WWE's Top Rope line. Barrett announces that he has the power to reinstate Cena, but will never use it... at least for a couple weeks. John Cena's backstage and security's not throwing him out because they've been roughed up by Nexus too. And Nexus is no match for Cena, because the WWE locker room is on his side too. So absolutely nothing has changed? Got it. At least Cena got in a "surely you can't be serious."

Maryse, Tamina & Alicia Fox vs. Natalya, Gail Kim & Melina in six-woman tag action, that of course, is just an excuse for comedy with Santino. At least he's singing "I Think We're Alone Now," which by the way, I met Tiffany earlier this year. No, not the wrestler, THE Tiffany. It's okay if you're jealous, I would be too. Oh and the good Divas won the match, I guess I should mention that.

Ted DiBiase's toy WWE Title may have just foreshadowed the ending of King of the Ring.

John Morrison with a Powder reference? My night is complete.

Slammy Awards return in two weeks with another three-hour Raw. It's only a matter of time before USA convinces them to three hours every week.

Miss USA Rima Fakih is the special guest ring announcer for the finals of King of the Ring, and how awesome would Sheamus look with her crown?

Sheamus vs. John Morrison is the final match in the King of the Ring tournament, and while I'm a fan of these guys and think they mesh incredibly well, this is a bit of a ho-hum ending. We've seen these guys wrestle, just a week ago in fact, I would've preferred at least an interbrand match. But you know what they say, don't judge a book by its cover, because these two just went out and stole the show. I had to step away from the laptop to give this match my full attention, and I was glad I did, what an awesome, exciting, back and forth contest. Sheamus working Morrison's shoulder was a nice touch, and that fall Morrison took off the top rope onto it was absolutely NASTY! That's how awesome King Sheamus is, he picked up two nasties in one night.

Sheamus decked out in full king garb looked like a preview for HBO's new show Game of Thrones. Gotta admit, when he screamed "LONG LIVE THE KING," I was 99.9% convinced that Motorhead was going to play, but I guess they're gonna keep us waiting on the return of The Game.

Main Event time! The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler for the WWE Title in a TLC match... and I promise, you're actually awake, this isn't the most bizarre dream you've ever had. And things just got even more bizarre, because this match is actually really fun. Edge vs. Flair TLC, it's not, but WWE knows how to make silly matches like this somehow feel like a big deal. And it looks like at age 61, Jerry Lawler is going to win his first WWE Championship! But Michael Cole makes the save!? Oh yeah, he has to be done as an announcer, I don't know what his role will be, but there's no way they can let Cole just sit in the booth every week when he can piss off a crowd like he did tonight. "And I quote... suck it, Jerry!"

Miz picked up an... interesting victory. Which of course made the smarks start whining that Miz looked bad, since ya know, he didn't cripple Jerry Lawler in twenty seconds. Newsflash kiddos: The Miz is a cowardly punk that takes cheapshots and shortcuts. It's called being a heel, and that match was the perfect way for Miz to make a splash as WWE Champion.

What a great show. Most of the KOTR matches ranged from good to fantastic, Alex Riley's intro was hysterical, King Sheamus (FELLA), The Miz's promo was perfect and that TLC match was, well, awesome. Really, my only complaint with tonight's show was the Cena/Nexus stuff, which has been carrying Raw for months now. It's a shame that WWE went the safe and easy route at Survivor Series, because it's completely deflated the story for me, but if they can breathe some life into it, my Monday nights could be damn near perfect.

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  1. morrison has 2 win

  2. How could you fail to mention Punk's spoiling of the KotR final? Also, when Cena threw Gabriel into the car door, that looked painful as hell.

  3. I didn't hear Punk spoil the final, but I guess Michael Cole is already rubbing off on him.

  4. Saw Tiffany I'm playboy shortly AFTER she was sill relevant, and she had already started a downward spiral. And that was what? Ten years ago? nope can't say I'm jealous in even the slightest

  5. There will be nothing bad said about Tiffany on my website.

  6. Either Tiffany? I Think We're Insatiable Now?

  7. you had to love punk on the cena storyline as well, "well isnt that ironic michael cole, john cena has been fired and hes conveniently here raising hell all over philadelphia, but we'll go ahead and show his dvd for him

  8. I watched this last night, and I enjoyed it more than I expected. I have no idea if the wrestling was any good, and I'm sure after a while I'd be able to tell good wrestlers from ok ones, but until then I'll just sit back and enjoy.

    The King of the Ring part was ok, but I didn't really care who won. Being new to wrestling, I didn't know half the people who were fighting. And the Nexus parts were...ok. While I'd prefer if Cena didn't show up every single show after he's been fired, I'll admit, from what I can tell this is sorta in character for Cena. I mean, he does have this whole don't give up thing, and right after he lost to Barret and had to join Nexus he did beat up that one Nexus guy and say he was going to destroy it from within. So, him buying tickets and showing up to mess with Nexus even after he's been fired isn't all that bad. From a storytelling perspective I'd say it works. At least Juan Cena didn't show up. I probably wouldn't have finished watching if he did and quite possibly would have stopped watching altogether. I'm new and easily scared by the weirder parts of wrestling.

    The part that I liked the most however, was the part I thought I'd like the least. When I heard that Miz and Lawler were to fight I was like, the guy and the announce table is fighting the Miz? Really? Seriously? That's kinda stupid. But then, the way the story unfolded, I started to get into it and I started to think, you know, I can buy this. It helped once WWE started showing clips from Lawler's past and I realize that he had been a wrestler. It also helped that Lawler wasn't bragging that he was going to win. He really wanted to win, and didn't think he chances were good, but he went in anyway. That really impressed me. And even though I knew how it would end, because I had spoiled myself first, I was still hoping Lawler would win. And I got really upset when Cole got in the ring. I'm still kinda upset over that.

    So while I'm don't really care what Nexus or Cena has planned next week, I am interested to see what is going to happen between Cole and Lawler. There is no way they can be friends anymore. No way. I was so glad Cole got punched. He so deserved that. I hope he get's punched more. That was great. I mean, before this show, I didn't hate Cole. I found him annoying at times, but overall I didn't mind him. Now I don't like him. But it's not a "I never want to see him" sort of thing, it's a "YAY I don't like him" sort of thing. I'm not sure I'm describing this very well.

  9. Good wrestling is whatever entertains you, Lehana.

    You're right about Cena, it certainly plays into his character. I think for me, it didn't click because it's so typical of his character and not unlike what we've been seeing from him for the last five years. Being forced to work for Nexus could've been the catalyst to really shake things up, but they seem scared to try something new with him.

    I recommend reading into Jerry Lawler's history. His story is really interesting and the stuff he did with Andy Kaufman is legendary. At least check out the Jim Carrey movie "Man on the Moon."

  10. Good wrestling is whatever entertains you? That is very good advice and something I will keep in mind. I read other sites that tend to complain about wrestlers and matches that instead of enjoying a match I worry about whether or not the match would be considered good by those people. I will stop doing that, it's stupid. If I enjoy it, and others think it is bad...who cares. I may change my mind later, but for that moment I'll at least be having fun.

    I suspect that since I have only even heard of Cena for about 6 months and only saw him wrestle for a couple of weeks that I'm not as upset about the sameness. Although I do see where you are coming from. Five years is a long time to be doing the same thing.

    I am certainly interested in Jerry Lawler's history now, so I will look up more about him. I had heard about the Jim Carrey move, but I haven't seen it and honestly had no idea what it was about. I'll have to fix that. I wonder if my brother has the movie. If so I might have to borrow it from him.