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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - September 19, 2010

Smackdown started with Christian already in the ring, and that's how you start a show! Christian's guest in the Peep Show was Alberto Del Rio, who he's been in a war of words with over the last few weeks. Christian once again challenged Del Rio to a match, this time at Night of Champions, but Del Rio refused. Bummer, I'd like to see Christian get some time on PPV, it's been way too long. Good segment though, Del Rio continues to crack me up, but like Christian said, it remains to be seen if he's the real deal, or just the latest flash in the pan.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre was our opening contest, and was just an absolutely awesome tag match. The WWE Tag Titles must be defended tonight at the PPV, The Hart Dynasty still don't have opponents, but after winning this match, Rhodes & McIntyre better be involved. Personally, I'm hoping for a triple threat with these two teams, along with R-Truth & John Morrison, but I'd be satisfied with a straight-up rematch as well. Perhaps it's just how good Kidd & Smith are, but this is undoubtedly the strongest I've seen Rhodes & McIntyre together, and I hope they stay a tag team, even if they don't win the belts tonight.

Kofi Kingston was out next with mic time, which is sadly a rare occurrence. Kofi made it clear that if Dolph Ziggler is counted out or disqualified at Night of Champions, he'll lose the title. A fine stipulation, but I was still hoping for Vickie Guerrero in a shark cage.

Jack Swagger made his way to the ring after Kofi's promo, and the former World Champion was set for action against the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title. It's really a bummer with how good Swagger's been in the ring lately that we seem to have forgotten that he just World Champion a couple months ago. Anyway, this was a very long match, but rock action with Swagger dominating most of the match until Kofi got a big burst of momentum at the end, escaping two ankle locks and nailing Trouble in Paradise for the win. If Ziggler and Kofi can put on a match as good as this one tonight, the IC Title will really shine once again as the "workhorse title."

Hornswoggle, Teddy Long and a Nun did something backstage... I may have just fast-forwarded though this for my own sanity.

LayCool vs. Kelly Kelly & Rosa Mendes (who is apparently a face now?) was our Divas match of the evening and LayCool picked up an easy victory. And that's about it.

Really cool hype video for the WWE Championship. WWE should do videos like this for every title at Night of Champions.

CM Punk vs. Christian was our final match of the evening, and pretty much the greatest gift WWE could give me. The only way this could've been better was if the World Heavyweight Championship was on the line. Just a fantastic back and forth match between two of the greatest in-ring performers in WWE today, and Alberto Del Rio, who was at ringside for commentary, provided the distraction to let Punk get the win with the Go To Sleep. After the match, Del Rio put a chair on Christian's chest, sat down and told him they still wouldn't fight at Night of Champions. Big Show made the save though, running Del Rio off and knocking Punk out with that malignant fist. If you missed this match, make sure you see it soon.

Kane was out in the final segment to answer The Undertaker's challenge to a No Holds Barred match. Kane continues to shine on the mic, even if the stuff he's talking about is absolutely ridiculous. Kane accepts the challenge though, and claims it falls right into his (very specific) 13-year plan. The Undertaker interrupted the World Champion, but as he made his way to the ring, the lights went out and Kane appeared behind The Phenom, ambushing him with the title belt. Kane absolutely decimated The Undertaker and stood tall at the end of Smackdown.

Another fantastic episode of Friday Night Smackdown, and even with a "thin" roster, Smackdown continues to give us incredibly entertaining shows. While the show wasn't as fun as Raw on Monday night, we still got three awesome wrestling matches and great hype for tonight's PPV. If you missed this show and need something to kill time before Night of Champions, I highly recommend you watch it. Christian vs. Punk, Rhodes & McIntyre vs. The Hart Dynasty and Kofi Kingston vs. Jackie Swaggs are all worth your time. Great show!

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  1. Rosa Mendes - Face by circumstance

    Best thing on this show was Undertaker realising Kane was behind him and he pulled a face as if to say "Ah, shit...". Hilarious.