Sunday, October 17, 2010

WWE Smackdown Thoughts - October 15, 2010

The Undertaker on top of the Rose Garden was a creepy visual, wonder how long they've been waiting to do that?

Teddy Long announced the obvious plan for the evening, more qualifying matches for the Bragging Rights team. Totally fine with that, it made sense and it let Smackdown do what Smackdown does best, wrestling.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes was our opening contest, and a match I was excited to see because I think these two could mesh well in the ring. Thought it was a bit strange to put Cody in a singles match though, would've made more sense to have the Tag Champs qualify together, and they would've made a logical addition to the team. Obviously wasn't the direction they were going with though since Mysterio picked up a hard fought win. Good match too, crowd was hot for it as well and Cody Rhodes really stepped up his game, and dare I say... I'm becoming a Cody Rhodes fan?

Backstage, Kaval & Big Show had a fun interaction with Kaval wanting on Team Smackdown and World's Largest Athlete wanting someone with more experience. Big Show told Kaval that he wouldn't last five minutes in the ring with him, so Kaval took him up on that offer, and if he could last, he'd be on Team Smackdown. I really liked this segment, little stuff like this could instantly make Kaval a bigger deal.

In a vignette, Paul Bearer challenged The Undertaker to one last match with Kane - a Buried Alive Match!

MVP vs. Jack Swagger in their eight billionth match was our next Bragging Rights qualifier, but at least the Swagger Soaring Eagle was there! Seriously, the mascot idea is so beyond brilliant, I have no idea why they've never thought of this before. Swagger picked up an easy win with the Ankle Lock, and definitely makes a good addition to Team Smackdown. Three former World Champions is a hell of a way to start forming a team.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Masters was next, and well, not exactly hard to predict this one. Considering Santino is on Team Raw, I guess anything was possible, but Alberto Del Rio picked up the win here. I really can't say enough good things about Masters this year though, he's been absolutely fantastic this year and one of the most underrated Superstars in WWE right now. After the match, he refused to shake Big Show's hand and just winked at him with that infuriating smile on his face. Brilliant.

Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler was yet another Bragging Rights qualifier, and Edge rocking his 90s-era shades lately is a minor touch, but pretty cool nonetheless. Would like to see him wear some of those ridiculously huge sunglasses that Edge & Christian used to have. Edge vs. Dolph made sense considering their history with Vickie Guerrero... do you think Eric Escobar is sitting at home just shaking his head? Hell of a match between these two, highlighted by Ziggler hitting the Zig-Zag on Edge outside the ring and flinging the Rated-R Superstar into the steel stairs, but they weren't done there, Edge picked up an insanely hard-fought win with a Spear as Ziggler was diving off the top rope! Match of the Week, by far.

Kaval vs. Big Show in the five-minute challenge was next and it was pretty much Big Show just toying with the NXT Season 2 winner. Show did a great job telling the story as the reluctant monster, but still impressed with Kaval's tenacity. Kaval lasted the five minutes and has earned himself a spot on Team Smackdown, and made a much bigger splash than he would have just by beating Chavo Guerrero a couple weeks ago...

...And then they shit all over it. After commercial, Tyler Reks, yes, Tyler Reks came in and challenged Kaval for his spot and won. Yes, Tyler friggin' Reks is going to be in the main event of a PPV, despite not being on WWE TV since ECW ended. What a boneheaded decision... seriously, one of the dumbest things I've seen WWE do this year. You have an awesome moment with Kaval looking like a big deal and finally getting to do something big since winning NXT, and then you just completely negate it by having him lose to a complete jobber that hasn't been on TV in months, and wasn't even entertaining in the first place? Wow WWE, just wow.

Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre was the final qualifying match, but my brain was still melting from the absolutely idiotic decision to put TYLER REKS on Team Smackdown, that I didn't really see the match. Kofi picked up a quick win, and is an obvious addition to the team, but seriously, TYLER REKS?!

Kane & The Undertaker closed things out with The Phenom accepting the challenge for Buried Alive, setting off Kane's pyro and then striking the stage with lightning... this was all more believable than Tyler Reks in the main event of a WWE PPV.

Aside from that one mind-numbingly stupid decision, I liked this episode of Smackdown, especially the awesome Edge/Ziggler match. But yeah, the Tyler Reks decision really took me out of the rest of this show. I don't care about "omg low-ki been buriedz so hard," but they completely neutered an effective segment that did more for Kaval in just five minutes than three months of NXT and a month of Smackdown did for him. The bit with Big Show could've been an effective tool to let Kaval make a splash in WWE, and instead they use it as an opportunity to bring back a jobber that hasn't been on TV since ECW was canceled? A guy that couldn't get over in ECW 2009, where everyone was treated like a threat to the ECW Title and putting on fantastic matches left and right? That Tyler Reks? Really?

I hope WWE gets the "wait, what the hell are we thinking?" feeling they got before Bragging Rights last year and makes some last minute fixes, like giving Kaval a rematch. Otherwise, I guess they have someone in there to take the fall, but c'mon, pinning Tyler Reks doesn't seem like something to brag about when Zack Ryder's done it on multiple occasions.



  1. I was really annoyed when Tyler Reks took Kaval's spot on Team SmackDown. I had heard a lot about Kaval and even saw some of his work before WWE, but I was mainly exposed to him during NXT. I liked what he brought and I thought he could definitely have a bright future. Right now I think they're really pushing the idea that this guy's a rookie, so I don't mind the losses, because he at least puts up a good effort in every match. However, losing to Tyler 'Boring' Reks was just ridiculous in my opinion. I wasn't pissed that Kaval lost his spot; I was pissed about who he lost it to. Had a credible, relevant Superstar done what Reks did, I wouldn't have gotten so annoyed. But come on, Reks? Really?

    By the way, here's a little story for you. I'm certain you remember hearing about how Reks was really offended when a fan called him boring on Twitter I believe. I went to a SmackDown taping a number of months ago, and Reks was teaming with Vance Archer in a dark match. We had pretty good floor seats, and since it was a pre-show, the crowd was fairly quiet. So I started a "Reks is boring!" chant. He was on the apron at the time and I saw him turn in our direction. Haha Just wanted to throw that in there. =P

  2. I thought the 'challenge-after-a-match' thing was, you know, used for guys with huge feuds or Money in the Bank contracts...? I don't understand. I hope they find some way to void the match, or rematch it or something! I thought SD was the SUPERIOR brand...! This decision... made absolutely no sense. That and the fact that I've never even seen Reks on TV in the past year and a half!