Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kip-Up for Kick-Out!!

Naturally, since WWE created its "Stand Up for WWE" campaign, the parodies came out of the woodwork. No surprise, it's ripe for parody, but one in particular is so ridiculous that it has to be addressed.

The folks over at Jason Powell's have encouraged their readers to "Stand Up for Dot Net," and while it's obviously tongue in cheek, it's an excuse for the smarks to come out of the woodwork and crack jokes about wrestlers doing drugs and for to autofellate themselves, which is what dirtsheets do best.

Just a quick reminder, last year, Jason Powell won Lance Storm's "Internet Stooge Dirt Sheet Writers Award for lack of integrity in writing for knowingly writing false negative reports, that can be damaging to people’s careers, simply to drive web-traffic and to satisfy the source who fed him the falsehood."

Ouch. If someone within the business said that about me, I'd need someone to fluff my ego a bit as well. Anyway, this absurdity from did give me a good idea though, and that's the Kip-Up for Kick-Out Campaign!

Sick of outright lies "reported" by tabloid hacks? Tired of dirtsheet writers who think they're bigger than the business they write about? Fed up with people who claim to be fans but do nothing but whine about how awful wrestling is? Then I'm asking you to Kip-Up for Kick-Out!! and help create a better wrestling media!

Here are ten ways you can Kip-Up for Kick-Out!!:

1. Use social networking to expose false, inaccurate, or laughably vague "reports" from dirtsheets.

2. Start your own website, blog or podcast to help create a better wrestling media.

3. Visit better wrestling websites like Ring Posts, The UK Sun (don't laugh, their wrestling coverage is good!), and JR's blog.

4. Find better fan pages like WrestleSpective and WRESTLEGASM.

5. Follow professional wrestlers on Twitter, who often set the record straight on inaccurate dirtsheet reports.

6. Follow Kick-Out!! on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, because we like to make new friends!

7. Point out when multiple websites have the same story verbatim, but different "reporters"

8. Always be polite, even when you really piss off a dirtsheet "reporter" for exposing their lies... a little sarcasm never hurt anyone though!

9. Delete dirtsheets from your bookmarks. How can you be sure if you should delete a particular site? If it sends your pop-up blocker or AdBlock into a frenzy, it's probably safe to delete.

10. Continue to support professional wrestling, someday we may live in a world where actual, credentialed journalists will report on it!

Thank you for helping in our quest for a better wrestling media and please continue to Kip-Up for Kick-Out!!


  1. I thought this campaign was to celebrate Kip James. :(

  2. There will never be anything on this website that celebrates Monty Sopp.

  3. I guess celebrating him would be... Mr Assinine

  4. I wonder, has anyone made any sort of "stfudirtsheets" on tumblr?

  5. Might wanna re-read that article. Storm wrote it in 2001.

  6. Ah yes, he just re-posted it last year.