Monday, October 18, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - October 18, 2010

Tonight, Vince McMahon is expected to make an appearance to promote the Stand Up for WWE campaign, and I think we should turn it into a drinking game, Throw Up For WWE!

Every time Michael Cole references Stand Up for WWE - take a drink
Every time Vince McMahon references Stand Up for WWE - take a shot
Every time WWE pats itself on the back tonight - CHUG... and enjoy your hospital stay.*

*Kick-Out!! does not condone over-consumption of alcohol or underage drinking. CM Punk would be very disappointed in you.

Okay, live blogging Raw tonight, the show's been on a hell of a roll lately, but this "Stand Up" business could be a huge distraction for the final Raw before Bragging Rights. WWE is their own worst enemy sometimes, it's why "Stand Up" exists in the first place, but let's hope it doesn't get in the way of good storytelling this evening.

Monday Night Raw starts off the way every wrestling show should, with Teddy Long, playa! T-Lo claims he's taking over Raw tonight and The G?M quickly interrupts the Longest of Theodores and rudely tells him to get out of the ring. Teddy Long brings out the Bragging Rights trophy from last year,which totally isn't the same trophy and disconnects the G?M! C'mon, they don't have wifi in Canada?! T-Lo brings out Team Smackdown, and the crowd goes mild for Tyler Reks.

Doesn't take long for Team Raw, led by The Miz to rain on Smackdown's parade, but let's be honest, even with the awesomeness of The Miz and Punk, and the lameness of Tyler Reks, Team Raw doesn't hold a candle to Team Smackdown... okay, maybe I'm wrong, because the mystery seventh member of Team Raw is Ezekiel Jackson! Big Zeke is officially back! Team Raw and Team Smackdown brawl a little bit, but Miz wisely rounds up his troops and retreats. Big Show says they'll leave the ring if The Miz will take him on tonight in a Captain vs. Captain match. Very fun opening segment... but what happened to R-Truth, wasn't he on Team Raw?

Update: I forgot that R-Truth cannot legally work in Canada.

Opening match time, Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. Calgary's own Hart Dynasty in tag team action. Title's are not on the line, but here's hoping WWE doesn't decide to split up the Harts here just to rile up the crowd. Match was too short for my liking, but the Hart storyline continues with a miscommunication that allows Drew & Cody to pick up the win. Looks like we need Bret to heal these... broken Harts. Where are my sunglasses?

Backstage, John Cena threatens to break off Randy Orton's leg if he tries to punt him tonight. That will make it very hard for him to Stand Up For WWE.

R-Truth video package next to make up for the fact he can't be on Raw tonight. It was a video for his new song, complete with lyrics, but I wish they would've done it like those old Disney Sing-a-Long videos with a bouncing R-Truth head. Someone make that YouTube video, PLEASE!

Goldust vs. Zack Ryder next and I was still typing about R-Truth by the time this one ended. Zack Ryder quickly falls victim to the Final Cut, then so does Ted DiBiase, who was trying to steal back the Million Dollar Championship... and failed hysterically.

Backstage, Wade Barrett made John Cena get him a glass of water and subsequently threw it in his face. Also, The Miz assaulted PSP Kid, watch your back Kevin Butler!

John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty is our 10pm main event, and Cena has been ordered to throw everything he has at the former NXT Rookies to see if they have what it takes to be in Nexus. Speaking of, Nexus has made their way to ringside to observe, and judging by the fact there's only four of them left (five counting Cena), they could use the extra help. Match is going on pretty early for the first hour main event, so hopefully this one will get plenty of time and we can get a chance to see what the NXT guys can do without having to dance or carry a keg.

Match isn't anything particularly spectacular, but what do you expect, there's a lot of pressure when your "debut" match is against the two biggest stars in the industry, it's not like they were working with Lucky Cannon. I'm still not sold on McGillicutty, but I really like Husky Harris, he's got a unique look, awesome facial expressions, and looks like he will legitimately kill you. Cena & Orton pick up the win, but Nexus demolishes Orton after the match, which might be my favorite WWE moment of all the times while Cena was forced to watch. I wish Barrett would've made Cena follow through with the Attitude Adjustment though... and an STF. Then another 450. And then Slater and Otunga slow dance over his prone body.

An hour and ten minutes in and no mention of Stand Up for WWE, I'm impressed.

Vickie Guerrero is out next in a zipperlicious ensemble to introduce the Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, who rambles on about something, but who cares because Daniel Bryan is here! Bryan asks if he "could be serious for a minute" (yay Lance Storm!) and challenges Dolph Ziggler to a US Champion vs. IC Champion match at Bragging Rights, much like we had last year. Dolph slaps Bryan in the face and Vickie tries to step in his way, but Bryan offers the most logical counter ever - walking around her! Bryan applies the LeBell Lock, and for some reason the Divas come out to throw glitter on Vickie and dance with Daniel Bryan. The Lance Storm references continue! Bizarre ending to an otherwise enjoyable segment, can't wait to see Bryan and Dolph lock up on Sunday.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox next and Natalya picks up an easy win with the Sharpshooter. LayCool is out next to mock Canada for their watered-down beer, and Michelle tried to put Natalya in the Sharpshooter itself, but Natalya managed to reverse it. The more they portray LayCool as clueless morons, the more tolerable they come, but I still can't stand listening to Michelle McCool talk. The Undertaker's already so tired of it, he's going to cover himself with dirt on Sunday just to get some peace and quiet.

Looks like the Bragging Rights match has been turned into an elimination style match, which I fully support. I hate big multi-man matches that are only one fall to a finish... except Canadian Stampede.

Big Show w/ Smackdown vs. The Miz w/ Raw has barely begun and Teddy Long has turned it into a Raw vs. Smackdown Battle Royal! Hornswoggle has kicked Michael Cole off commentary too, and instantly made it a better show, but unfortunately someone found Cole another headset. Bummer. Oh but then Michael Cole has to redeem himself by saying Hornswoggle is better than Matt Striker; I don't like being in the unfortunate position of agreeing with Michael Cole!

Battle Royals are hard to review, but I'm sure you know that a bunch of dudes brawled, it was a giant mess, and really hard to keep track of. Big Zeke looked like a beast though, but it was Big Show and Edge who managed to survive thanks to Edge hiding outside the ring and sneaking back in like the Ultimate Opportunist that he is. Team Smackdown wins, but all that says to me is they're not going to make it two in a row.

Not a bad Raw, but not nearly as good as the show has been for the last few weeks thanks to a lack of wrestling. Still, they had a hot crowd to work with and made good use of them with the Raw vs. Smackdown stuff. I really liked Bragging Rights last year, but the concept, while fun, doesn't really have any lasting consequences, so will the hot Canadian crowd turn into big business on Sunday? But hey, buyrates don't have anything to do with the fun factor, and if they can keep up the excitement that surrounded the 7-on-7 match tonight, we could have quite the enjoyable show on our hands.

But hey... where was Vince!?

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  1. This is awesome already, lol, straight edge disclaimer.

  2. Wait, why can't R-Truth work in Canada?

  3. R-Truth is a convicted felon. Canada won't let him in.

  4. He was detained at the border in 2008 and hasn't been allowed back in since. That's all I know, but probably some kind of visa or passport issue.

  5. Daniel Bryan dancing = highlight of Raw.

  6. I have high hopes for Bragging Rights on Sunday. It was unexpectedly the best non-Wrestlemania event of 2009 - and I trust we may see the same thing again.

    It was a good Raw too. I haven't loved Raw so much in ages... If done right, Nexus has six months of relevance left. And Daniel Bryan's character of, basically, a nerd that can kick your arse is brilliant.

    Oh, and BIG ZEKE!