Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Five Count: HalloWWEen Costumes

Halloween is this Sunday, and if you've waited to the last minute to come up with a costume, or you're broke, never fear, Kick-Out!! is here to help you! Here are the top five wrestling costumes for the budget-conscious fan:

5. John Morrison
Materials needed: Ridiculously tight pants, Bedazzler, Sharpie marker
Head to your local Hot Topic, or just borrow a pair of your little sister's jeans and you're already halfway there! While you're in your sister's room, she might also have a Bedazzling kit so you can apply the rhinestones; if a Bedazzler is too expensive, just go to your local craft store and buy some shiny beads and fabric glue. You can complete the outfit with a trip to Goodwill for a hideous (and fake) fur coat, and a cheap pair of sunglasses, which will also need some Bedazzling. Use the Sharpie marker to draw abs on yourself, I don't think you'll have enough time before Sunday to get that in shape.

4. Tommy Dreamer
Materials needed: black pants, any wrestling shirt you've ever owned, boombox
This one's easy, especially if you've ever owned an ECW t-shirt or a t-shirt from a specific PPV event. Just wear those clothes, carry a boombox around with "Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains on a constant loop (it's only $0.99 on iTunes!) and you're all set. Oh and if you can't grow facial hair, just draw a goatee on yourself... the Sharpie might take a bit to wash off, but don't be a pansy, you're the Innovator of Violence!

3. Ric Flair
Materials needed: bathrobe, matching underwear, two feather boas, stapler
WOOOOOOOOO! is what you'll be saying if you're trick-or-treating in this one, it's gonna be a little cold, but Ric Flair's wrestled on six continents, I think you can handle a stiff breeze. First, staple one feather boa to the collar/opening of the robe, then cut the other into smaller pieces and staple them around the opening of the sleeves. If you still have that Bedazzler from the John Morrison costume, feel free to go nuts, there's literally no limit to how gaudy this thing can look. Also, you're the dirtiest player in the game, feel free to use a low blow or have Tully Blanchard help you get more candy.

2. Zack Ryder
Materials needed: pants, stickers, spray-on tan, lots and lots of hair gel
If you need a few ideas on how exactly to style your hair, watch a few episodes of Jersey Shore and you'll get the picture. If you're wondering how much is too much with the spray on tan, there is no such thing as too much! Next, cut one leg off the chosen pair of pants (ever noticed how Ryder's career nosedived when he lost that one pant leg?), and just put an assortment of stickers on said pants. What stickers? Well, Zack Ryder has a boombox and a license plate on his tights, so clearly it's whatever springs to mind. I suggest a unicorn and a Dole/Kemp 96 bumper sticker.

1. Naked Mideon
Materials needed: fanny pack, complete lack of shame
Trick-Or-OH GOD MY EYES!!!

And I suppose if you lack a gag reflex and have an old school alarm clock in your possession, you could borrow my costume:



  1. CM Punk: don't shave, wrist tape and a pen to mark an X.

  2. Well, I have a torn up T-Shirt... I guess I could be the Brooklyn Brawler.

  3. Gotta have a cigar in your mouth the whole time though.

  4. I was Mick Foley in College, found the red flannel at the goodwill store, then wore black sweats, and made socko. All I needed to do is get that black gunk for my teeth and grow my beard out.
    AND last year...
    I was Goldust, that was a little more tricky but I pulled it off and used about 3 cans of gold spray paint. Still have gold shoes that I wear from time to time. And I got a tyvex suit and sprayed that gold. It wasn't too bad actually.

  5. I was considering going as a member of Nexus, but Goldust doesn't seem half-bad an option. I have access to a unitard, why not? :D
    When all else fails I'll be signguy.

  6. I encourage every KO!! reader to be Goldust for Halloween.

  7. I went as Hulk Hogan, for $150 I made my own costume a couple of years ago and it has lasted well ever since. My brother went as The Ultimate Warrior - it was alarming how many people didn't know who that was :S

  8. Oh, and a pic of our costume: