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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - October 1, 2010

Now that we're on Syfy, does that make it Superstar Galactica?

Smackdown's new theme song is "Know Your Enemy" by Green Day? It's kinda weird to hear something so poppy on wrestling, but if it means getting away from the usual cock rock that we're subjected to, I'm all for it. I'll miss "Let It Roll" though, it was at least catchy.

Oh how sweet it is to finally see Smackdown in HD, and we're starting things off with Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP and the Intercontinental Title is on the line! Unfortunately, the match doesn't really get a chance to get started, because Nexus interferes, causing a double-DQ and giving MVP the standard treatment: beat down, Otunga Slam, 450, etc. A bit of a plot twist though, since its Nexus' first assault on Smackdown, Big Show headed to the ring to save the day, but not even the world's largest athlete could stop the assault. John Cena then hit the ring, which had to be his first Smackdown appearance in years, but he suffered a similar fate. Big Show got back in the ring with a steel chair and finally cleared the ring, which I assume sets up our main event for the evening? Well, sorta; Wade Barrett appeared on the TitanTron and announced that it was Big Show vs. Nexus in a 5-on-1 handicap match (blurgh) and John Cena vs. Kane!

8-Diva Tag Match: LayCool, Maryse & Alicia Fox vs. Natalya, Kelly Kelly & The Bella Twins was our opening contest, and at the start of the match, the announcers once again plugged Mick Foley's book. Seriously, it's so bizarre to hear WWE announcers plug a book about TNA on their broadcasts and website, but very cool for them to do that for Mick Foley.

Oh yeah, there was a match too. Natalya looked fantastic, which isn't surprising, but it's so rare to see her actually get a chance to work. Hornswoggle made a cameo in this one, chasing Layla around the ring, but catching a boot from Michelle McCool, which was actually kinda funny. Shenanigans aside, Natalya picked up the win after forcing Maryse to tap to the Sharpshooter.

Oklahoma native, Jack Swagger made his Boomer Sooner homecoming next, wearing a cape too, because ya know, he's Homecoming King. Still, we're going to do a whole bit about the Oklahoma Sooners and no JR cameo? For shame. Great promo from Swagger though, denouncing his hometown for not giving him a parade for his homecoming - for shame². As a result, Swagger's moved out of Oklahoma and is now a resident of Texas, the state of winners, like Stone Cold and Michael Cole (he's covered wars, you know). Swagger's declared himself the King of Oklahoma, but Edge was not amused and interrupted King Swaggy's coronation. After destroying a computer Monday night, Edge is on a mission to destroy anything in WWE that's stupid. Well, NXT is off TV, so that's already a huge step. Edge knocked out Swagger's personal mascot, spearing the Swagger Soaring Eagle and perhaps turning face again? I'm not sure.

Nexus vs. Big Show in a 5-on-1 handicap match was as good as a 5-on-1 handicap match could be, which is not very. Barrett pulled some strings though, allowing all five members of Nexus to be in the ring at once, and the four followers each grabbed an arm or a leg, while Barrett wrapped his legs around Big Show's throat, forcing him to pass out. After the match, Gabriel hit two 450 splashes on the World's Largest Athlete. Not really a match, but it did what it needed to do to make Nexus look extremely dangerous.

But things get better with our next match CM Punk vs. The Undertaker! Now you're talking! The Phenom was accompanied to the ring by Paul Bearer (carrying the urn), and he was also wearing the Hoodie of Death®, so things didn't exactly bode well for the Straight Edge Savior. I'm never going to complain when Punk and Taker lock it up, the two have tremendous chemistry and know how to get a crowd on their feet. Great work here, but it was really just a match to emphasize that The Undertaker's "powers" have returned along with Bearer and the urn. Taker picks up a definitive win with the Tombstone and has all the momentum heading into tomorrow's Hell in a Cell.

"The Wait Is Over" is the perfect tagline for Chris Jericho's DVD. It's at least five years late.

Alberto Del Rio made his Syfy debut next and mentioned "The W√ľndertaker," which is apparently the lovechild of The Undertaker and Alex Wright's Mom. But Del Rio wasn't out there to talk about how exciting the "Big Move" to Syfy is, he was there to apologize to Rey Mysterio... who was actually a chihuahua in a mask. Okay, in my review last week, I mentioned the old midget impersonation, but this was WAY better. Besides, when the real Rey Mysterio, like myself, isn't much taller than Hornswoggle, the old midget impression doesn't really work. The real Rey Mysterio wasn't amused though and attack Del Rio, who managed to run off, but Ricardo Rodriguez got a beat down in his place. That poor chihuahua was terrified though... although I'd be terrified if I was being held and kissed by Alberto Del Rio too.

Randy Orton vs. "DASHING" Cody Rhodes was Orton's first Smackdown match in several years, and it made sense to put him in there with someone he has a storied past with. Orton picked up an easy win, despite attempted interference from Drew McIntyre, who got an RKO of his own after the match. Sheamus managed to blindside the WWE Champion though and stood tall at the end of this segment. Match was way too short and had potential to be enjoyable (yeah, I said it), but understandably they were trying to cram a lot into Smackdown's Syfy premiere.

Main Event time! World Heavyweight Champion, Kane vs. John Cena and I was actually really excited for this one, because I don't recall Kane and Cena having much interaction over the years. I'm sure they've had their share of matches on Raw, and the fact that I don't remember any of them probably should've calmed my excitement a bit, but it seemed like a great idea for the main event on Smackdown's big night. The story throughout this one was Nexus at ringside as lumberjacks, and with Cena potentially being forced to join on Sunday, Matt Striker equated it to "General Petraeus joining the infidels." Oh Matt, are you taking the Lack of Perspective Pills again?! Yeah, those things are totally comparable. Anyway, the Nexus involvement at ringside kept this one from living up to my hopes, and things quickly devolved into a complete clusterfuck when Taker interfered and attacked Kane. But with this being the only live show WWE had this week, they had to do all they could to hype Hell in a Cell, and I think they did a pretty good job of it here.

Hard to judge a show like this, because it's obviously designed to catch attention for the network change, so you can't accurately compare it to recent episodes of Smackdown. Still, a very fun show featuring stars from both brands and I certainly prefer Smackdown on Syfy in glorious High Definition as opposed to my local MyNetworkTV affiliate. Hopefully they'll keep it up on Syfy, but Smackdown's usually a rock solid wrestling show, so I'm optimistic.

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  1. Oh! SyFy is showing Smackdown in HD? That makes sense. My Canadian channel airs it in HD... but if the feed from MyNetwork TV wasn't in HD then it doesn't really matter what Canada does. I was wondering why it actually looked like an HD show for once!

    Also, pretty sure Matt Striker has a constant intravenous system for the "Lack of Perspective pills" considering how often he does shit like that.