Sunday, October 24, 2010

WWE Smackdown Thoughts - October 22, 2010

Bragging Rights is tonight, and in the final Smackdown before the PPV, WWE advertised a big champion vs. champion match: Randy Orton vs. Kane in the main event!

Team Raw & Team Smackdown were already in the ring with Teddy Long, who allowed the Superstars to pick their matches for this show. The Miz had first pick, and he set up a six-man tag match with himself, Ezekiel Jackson and Sheamus going against Big Show's team with Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio. Edge wanted to be in action as well and challenged CM Punk to a one-on-one match; John Morrison wanted Alberto Del Rio; Jackie Swaggs wanted Santino Marella; and that just left Tyler Reks without an opponent since R-Truth can't work in Canada, but no one seemed to mind.

Six-Man Tag action to start things off on Smackdown, Big Show, Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz, Sheamus & Ezekiel Jackson. I love six-man tag matches, plus there were some fun style clashes in this one, and it was full of guys that rarely interact with each other. Very fun match with a hot crowd, only brought down by annoying commentary from both Matt Striker and Michael Cole, but Team Smackdown picked up a big victory with Mysterio hitting the big splash of Big Show's shoulders onto The Miz. Another win for Team Smackdown, leading me to believe they really don't have a chance at the PPV tonight.

Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella was our next Bragging Rights preview, and this one was bowling shoe ugly, as JR would call it. Swagger picked up a win with the Ankle Lock, and everything else between the bells is probably better left unsaid.

DASHING! Cody Rhodes' vignettes keep getting creepier. Goldust is now the normal brother.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison was next and definitely made up for the previous match. A straight-up wrestling match, and I'd love to see these guys mix it up more, but Smackdown picked up another big win when Alberto Del Rio applied that devastating Cross Armbreaker.

The match I was most excited for, CM Punk vs. Edge certainly did not disappoint. These two are no strangers to each other and put on a hell of a back and forth match with the crowd getting increasingly excited with each move. The Miz interfered though, causing a disqualification and giving Team Smackdown another win, then all hell broke loose and members of both teams came out and traded finishers with each other. When it was all said and done, Edge stood tall as the last remaining man, once again proving that Team Smackdown doesn't stand a chance tonight.

LayCool (dressed as the original Hart Foundation) vs. Natalya & Kelly Kelly was next and I was amazed that someone found a pair of jeans that fit Michelle McCool. Natalya picked up the win for her team, and, yeah, that's all I got.

Main Event time! Randy Orton vs. Kane WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion, and if you thought you'd get through this match without some sort of shenanigans, I have some volcano insurance you might be interested in. I'm surprised this match went as long as it did though, and that there was a winner at all, but the lights went out when Kane was going for a chokeslam, but instead of getting The Undertaker when they came back on, Kane got an RKO! Orton picked up Raw's only win tonight, and he's not even on the Bragging Rights team.

After the match, we got to see one of my favorite old-school Undertaker moves, ripping up through the apron and dragging Kane down to the abyss of steel chairs, ladders, toolboxes, Hornswoggles, and various ring equipment!

Fun Smackdown with plenty of ring action, even if they did have to hammer home the point that Smackdown is still really good, even if they lose on Sunday, we promise! Nothing earth-shattering, but good wrestling and good build for tonight's PPV has got me sufficiently hyped.

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  1. Any day now I expect Cody Rhodes to come out to Huey Lewis & The News in a long white raincoat.

  2. Hey now Cloudy, drawing comparisons to Patrick Bateman is my gig! Though when he put on that lip gloss, I was thinking more Rocky Horror Picture Show.