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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - October 8, 2010

I really dig the Green Day tune for WWE.

T-Lo started things off to introduce Smackdown's newest Superstar, Edge! Edge was in action in our opening match against Jack Swagger (w/ the Swagger Soaring Eagle), and I really hope the eagle sticks around, a wrestler with a sports mascot is brilliant. What a difference a few days makes though, these two had a great match at HIAC and it was yawned out of the arena, but in the opening match of a Smackdown taping, the crowd was red hot. Good match here as well with Edge picking up the win for his first night on Smackdown and he certainly needed this trade. He floundered on Raw, Smackdown is his show, this should be much better for him.

Layla vs. Kelly Kelly was our second match, and we even got an Extreme Exposé reference from Matt Striker. That was pretty much the most noteworthy event in this match; Layla continues to shine, but she's overshadowed by McCool and rarely given much time to work.

Big Show ran to the ring Ultimate Warrior style, that's something you don't see everyday! Big Show referenced his movie Knucklehead that comes out later this month, and as I watched Show here, all I could think is how much I want to see him do a comedy movie with Jason Segel of How I Met Your Mother & Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Anyway, Big Show is the team captain of Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights, which makes sense considering he won the match for them last year when he betrayed Team Raw. Big Show's first order of business was to announce Hornswoggle as the team mascot, and he looked like a bearded Smurfette with a viking helmet. The Dudebusters interrupted and threatened to join The Miz on Team Raw if Show didn't put them on Team Smackdown, so he double chokeslammed them. Fun little segment.

The November issue of WWE Magazine celebrates The Undertaker's 20th year in WWE, which is crazy to think about.

"DASHING" Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval & Kofi Kingston was a non-title match, and while I like the team of Kofi & Kaval, I hope they actually do something with them, rather than just using them as canon fodder. Before we talk about the match, I have to talk about how much I hate Michael Cole on commentary and putting him in the booth for Smackdown is just even more aggravating. He trash talks Kaval, making fun of his "gyrations," yet we are talking about the same Michael Cole that commentates Randy Orton matches, right? You want to talk about stupid gyrations, look no further than the WWE Champ. Anyhoo, Kaval & Kofi fell quickly, and I don't know which is sadder at this point, WWE practically ignoring Kaval or WWE forgetting that Kofi Kingston could've been entering the main event scene this time last year. Such a waste.

Paul Bearer was already in the ring and introduced his son, the World Heavyweight Champion, Kane Kane's promos have been the best of his career this year, but that goofy background music has to stop... I did like the flame projection on the ring canvas though.

Intercontinental Title on the line was next with Dolph Ziggler taking on MVP, and MVP got his sleeves back. The story in this match was Vickie Guerrero leaving Dolph Ziggler since he cheated on her with Kaitlyn from NXT, who helped Ziggler win here, but really, who cares about NXT at this point? I applaud WWE for at least trying to do something with it, but now that it's off TV, it's going to be watched by a fraction of the audience, that's just the harsh reality. Kind of a slow match here, Ziggler is overshadowed by this love triangle business and MVP is beyond stale. If anyone in WWE is in need of a massive character overhaul, if Matt Hardy isn't coming back, then MVP is at the top of that list.

Honestly, has there been a smarter decision in wrestling this year than to take the mask off Dos Caras Jr. and give us Alberto Del Rio instead? Dare I say, the best face in wrestling since The Rock?

Main Event time! Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio in Rey's Syfy debut! Crowd was electric for this one, Rey showed more of an aggressive side (watch out when he wears black, it's your ass!) and Del Rio continued to show that he's a future main eventer, his climbing enzuigiri when Rey went to the top was NASTY!, by the way. Great match between these two, they have fantastic chemistry, and much like when he works with Jericho, Mysterio brings out new stuff when he works with Del Rio. Rey Mysterio doing a sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope? Okay! Seriously, watch this match if you haven't yet, you'll be more than impressed, even if you're not a Rey Mysterio fan. Rey Rey picked up the win, giving Del Rio his first loss, but no one can stay undefeated forever.

An amazing main event carries a solid, but not spectacular episode of Smackdown. This definitely felt more like the SD I know and love than last week's show, but aside from Edge vs. Swagger and the main event, there wasn't a whole lot of wrestling on this show. Couple that fact with Michael Cole's infuriating commentary, and the show wasn't quite up to par, but still not bad at all.

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