Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Because he's The Miz, and he's... WWE CHAMPION!

I think we're gonna have to update this for Smackdown vs. Raw 2012 with a picture of him holding up the WWE Championship.

He's long been a favorite of this site, and it's always fun to see someone win their first World Championship, so I have to just nerd out over this one. Not since CM Punk's first cash-in have I been this excited about a WWE Title win and regardless of where it goes from here, no one can take this moment away from The Miz.

The Miz is WWE Champion. I have to repeat it: The Miz is WWE Champion. If you would've told me this five years ago, I'd laugh in your face... if you would've told me one year ago, I'd say "what took so damn long?"

Miz had a lot of hurdles in this journey, and he hasn't been shy about using them in his promos. He's gone from The Real World, to Tough Enough, to "hosting" Smackdown, to the Diva Search, to being mocked on-air by DX, being hazed by JBL, being banned from the locker room, being in Morrison's shadow (or perceived to be, at least), to facing the tall task of moving from ECW immediately into a feud with John Cena, to being "fired" (for a week), and banned from The Summerfest. But instead of buckling under the pressure or stagnating in the midcard, The Miz just got better. Whatever he needed to do, improve his ring work, freshen up his look, drop the Chick Magnet shtick, he did it and figured out a way to make himself more interesting. The Miz is the rare Superstar that gets better with each passing week, and as I mentioned in my Raw review, he's the most improved Superstar I've seen in my lifetime.

Earlier, I saw someone mention that he's WWE's greatest success story, and while I think time will be the ultimate judge on that, I can certainly see the point. WWE has officially created their new top heel, which they definitely needed with Batista leaving, Jericho taking time off, and Edge turning face, but Miz is more than just the guy to fill the void, he has all the tools to be a main event player for years to come.

Congratulations Miz, you deserve every bit of your success. The Era of AWESOME has begun!


  1. There are no words for how happy I am that he's finally champion. My mom poked her head in my room and asked what was wrong because the whole house had been shaking and she heard me screaming.

    The Miz has done absolutely everything necessary to be a top competitor in the WWE, and I'm thrilled to see WWE rewarding him for it.

  2. I agree. The Miz has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years and it's great to see WWE pulling the trigger on someone with as much momentum as he has gathered recently.

    I just hope he doesn't drop the belt straight back to Orton at the next Pay-Per-View like Edge did after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract in 2006, though. I don't necessarily mind if he isn't champion by the time Wrestlemania comes around, but he should at least be given a decent amount of time in which to do this title reign the justice it deserves after such a good build-up.

  3. If The Miz loses the belt to someone, I'd love it to be during a feud with a face Jericho. Imagine the awesome promos that would have.

  4. Losing the belt in three weeks worked out pretty well for Edge in the end though, 9-time World Champion and all.

  5. True, but I still think that his initial reign had more legs in it than the three weeks it was given. With that said, though, a longer reign might have meant that his fantastic Wrestlemania match with Mick Foley would never have happened.

  6. Feels like a setup for The Miz to be revealed as Raw's mystery GM.

    Certainly would make some sense of Michael Cole's ongoing involvement, not to mention inject some heat into the coming Miz/Cena/Orton/Barrett fued...

  7. Kevin Sorbo?

    Kick-Out!!: officially endorsed by Hercules!

  8. Aw, sorry... not the REAL Kevin Sorbo! I asked him last night.

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