Sunday, September 12, 2010

WWE Smackdown Thoughts - September 10, 2010

The Undertaker in the ring is a great way to start any show, and The Phenom talked about how he was going to destroy Kane at Night of Champions. Undertaker wouldn't be happy with simply winning though, he wanted to make the match No Holds Barred! Kane did not reply, but CM Punk interrupted the Dead Man instead, which made this the perfect segment. Great back and forth between Taker and Punk and they would meet later on in tonight's main event.

Although could someone tell me why CM Punk and Big Show are wrestling at Night of Champions when neither of them have a title?

Jack Swagger vs. MVP was our opening contest, and Jackie Swaggs has a slick new t-shirt. These two are no strangers to each other and gelled well again this week, but I'm just having a hard time getting into this feud. Swagger just appears to be stuck in neutral since losing the World Title and MVP has been stuck in reverse for nearly the last two years. Match was good though, and Swagger picked up a decisive win with the ankle lock.

Okay, I have to say it, I don't want to say, but I have to say it: Kaval has made LayCool entertaining.

A video detailing the history of Kane & The Undertaker? C'mon WWE, Smackdown's only a two hour show!

Matt Hardy vs. Alberto Del Rio up next in a looooooooong match. What is it about putting new guys in really, really long matches with Matt Hardy shortly after their debuts? Matt's an grizzled (increasingly grizzled) veteran, so maybe he's taking on the Finlay role? Del Rio once again looked fantastic and forced Matt to tap to the Cross Armbreaker, continuing his streak. Del Rio tried to attack Hardy after the match, but Christian made the save. It's nice to see Christian get involved with someone who's quickly made a big splash in WWE, but I worry he's just cannon fodder.

I found Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval for Kaval's official debut to be an interesting choice. I would've thought they'd put him in there against someone with more experience like Chavo, but it looks like this was more of a two birds with one stone match. Drew McIntyre picked up the win, and thus getting some momentum back, but Kaval still looked impressive. Kaval also deserves major props for taking that NASTY! suplex on the apron, that's the hardest part of the ring. Matt Striker referencing his "low key" demeanor was amusing too. A very good match, a damn good match, and I want to see these two lock it up again.

Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero (in shorts?) vs. Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters was a really fun tag match. Chris Masters has been incredibly underrated since his return to WWE and his work on Superstars lately has been quite enjoyable. Match was a bit short, but the crowd was hot, Kofi and Masters looked great, and even though this feud has been going on forever, the matches still deliver.

Main Event time! CM Punk (sans the SES) vs. The Undertaker! Undertaker had the demonic hoodie on too, which didn't bode well for CM Punk. It should come as no surprise, but this was just a fantastic match. Remember back in 06 when people said CM Punk would never fit in and that his style just didn't suit WWE? I know that's proven wrong since his debut in ECW, but in case there were any lingering doubts, just watch this match. CM Punk doesn't just fit in as a WWE Superstar, he is undeniably a WWE main eventer. The dude took The Undertaker to the limit, even nailing him with the GTS, but ultimately fell victim to the Hell's Gate for the third submission of the evening.

Also funny, I remember back when Punk first started doing the GTS, someone told me that he shouldn't use that finisher in WWE because he wouldn't be able to do it to "bigger guys" like "Hardcore Holly." Hilarious.

A great episode of Smackdown this week featuring almost top to bottom wrestling. All the matches got plenty of time, everyone looked good, and we got one of the best TV main events of the year with CM Punk vs. The Undertaker. If this week's show is still sitting on your DVR, don't wait any longer, watch it!



  1. I think WWE bill Night of Champions now as a night where "Every Championship will be defended" opposed to "Every match will be a Championship match". That's why Big Shhow vs Punk is on this year. You can't blame them really, with the ECW title gone and the Unification of the Tag and Women's championships, it gives them 3 less matches to work with.

  2. Good point, it's rare for WWE to only do a six-match card.

  3. I'm going to Night of Champions, so I'm glad they found a way to fit Punk onto the card :)

  4. Vince McMahon himself called CM Punk one of their top PPV draws, so don't expect too many PPVs without your Straight Edge Savior.

  5. "Vince McMahon himself called CM Punk one of their top PPV draws, so don't expect too many PPVs without your Straight Edge Savior."

    Which is a great thing. With CM Punk on a show, you really can't go wrong. He's a lot like Chris Jericho in that respect, most anything he touches turns to gold.

  6. Punk's sitting pretty in a very volatile job!