Sunday, October 3, 2010

WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 Predictions

Quick note: I won't be around tonight, so I will be unable to watch HIAC live, first PPV I'll miss live since Over the Limit earlier this year. And to make matters worse, I have to work all day long tomorrow, so I won't be able to watch the DVR'd show until later tomorrow evening, so things will be a bit behind on the site for the next couple days, but hopefully we'll get everything on track before Tuesday.

Alright, it's a PPV two weeks after the last, and there are only a handful of matches announced, so expect things to be added as the show goes on. But let's take a look at the five matches that have been scheduled:

WWE Championship - Hell in a Cell
Randy Orton © vs. Sheamus

This feud does not belong inside the Cell. Orton and Sheamus have solid chemistry with each other, and I know they're more than capable of putting on a great match, but here we see the problem with this PPV concept, it puts matches inside the Cell that don't need to be inside the Cell. It puts unnecessary pressure on the performers and without a strong story heading in, it'll hurt the crowd too. I expect it to be a fine wrestling match, just like Cena vs. Orton at last year's event, but it's going to be looked at as disappointing because HIAC raises expectations. Also disappointing will be Randy Orton retaining the WWE Title, but hey, Maybe Miz will cash in?!

World Heavyweight Championship - Hell in a Cell
Kane © vs. The Undertaker

Now THIS is a Hell in a Cell match. Probably the longest feud in WWE history, beginning almost 13 years ago to the day with Kane's debut. Oddly enough, Kane and Taker have never met one-on-one inside Hell in a Cell, and with this possibly being their final battle (at least it should be), I expect them to go all out for this one. If this is in fact the ending for this storied rivalry, surely The Undertaker has to win and bring the Holy Grail back to the Dark Side.

United States Championship - Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere
Daniel Bryan © vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

This one seems like a no-brainer, which hopefully doesn't mean WWE's going to pull a fast one on us. Submissions count anywhere against two guys that have no submissions in their arsenal would indicated to me that Daniel Bryan is retaining, especially since he just won the belt two weeks ago. I expect this match to be a show-stealer though, we've got the hottest up-and-coming star today with The Miz, a rejuvenated John Morrison, and Daniel Bryan, who is arguably the greatest wrestler on the planet, so I have high hopes for this one, even with the slightly overbooked stipulation.

Cena joins Nexus or Nexus disbands
John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

The most intriguing match on the card, and I honestly have no idea where this storyline is going. If the dirtsheets are to be believed, since SummerSlam posted a slightly lower buyrate than it did last year, that means Nexus must be stopped as soon as possible. Since that's dirtsheet reporting, I'm going to say Wade Barrett wins and shocks the world. Cena joining Nexus would still likely mean the beginning of the end for the group with him being the HBK to Nexus' JBL... or things could get really interesting and it could be the beginning of a new era for WWE, spearheaded by a John Cena heel turn. Keep your eyes on this match, because it could mean big things are coming.

Divas Championship
Michelle McCool © vs. Natalya

Call me crazy, but why not put this match in Hell in a Cell? They could've hyped it as the first ever Divas Hell in a Cell match, and Natalya and McCool are tough enough to make the match intriguing. Not going to happen in today's WWE, because women are pretty faces above all else and there's not enough of a feud here yet anyway, but I think it would've been intriguing. Anyway, Natalya should win this one, but I think they can drag this one out for another PPV, so I'll say McCool picks up the win with some help from Layla.

And that's all that's scheduled so far, so definitely expect a tag match to get added, or maybe something involving Edge or CM Punk. No matter what happens, make sure you check Kick-Out!! tomorrow for my full thoughts on the second annual Hell in a Cell PPV and feel free to leave your predictions in the comments section.

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  1. The most interesting angle I can think of for the Nexus thing is Cena losing, going heel and then him getting a taste for it and usurping the group, putting Wade Barrett on the outside looking in and leading to the former Nexus leader going face in the process.