Monday, October 4, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - October 4, 2010

I've got a feeling it's going to be a big night tonight. John Cena being forced to join Nexus and looking vulnerable for the first time in his career has the potential to be a huge story to close out 2010. I'm eager to see where things go, and the first chapter of this intriguing tale begins tonight on Raw. Remember to refresh your page for ongoing coverage of the show!

Nexus kicks things off with the five remaining original members, but it shouldn't be long before we're introduced to at least one more, perhaps two more! Wade Barrett is getting major heat on the mic, as he should, because he kicked all sorts of ass last night. Barrett confirms that Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty were the mystery attackers last night, but assures us that they are not a part of Nexus, and he barely knows them, which just works the crowd up into a bigger frenzy. Barrett's not happy with his group for getting involved last night and almost getting him disqualified, but doesn't dwell on it, because tonight is a celebration! It's only a Fellabration if Sheamus joins the group.

Barrett introduces the newest member of the group, John Cena, sans music, but still wearing his purple and gold. Cena's a man of his word, but Barrett tells him this is the greatest thing that could ever happen to him. Not so sure about that, but it's definitely the best thing that could've ever happened to David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel! Speaking of my favorite devourer of souls, Michael Tarver gets in Cena's face, but eventually calms himself down enough to hand Cena his Nexus armband, which Cena puts on to a mixture of cheers and blood-curdling screams. Stuff like this is what I love about wrestling, the simple act of removing one armband and putting on another can get that kind of emotional reaction.

Nexus has written a prepared statement for John Cena, which he must read, officially declaring himself a member of The Nexus and that any enemy of theirs is an enemy of his. Tonight, Cena will have to prove that in his Nexus debut match, in a tag match with Michael Tarver against Evan Bourne & Mark Henry. Hell of a way to start off Raw.

And as Wade Barrett said, Michael Tarver & John Cena vs. Evan Bourne & Mark Henry is our opening contest this evening, and I really don't think there's anyone better suited to sell Cena as a reluctant heel than Evan Bourne. Tarver's left in the ring on his own though when John Cena refuses to tag in, opting to sign autographs in the front row instead. Looks like Cena's looking to destroy the group from within, but I can't imagine it'll be that easy for Cena moving forward. Cena pledges to be "Nexus and against us," destroying Tarver and bodyslamming him repeatedly on the steel stairs and locking in the STF, but COLE'S GOT MAIL!

The G?M chimes in here to tell John Cena that he's not playing by the rules of the stipulation from last night's match, and if he doesn't start taking orders from Wade Barrett, he will be fired. Brilliant move to eliminate Cena's most logical option, and the crowd chanting "NEVER GIVE UP!" was a nice touch of sympathy from the crowd. Also fun to watch the smarks flip out on Twitter when they thought nothing had changed before the GM fixed everything.

Cena & Nexus has taken up an entire quarter of tonight's Raw so far, but when was the last time WWE had a story big enough to take up the first 35 minutes of a show?

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox was over before it even began with Natalya easily winning with the Sharpshooter. At last, we can put the horror of Alicia Fox as Diva's Champion behind us.

Backstage, Johnny Knoxville hit Zack Ryder in the face with a giant hand. Johnny Knoxville should totally be in WWE... you may scoff at that, but what would you rather see: Johnny Knoxville the wrestler of Dukes of Hazzard 2?

Backstage, John Cena chases down Husky Harris & Mr. Imperfect, but they all end up in the Nexus locker room. Shit just got real!

All month, it's ROCKTOBER on WWE Classics On Demand! In honor of the Great One, let's watch a Rock Concert:

Atom Smash, the band that did the theme song to Hell in a Cell, has one of the worst album covers I've seen in years.

Daniel Bryan is already in the ring and ready for action... against SHEAMUS!? Oh no, it's the battle of guys who don't tan! Doesn't last long though, Sheamus gets disqualified and decimates Daniel Bryan, and smarks are now crying more than Cena fans. Still, don't see why they needed to put Bryan in there, was R-Truth busy? Sheamus is looking rough tonight though, he's got wounds from the Cell still on his skin, he looks like a really bad plasma TV with burn-in.

The G?M will no longer be communicating with the GLaDOS voice. Sad. Sweet recap video of Edge destroying the computer last week, complete with Terminator music in the background. No wonder why The G?M has an issue with Edge, it's Skynet and Edge is John Connor. Edge refuses to apologize for his actions though, because he's on his mission to end all things stupid... dude, Daniel Bryan could've used your help like five minutes ago! The G?M decides to set up a Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender for the WWE Championship, but Edge will not be in that match... because he's been traded to Smackdown! Edge threatens to knock Michael Cole off his podium, but he's saved by his hero, The Miz! Nice little war of words here, which has to officially solidify Edge's face turn, and a SPEAR to Alex Riley was the exclamation mark, but just as things were looking up for Edge, The Miz sent him packing to Syfy with a SKULL.CRUSHING.FINALE! Awesome segment.

Backstage, it looks like Wade Barrett is happy that Cena took out Tarver, and I guess the Soul Eater is gone. The meme is officially dead.

The First Lady of Kick-Out!! got me the Chris Jericho DVD for my birthday, she's the only thing awesomer than The Miz.

The Bellas vs. LayCool up next, and LayCool did something infuriating, but brilliant... they've stolen Jerry Lawler's old bit where he would commentate his own messages. "GET OFF MY FRIEND" might be the best thing Layla's ever done. And The Bellas won the match too, for some odd reason.

Ted DiBiase is not happy about Johnny Knoxville embarrassing him, but nothing is more embarrassing than your theme music, Ted! And hey, something interesting finally happens to Ted DiBiase, his stalker IS Goldust! Well, Goldust isn't stalking Ted or Maryse, he's stalking the Million Dollar Title! Yes, yes, yes, a bajillion times yes. If anyone can make DiBiase remotely interesting, it's Goldust. I LOVE this idea.

Main Event time! A 20-Man Battle Royal to determine Randy Orton's opponent for Bragging Rights! These matches are often tough to write about since there's not much a story being told, but not the case here tonight. John Cena constantly rushing to the aid of Wade Barrett, but clashing with Nexus along the way was great.

The crowd was electric the whole way through, but when it came down to Cena and Barrett in the end, the they damn near blew the roof off the place. Cole & King kept talking about a mixed reaction from the crowd, but in reality, this is the first time in a long time that the crowd was 100% behind John Cena. No "LET'S GO CENA!/LET'S GO BARRETT!" no "LET'S GO CENA!/CENA SUCKS!" it was just an entirely pro-John Cena crowd. And if the purpose of this Nexus membership is to get the crowd to sympathize with Cena, it's working wonders already. The most intriguing part of this story is that it really turns the SuperCena gimmick on its head, because even though he's as tough as he's always been, he could lose his dream of being a WWE Superstar, so he was forced to QUIT tonight and hand the shot at the WWE Title over to Wade Barrett. For the guy that has "NEVER GIVE UP" displayed across his chest every week, the ending to this match is huge news.

Barrett's victory celebration was cut short by Randy Orton, who came to the ring to put the WWE Title in the #1 contender's face, but that's about it. Orton was an afterthought on this week's show, because the much bigger story is John Cena and Nexus.

Absolutely terrific Raw. Not enough wrestling, and I wasn't happy seeing Daniel Bryan get demolished for no good reason, but c'mon, no one's going to remember that stuff next week because we'll all be talking about John Cena and Nexus. Cena showed why he is the best in the business today, Barrett was generating more heat than a furnace, and the crowd was absolutely perfect. It's one of the biggest and best stories WWE has told in years and I simply cannot wait to see where it's heading. Great work, WWE.

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  1. Jerry Lawler's old bit? Don't you mean Oklahoma's old bit?

  2. Lawler did it way before Oklahoma!

  3. But Oklahoma did it much better. Where's Sousa, he'll back me up on this one.

    Also, screw the EWB thread - happy birthday.

  4. Number 1: I love that you mentioned that Jerry Lawler bit, because everyone I watched Raw with tonight referenced that too. Great stuff.

    Number 2: Did you notice Bryan's nameplate hanging by one screw?

    Can't wait for the Nexus story to evolve, does Cena turn the Nexus members on Barrett at some point making the group even more dangerous than before? That would be interesting.

  5. Incredible Raw. Just a flat-out amazing show in every way. Apart from Daniel Bryan's destruction. Edge cut his best promo in a while, it was just shot after shot at everyone. And of course you have the Cena/Nexus storyline, its compelling watching and written perfectly.

    Only problem was a lack of Chris Jericho. He's the best in the world at what he does dammit, a punt shouldn't hurt him.

    Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday

  6. Fozzy's on tour in the UK this month, so don't expect Jericho back until after Bragging Rights at the earliest.

  7. Happy birthday Razor..screw the EWB thread..

    and yes..I really enjoyed RAW tonight. Not alot of action, but it did alot to advance storylines. And ye..anything that gets *deep inhale* Golddust into a storyline is good in my book

  8. I didn't mind the Daniel Bryan bit. The way it was presented, I think it's to start a feud with Sheamus. The WWE wouldn't be that moronic to do that for no reason when Primo was in the building jobbing things up.

  9. Yeah, hopefully it means Sheamus vs. Bryan, which could be a lot of fun, especially if Bryan takes Sheamus to the limit.