Monday, October 25, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - October 25, 2010

Bragging Rights fallout this evening, keep up with Raw (and attempts at witty commentary) in tonight's live blog!

The Nexus kicks things off, and oddly enough, John Cena enters with the group, which may be the first time he hasn't come out to his own music. Now all we need to do is get him in a Nexus shirt and he'll be a full-fledged member! Wade Barrett's first order of business is to explain why they attacked The Undertaker tonight, and the reason behind it is none of your business! Man, that guy is a jerk... and why do I get the feeling this will be the "Hummer angle" of The Nexus, something that happens, and never really gets explained, but if it does, no one will care at that point?

Barrett turns his attention to Cena, who he isn't exactly thrilled with following his DQ win over Randy Orton, but Cena did exactly what he was told, resulting in the worst ending to a PPV this year. The G?M makes his or her presence felt and announces that Wade Barrett deserves a rematch for the title since he won last night, and this time there will be a special guest referee, determined by the winner of John Cena vs. Randy Orton later tonight.

But we still have more unfinished business, David Otunga can't coexist with John Cena as a WWE Tag Team Champion, so Wade Barrett sets up a title match with the new champions defending against Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. Barrett refuses to let the two teams fight though, and orders David Otunga to lay down, and we crown new Tag Champs... again. Well, that was stupid; remember this time last year when the Tag Titles were a major force with JeriShow headlining PPVs? Those were the days. Why not just let Nexus defend the Tag Titles under the Freebird Rule?

Let's shake the stupid off and get to the in-ring action, which is thankfully a rematch from last night's Match of the Year contender, Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan! And hey, let's make things even more awesome and have CM Punk join us on commentary; oh please, please tell me this means that he's about to enter a US Title feud with Daniel Bryan. Only bad thing about this match is that it's on TV instead of PPV, so we have to deal with commercial breaks that keep us from all the action. These two have put on another clinic though, and despite Vickie's best efforts to cheat, Daniel Bryan forced the IC Champion to tap out to the LeBell Lock once again while CM Punk gave him a slow clap. Am I gonna have to beg for these two to feud? Seriously, the minute Punk showed up on Raw, my mind immediately went to him working with Daniel Bryan.

Toby Keith is tonight's guest star (ugh) to promote his new album, "Bullets in the Gun." I'll be on Raw next week to promote "Water in the Ocean." Santino is dressed up like a cowboy, and somehow manages to look less ridiculous than Toby Keith usually does. Sheamus isn't happy with Santino though, considering he practically made it a handicap match last night at Bragging Rights, and they're going to have match tonight.

Backstage, John Cena threatens to quit, but Wade Barrett promises to make him an offer he can't refuse if he beats Randy Orton.

LayCool vs. Melina & Gail Kim is next, and oh yeah, there are other Divas in WWE, I almost forgot. LayCool pick up an easy win thanks to a boot the face, and that's literally it. Once again, why should I care about the Divas when WWE clearly doesn't? Yawn.

Thankfully, The Miz is here to save us from slumber, and explain that he's not a freaking miracle worker, and if Team Raw would've had seven Mizzes, Raw would have the Bragging Rights trophy right now. Gotta admit, I'd buy that all-Miz cover of Smackdown vs. Raw 2011, shame it doesn't really exist. By the way, the game is out tomorrow, and I'll have a review posted once I get some time with it.

Oddly enough, Eve comes out to trash talk The Miz, which is telling because all the men in the locker room are scared of Captain Awesome. Eve was pretty entertaining here though, have they been hiding a gem? Naturally, this is all to set up The Miz vs. R-Truth, which isn't exactly anything new, but they mesh well. As goofy as Truth's shtick is, I always enjoy watching him between bells though, always a rock solid performer, and tonight was no exception in a very fun back and forth match with Miz. Crowd was hot for the ending, and Miz vindicated himself after losing last night with a big win, thanks to the Skullcrushing Finale and a little bit of help from Alex Riley.

Toby Keith is in the ring next, and he's wasted. If I wanted to listen to a drunken redneck ramble on about whatever's on his mind in a wrestling ring, I'd watch The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Toby Keith is the worst thing to happen to country music since country music, and while I usually enjoy watching stupid people make asses of themselves, I don't need it to interrupt my wrestling. Luckily, he's just out here to be the ring announcer for Sheamus vs. Santino, which will hopefully be the end of the Santino character, which ran its course when Glamarella ended...

...WTF SANTINO JUST WON?! WHAT?! ...WHAT!!!??? W.H.A.T?! I know Sheamus is modeling his career after Triple H and all, but he didn't have to emulate that time he lost to the Brooklyn Brawler! Hopefully this means more Sheamus vs. Morrison, who was at ringside, for some unknown reason, but that was the least bizarre point of this segment.

Okay, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Stand Up for WWE, but the vignette of the wrestlers talking about how much they love doing what they do was pretty cool.

Backstage, David Otunga threatens to tell everyone why they attacked The Undertaker, but Wade Barrett introduces him to the newest members of The Nexus, Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty. Bout damn time they pulled the trigger on that.

Pee-Wee Herman guest stars on Raw next week, and that might be the greatest sentence I've ever typed.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton is our main event tonight and I doubt this will be as good as their table match last month, but I don't think there are two wrestlers on Raw more familiar with each other than these guys, so you never know. After last night though, I have to wonder why Wade Barrett doesn't just rush the ring and attack John Cena? If Cena wins, he gets to pick the referee for his rematch, so just get Orton disqualified! And hey, wouldn't ya know, that's exactly what happened! Bad PPV finish, but it makes perfect sense for a Raw ending, and it's the kind of logic and continuity that's missing in wrestling.

Wade Barrett doesn't waste any time announcing his referee either, it's - brace yourself - John Cena! But if Wade Barrett doesn't win the title at Survivor Series, John Cena will be fired on the spot, but if Wade Barrett does win the title, then John Cena will be relieved from his duties to Nexus. And it just so happens to all be going down at Survivor Series, the PPV notorious for screwjobs and swerves, my shenanigans sense is on fire. Could this be the PPV where the "much bigger purpose" is revealed?

Weird Raw tonight where the in-ring action was better than the storytelling. Bryan vs. Ziggler, Miz vs. Truth and the main event were all really good wrestling matches, while stuff with the tag titles and Santino actually winning a match fell flat. I continue to be captivated by the Cena/Nexus business, which just took a really unexpected turn, but all I can think of coming out of this episode of Raw is how much I want to see CM Punk and Daniel Bryan lock up.

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  1. Some quick thoughts:
    -I didn't mind the DQ finish, but it shouldn't of ended the show at the PPV last night.
    -Man, Goldust found the fountain of youth.
    -Tag Titles are being pissed on, but at least they are being used. Right?
    -Never seen Bryan's indy work, but I see what the hype is all about.
    -Orton is certainly an afterthought of a champion right now. He's merely a pawn in the Cena/Nexus storyline.
    -And is it just me or has Miz lost some steam after losing the U.S. title? Not complaining or jumping to conclusions, but the dude was on fire. But to be fair most of Raw seems to be in the shadow of the excellent Cena/Nexus story.

  2. When Punk said he was out at commentary to "scout talent" my thought was that meant he was recruiting a new SES and wants Bryan as his newest recruit. I would love to see the two of them work together because they'd mesh so well, but also, though it could have been my imagination, I could have swore Bryan was getting booed when he kicked out of Dolph's moves. Maybe his ubernerd superman thing isn't that appreciated? Imagine how great a mean, knowitall heel he'd be alongside Punk.

  3. I think Punk trying to recruit the naturally straight-edge Bryan, only to be rejected would make for a great feud. Bryan would make a damn good heel, no doubt about that, but Raw is already drowning in bad guys, so I think they're more likely to use Punk to further establish Bryan as the real deal.