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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - October 29, 2010

It was the final WWE show before Halloween, so naturally we'd start things off with a funeral for The Undertaker. Just curious, how many times over the last twenty years have we had a funeral for The Undertaker? It's like a creepy version of Groundhog Day. But yeah, Kane told us that The Undertaker is gone forever, for reals this time, he's for serious! Good stuff from Kane though, and fresh off three wins over The Undertaker, he has to be one of the most dominant World Champions in recent WWE history.

But this is wrestling, any event where you'd expect class and tact, like a funeral or wedding, you won't find it here. As Kane was asking for a moment of silence, he was interrupted by Alberto Del Rio?! Del Rio said the only tragedy was that he hasn't had a shot at the World Championship, which infuriates Kane, but the crafty newcomer got the upper hand until Rey Mysterio interfered, then Edge made his presence felt. Naturally, this set up a triple threat between Del Rio, Edge and Rey Mysterio to determine a new #1 contender.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Cheetara Guerrero vs. Daniel Bryan was their third match this week, but at least it made sense. Both their matches have had "controversial" officiating, so they were once again looking for a definitive victory. Not gonna get it here though, Ziggler had the match won after a ref bump, but Vickie got in the ring causing Ziggler to lose his focus and caught a NASTY! kick to give Bryan his third victory... yes my friends, Dolph Ziggler got his f'n head kicked in. These two have fantastic chemistry though, and I'm loving this mini feud, let's put them in a cage!

Jack Swagger vs. Kaval was next, and these guys had a hell of a match. Both haven't had much to do on Smackdown as of late, so I would love to see them lock it up more. Kaval put up a valiant effort, but succumbed to the Ankle Lock, which I'm sure will upset some folks, but at least we didn't have to see Tyler Reks this time.

Divas Costume Contest... who cares?

I was glad to see McIntyre & Rhodes didn't split up after losing the belts to Nexus, they make for a good team, and even have a name now "The Dashing Ones." I like a good odd couple, and both these guys have been growing on me lately, so I wouldn't mind seeing the tag division built around them.

The Dashing Ones vs. Big Show & Kofi Kingston might cast some doubt on that idea though with McIntyre leaving Cody to get chokeslammed by the World's Largest Athlete. Fun match though and the crowd was ON FIRE for this one. Maybe Kofi & Big Show should be the next challengers for the Nexus? What? Like I said, I like a good odd couple!

And sure enough, backstage, Rhodes & McIntyre broke up. Seriously, WWE's penchant for splitting up tag teams too soon, too often is reaching self-parody levels. Ridiculous.

Main Event time! Rey Mysterio vs. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio in a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender for Kane's World Heavyweight Championship. Friends, if you missed this match, do yourself a favor and make sure you see it, because this is easily a candidate for TV Match of the Year. Three awesome athletes went out there and had a very un-WWE triple threat match, where all three guys worked against each other instead of one guy laying on the floor for twenty minutes, and it was one of the most exciting contests I've seen on Smackdown in 2010. I could tell you the specific spots or the dramatic near falls, but it would take away from the enjoyment if you haven't seen it yet. Instead, I'm just going to offer a three word review: WATCH. THIS. MATCH.

Edge picked up the huge win and will face Kane at Survivor Series, and considering how great he's been since his organic face turn and trade to Smackdown, I am absolutely all for this one. I don't know if Kane vs. Edge will be as exciting as this main event was, but both men have been riding a huge wave of momentum lately, so I'm eager to see what they'll do in three weeks.

Great episode of Smackdown, doing what Smackdown does best, rock solid wrestling matches. I'm aggravated by the stupid Diva stuff, Michael Cole and WWE continuing to split up perfectly good tag teams, but it's hard to stay mad when you have matches like the main event, Kaval vs. Swagger and Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan, that all get plenty of time. The main event is definitely the most important match to watch this week, but if you're not regularly watching Smackdown on Syfy, can you really call yourself a wrestling fan?

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