Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poll: Favorite Manager

First, let's take a look at the results from our previous poll:

Should WWE unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships?
Yes - 25%
No - 61%
Undecided - 7%
Don't mind either way - 7%

An overwhelming majority thinks it's a bad idea. Personally, I voted "don't mind either way" since I can see positives for both, but based on the current WWE landscape, I'm leaning toward the "no" category. It would be great for the prestige of the title, but I just don't see it being practical right now.

Alright, now onto our new poll; with Paul Bearer returning to television, I want to know who is your favorite manager of all-time? Ah, but there's a twist to this one, since everyone's first instinct is going to be "Bobby Heenan," I am removing The Brain from the poll. So who is your favorite non-Bobby Heenan manager in wrestling history?

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  1. I voted other, because fuck you, Bobby Heenan >_>.

    Actually, C-Red. Holla @cha, Chikara.

  2. Miss Elizabeth, she was beautiful and classy and growing up I wanted to be just like her. I probably wouldn't be a wrestling fan if it wasn't for Miss Elizabeth.

  3. I would have to go with James J. Dillon, the manager of The Four Horsemen.