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WWE Raw thoughts - October 11, 2010

Coming off a phenomenal week of storytelling last week, did WWE continue Raw's hot streak with John Cena as a member of Nexus? Let's find out in tonight's un-live blog!

Speaking of the newest member of Nexus, John Cena kicked things off, trying to be his usual happy-go-lucky self, but obviously the recent turn of events wasn't helping. Cena explained the situation for those that may have missed the last couple weeks (or for those of you whose brains were melted by TNA's PPV last night) and admitted that if he wanted to keep living his dream of being a WWE Superstar, he might have to do some things that we don't want to see him do... like 13 Rounds.

Cue Captain Awesome: THE MIZ who doesn't really care about the John Cena pity party, but as the self-professed captain of Team Raw at Bragging Rights, he's looking to recruit. Hey, The Miz isn't dumb, he knows Cena would be a hell of an addition to the group, but Cena took issue with Miz declaring himself the captain, because he'd rather lead the team himself. Naturally, this brought out Cena's leader Wade Barrett who wants Cena's primary focus to be getting the WWE Title on the Nexus leader. The G?M was the voice of reason here, saying that while Cena answers to Barrett, all Raw superstars answer to him/her and Cena and Miz would do battle tonight in a match to determine who will captain Team Raw. Also, a whole series of matches was announced, with the winner of each match joining the team at Bragging Rights. These kind of nights can be tricky for WWE, because you're usually guaranteed a night full of in-ring action, but often that means Raw's two minute matches of doom.

Barrett and Miz got in each other's face after all the trash talking, with Barrett nailing Miz with a gross headbutt, but Riley and Miz got the upper hand until John Cena eventually helped out his boss. Barrett was not happy about Cena's delayed response, but he only has to follow orders, and it's hard to issue commands when you have The Miz's Bruno Magli in your face.

Our first qualifying match for Bragging Rights and opening contest for the evening was Ted DiBiase vs. R-Truth pt. 248. This match wasn't anything spectacular, but the big story here was Goldust stealing the Million Dollar Title. ALLEGEDLY stealing, Michael Cole tried to say that him carrying it around on NXT last week was proof that he stole it, but c'mon, if a tree falls in the middle of the forest, etc. Goldust provided the distraction to give R-Truth the win and become the first member of Team Raw at Bragging Rights.

Silly smark complaint of the week: WWE is promoting The Undertaker's "return" to Smackdown this week after Paul Bearer's betrayal, but come on, it's his Syfy debut, they gotta make it sound special. Don't get your underoos in a bunch, kiddos.

John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd was our next Bragging Rights qualifier and this was supposed to be a triple threat with David Hart Smith, but he was "nowhere to be found." That's okay, I'm fine with Morrison and Kidd wrestling whenever you want to throw them out there, WWE! Not a fan of this teased Hart Dynasty split, but I was a fan of this match, little too short for my taste, but for a stacked Raw like this, it was a perfectly acceptable TV match. Here's hoping Kidd does get a solid run as a singles wrestler if the Harts do split though, could you imagine him getting 10+ minutes against guys like Morrison, Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne? Morrison picks up the win here though with the physics-defying C4 (backflip Rock Bottom), and joins R-Truth on Team Raw.

Backstage, David Otunga volunteered to take on Randy Orton to soften him up for Wade Barrett... but insisted Justin Gabriel would be a better choice. Clever.

Santino Marella vs. Zack Ryder was our next qualifying match for Braggi... wait, what? One of these guys is going to be on Team Raw? Yep, Santino, after he won with the Cobra Strike, which might unseat The Worm as the least believable finishing move in the history of professional wrestling. John Morrison, R-Truth and Santino? Is this for Bragging Rights or Superstars?

Randy Orton vs. Justin Gabriel was our 10pm main event and the only non-Bragging Rights qualifier of the night. Pretty strong match, Gabriel might be the sleeper Superstar of the year, the guy has consistently stepped up and delivered against top talent. There was an unfortunate incident at the end of the match where Gabriel delivered the 450 onto Orton's bad shoulder, but surely that had to be Orton's fault for not rolling far enough out of the way? Liked the match though, Orton obviously picked up the win, but Gabriel's exciting style made him the star of this one.

Knucklehead trailer looks... bad. I love the cast: Mark Feuerstein from Royal Pains, Melora Hardin from The Office and Big Show from WWE all have great comedic chops, but poop jokes? C'mon. The premise is solid though and at least it's a WWE film that's supposed to be funny, so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. But much like Legendary, it's only in theaters for a "limited engagement," so please spare us the "LOL THAT DIDN'T LAST LONG!" when it's on DVD two weeks later. That's the point.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus was the next qualifier, the match of the night, and quite possibly, a candidate for TV match of the year. One week after getting caught off guard by Sheamus, Daniel Bryan came out swinging and returned the favor to the Celtic Warrior. Bryan was a house of fire here, and could've benefited even more if he had someone like JR or even Matt Striker on commentary, rather than Michael Cole's aggravating commentary. Seriously, we're entering Don West territory here. Jackassery aside, Bryan took the former WWE Champion to the limit, and even though he fell to the Brogue Kick, the look on Sheamus' face after the match told the whole story. That is how you make someone look good with a loss.

R-Truth getting confrontational backstage with John Cena was a cool little segment. It's nice to see an ultimate good guy like Truth get in Cena's face, because when you think about it, Cena is being selfish here. If Barrett orders Cena to take out a guy like R-Truth and he does it, he's selling out his friends for his own benefit. Any of us in the same situation would do the same, but we wouldn't make friends in the process.

Evan Bourne was out next for his Bragging Rights qualifier, against the man who was traded to Raw for Edge... CM PUNK! And hey, Punk shaved his beard! Punk destroyed Evan Bourne during and after the match, effectively writing him out so he can go have shoulder surgery. Bummer for Bourne, but hopefully he can come back strong and finally find his footing in WWE. Punk back on Raw is a-okay with me, the show was a little crowded, but they just lost Edge and Jericho's out for the time being, so he could make a great top heel on Monday nights. Oh and Punk vs. Daniel Bryan, let's make that happen sooner than later.

Natalya cut a promo on LayCool, and when's the last time a Diva got to do that on Raw instead of just going out and having a six-woman tag match? Michelle McCool still makes my ears bleed, but Layla just keeps getting better. The Raw Divas forced Layla back into the ring, allowing Natalya to lock in the Sharpshooter... in heels. Try that, Uncle Bret!

Main Event time! The Miz vs. John Cena in a no-disqualification match! The no-DQ stip being added last minute obviously set off my shenanigans sense, and Miz had plenty of help in this one from Alex Riley, and eventually Mike McGillicutty & Husky Harris! Miz finally got his win on John Cena and is officially the captain of Team Raw at Bragging Rights. Fun match too.

After the match, The G?M announced that Mr. Imperfect and Husky Harris would officially debut on Raw next week in tag action against John Cena and Randy Orton! Wade Barrett, who made his way to ringside to pry Cena off Husky and Mike, announced that if the lackeys win, they'll officially be inducted into the Nexus. Cena took issue with Barrett implying that he should "do the right thing," but this just fueled Barrett's fire, verbally berating Cena in what has to be the best performance he's ever had on the mic. Barrett was brilliant here, all but guaranteeing the fact that he's a future WWE Champion, and undoubtedly the 2010 WWE Rookie of the Year.

Another fantastic Raw. The CeNexus story continues to be the most intriguing part of the show, but this week we got great in-ring action as well thanks to the Bragging Rights qualifiers. Sheamus and Bryan put on a show-stealing performance, CM Punk debuted and Wade Barrett killed on the mic, and aside from the throwaway Truth/DiBiase match, everything else was rock solid. Keep it up, WWE, Raw's got its groove back!


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  1. Wade Barrett's mic skills are INSANE. Scripted or what, that delivery = gold. It was brutal. Harsh. And just like that, SuperCena barely ever existed. They found his Kryptonite and they are exploiting the f*ck out of it. It is beautiful.
    If we have to get rid of the rest of Nexus, we can. Except for JGabriel, who I hope doesn't get future endeavored for that 450 on Orton. Barrett vs Cena = :O
    I'm loving how HIAC's follow through is, well, following through, and beautifully at that.
    Bragging Rights members = hilarious. WWECW Reunion much? :D