Sunday, November 28, 2010

Leslie Nielsen dead at 84

Just read the absolutely heartbreaking news that Leslie Nielsen, star of brilliant movies like The Naked Gun and Airplane! has died at age 84. I was a huge Nielsen fan and who can forget his search for The Undertaker in the summer of 1994?

If you're not familiar with Nielsen's work, and even if you are, put The Naked Gun trilogy in your Netflix queue, you'll have a ton of fun. It's sad that the world has to lose someone who brought so many smiles to our faces, but Leslie Nielsen's legacy will be timeless.

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  1. It was disaster week at Io9, and they had disaster movie money shots... and one of them was from a really bad movie (campy though) called City On Fire... it was Mr. Neilsen's last movie before he jumped into comedy with both feet.

    I just watched that clip last night.