Monday, September 6, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - September 6, 2010

No live blog tonight since I'm... celebrating Labor Day? Yeah, that's the ticket. Review will be posted after the show, some stop by Kick-Out!! after Raw for my full thoughts on tonight's show, that's hopefully better than last week's show!

And here we go! Episode 901 started with The Nexus already in the ring and they came prepared with clips from last week's show. Yay! Seriously, I don't know what's worse, a three-minute video recap before the show starts, or several clips in the middle of the first promo of the night. They "single-handedly" took out The Undertaker last week, yes, all five of them single-handedly took out The Undertaker last week. Literally! Anyhoo, Wade Barrett vowed to win the WWE Title at Night of Champions, which brought out Randy Orton. Yay again? Randy said he doesn't care who he pins at Night of Champions, but Wade would definitely get an RKO. The G?M chimed in next to give Orton that chance tonight, because Barrett would be taking on The Viper in the main event, meanwhile Justin Gabriel would be taking on John Cena!

Chris Jericho was out next for our opening contest, but The G?M wasn't pleased with him and Edge for walking out of last week's main event, so if either of them lost their matches tonight, they'd be kicked out of the Six-Pack Challenge at Night of Champions. Jericho's opponent was John Morrison, so you'd think he'd be safe, when's the last time that guy won a match? Well, tonight, actually. Yeah, Jericho's out of the main event, and I'm not really sure where the hell they're going with this except for Jericho's making pouty faces at the camera.

Match was great though, and extremely refreshing to see a good wrestling match on Raw, last week made me forget what that was like. And hey, John Morrison actually connected with Starship Pain, when's the last time that happened? A big win for Morrison too, could the Tuesday Friday Monday Night Delight be on an upswing?

Melina vs. Alicia Fox for the Diva's Championship next... no I mean "NEXT" as in let's talk about something else.

Backstage, The Miz promised something big... I bet it's awesome!

Also backstage, Edge & Zack Ryder bantered about Edge's match tonight. Edge wanted Ryder to be his opponent and told the G?M to make it happen. This was actually really funny, and makes sense considering their history together. First time I've enjoyed Edge in awhile and Zack Ryder really should be doing so much more, even if he just becomes Edge's lackey again, their chemistry here shouldn't be ignored.

And again backstage, Maryse found a love letter in Ted DiBiase's limo and both insisted that it was meant for them. I don't know if you caught it, but the letter looked like it was written with an oversized Sharpie and read "I WANT YOU!" Really, you two shouldn't be arguing over who has a secret admirer, you should be calling the cops. When Maryse starts getting locks of hair chopped off in her sleep and someone boils the Million Dollar Title with a rabbit, you'll wish you had listened to me!

Next Monday is the "Season Premiere" of Raw, so I guess that makes this show the Season Finale! But Raw Roulette returns next week, which is really cool, and I'LL BE THERE! Woo!

Alright, finally back to some wrestling with our first main event of the evening, John Cena vs. Justin Gabriel and before we talk about it, I have to tell you that I'm so over the dueling "LET'S GO CENA/CENA SUCKS!" chant. It's almost as annoying as "WHAT?!" at this point." Anyway, another really good match and I have to say that I was incredibly impressed with Gabriel tonight, he looked like he belonged in there and Cena made him look like the real deal. Great stuff, and that Attitude Adjustment off the top rope was a little scary when Cena slipped a bit, but luckily it turned out okay and made for a great finish. Cena doesn't do the top rope AA very often, so I think it was a nice touch to the match to really push the idea that Gabriel was a threat. Loved this match.

Still not pleased about Aloisia getting the boot from NXT Season 3. Sounds like she's still under the WWE umbrella, but not quite ready for TV. Hmm... didn't stop them with Alicia Fox.

The Miz was out next for a little history lesson, once again telling us about how people told him he didn't belong in WWE, didn't earn his spot, and had no talent. To be fair Miz, they kinda had a point six years ago, go watch that Divas Search you hosted, just sayin! Of course, Miz proved them all wrong but shattering all expectations and becoming the greatest thing going in WWE today. United States Champion, Money in the Bank winner, and now he's on the cover of the WWE Magazine!

Daniel Bryan was pretty impressed too, and despite Michael Cole becoming more insufferable than usual, this segment somehow got better. I know praising Bryan on the internet isn't exactly cutting-edge stuff, but damn this guy was amazing tonight. His snarky humbleness is hilarious and the fact that he pointed out his generic rock theme music was gold, but the important thing was we finally got the match signed - Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz, US Title on the line at Night of Champions. Fantastic. If you missed Raw tonight, make sure you check out this segment, because me writing about it really can't do Bryan's promo justice.

This week in WWE History: it's been 15 years since the debut of WCW Nitro. I'm old.

Edge vs. The Great Khali with Edge's Night of Champions slot on the line. Edge wasn't happy about having to face Khali, so instead of wrestling, he did a Khali/Frankenstein impression outside the ring. Then grabbed Ranjin Singh, kicked Khali in the kneecap and won via count-out. Segment could've ended right there, but The G?M wasn't impressed and ordered the match to restart as an over the top rope challenge. One commercial break later, we got something far less interesting than the first match and Edge won again. Okay then.

Chris Jericho's pouty face was backstage, and John Morrison sat down next to him to cheer him up. Jericho was not cheered up, and his pouty face turned more into a face of disgust, kinda like that part in No Holds Barred where that guy tells Hulk Hogan that he "dookied." Once again though, John Morrison was surprisingly entertaining, where has this guy been for the last six months?

Main Event time! Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton with Sheamus, Edge and John Cena on commentary. Decent enough match, but things took a turn for the weird when Darren Young provided the distraction, telling Barrett he was the "missing link" rather than the "weak link," which gave Orton the chance to hit the RKO for the win. Then Darren Young got an RKO. Then Edge got an RKO. Then Sheamus got an RKO. Then Randy Orton and John Cena stared each other down, because they'll be facing each other in next week's main event. WWE, try all you want, but Randy Orton is not Stone Cold and the RKO is not the Stunner.

Good Raw! See? It's not that hard! I really liked this show, and while I'm not exactly sure who, if anyone, will replace Jericho, Night of Champions got some great hype. The Darren Young bit was strange and the Khali/Edge match was a waste of time, but three decent to great matches and an awesome back and forth with Miz and Bryan helped make this a show where the good far outweighed the bad. Hopefully WWE keeps it up, especially next week since I'll be there, and make sure you keep an eye out for a Kick-Out!! sign.

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  1. By my count, I'm 3 years older then you Razor...I remember watching the premier of

    And have fun at RAW next week, even though we won't have your iron fist pounding down on the board..and it means a late edition review..unless you have a smartphone and blog DO have a smartphone...right?

  2. I was posting stuff like mad on my Facebook during the Cena/Gabriel match. Around like 15 posts later I realized that I was using my little sister's account... oh dear.
    And Ryder + Edge = happiness. "...did you call me a tool?"
    I'm confused on the Jericho front. Since he can't compete anymore at NOC, is he out officially now? I'm too lazy to go to the dirtsheets :))

  3. No SmartPhone, plans are too damn expensive!

    And yeah, I don't know what to make of the Jericho situation. Personally? I hope it means a face turn and a move to Smackdown for their big jump to Syfy is coming. The brand needs faces and the brief glimpses we got of Y2J at SummerSlam and the following night were awesome, but that's probably just wishful thinking on my part.

  4. The phrase that I honed in on after the Jericho/Morrison match was "turning point", which The King made sure to say twice,.

  5. After the WCW experience, I think Jericho would quit wrestling outright rather than subject himself to that again.

  6. But...but...THINK OF THE MATCHES!!

  7. I'd rather think

    Jericho IS Chikara!

  8. I like how it's cool for you to be cynical and smarky when it comes to Randy Orton but not anyone else. I didn't see you saying

    "WWE, try all you want, but The Nexus is not the nWo"

    Or when Cena channels The Rock or Hogan, it's OK, but if Orton dare do his finishing move that's incredibly over in a sequence, it's Austin's thing! Like it's never been done before by anyone but Stone Cold.

    Yes Orton isn't Austin, nobody is and I don't think anybody in the WWE is trying to make him into Austin. The guy is the most over guy in the company right now and the crowd goes batshit insane for the RKO, so give em what they want.

    It's not as if Orton is swilling beers and flipping people off. He's a very different character, a boderline psychotic guy who just wants to hurt people, while Austin was an anti-authority badass.

    Judging by the reaction Orton and the RKO got last night, whatever WWE is "trying to do", it's evidently working.

  9. Yeah yeah, Orton's over, I'm aware, but you're forgetting the fact that I don't like the guy. To me, his "RKOs for everyone!" shtick is already old, but I certainly wouldn't dream of taking it away from anybody else. As I've said time and time again, I hate him, but he deserves his spot, no matter how much I don't like it.

    Still, you can't deny it's been done a million times better by both Stone Cold and DDP and I doubt the shelf life of Orton's anti-hero shtick when he doesn't have the promo ability to keep it up.

    And I fail to see how I'm being "cynical and smarky" when I just don't like someone. Am I not allowed to dislike people that I find dreadfully boring and come across like complete assholes when interacting with fans? I've admitted on numerous occasions that my feelings on Orton have stumbled into self-parody territory, but the dude simply doesn't do it for me and never has. When he stops looking like a buffoon with his over the top mannerisms and cuts an engaging promo that doesn't put me to sleep, then we'll talk about me dropping the cynical smark routine when it comes to Zee Vipah!

  10. I like how it's cool to be passive aggressive

  11. We're all friends here!

    ...Well, except for me and Randy Orton, that guy's a jerk face.

  12. I've seen a lot of people confused about the Darren Young part of it and it seems like I'm the only one who likes the fact they didn't just write him off.

    I mean it makes sense for him to come out and cost Barrett a match, especially when the rest of Nexus can't interfere. Is there really a better way to bring him back onto Raw then in the biggest angle they have going as a potential wild card?