Monday, September 27, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - September 27, 2010

Live blogging tonight's taped show! Luckily, I've managed to somehow avoid spoilers all week, so it might as well be live for me. Also, when's the last time Raw was taped and Smackdown was live in the same week? First time ever?

Speaking of first time ever, Raw's opening intro video is a recap of a feud over the US Title?! Yep, instead of showing John Cena and Wade Barrett make a match for the 412th time this week, Raw starts with a recap of Miz and Alex Riley destroying Daniel Bryan. I like it.

And hey, Raw starts off with Cap'n Awesome himself, The Miz is here! Daniel Bryan has challenged Miz and Alex Riley to a tag team match tonight. Doesn't take long for "Flight of the Valkyries" to hit, Daniel Bryan is here with his tag team partner... John Morrison! Alright, I'm all for this, Morrison, Bryan and Miz are three of the best parts of Raw right now, and considering JoMo's history with The Miz, it makes perfect sense. Exciting back and forth opener with Bryan getting the hot tag, but he couldn't quite apply the LeBell Lock, and instead ate the Skullcrushing Finale! After the match, Miz tries to beat down Bryan again, but Morrison makes the save and tackles Miz to the outside, but Bryan nails both men with a suicide dive! Morrison didn't take too kindly to that, so all three men start brawling, which leads to The G?M chiming in to make a Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere match at Hell in a Cell, and the US Title will be on the line! Well, Miz and Morrison aren't exactly submission wrestlers, but I'm all for these three mixing it up on PPV.

Divas Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender for the Divas Championship, and Laycool is on commentary, making Michael Cole almost tolerable. And hey, NATALYA won! Could WWE be serious about putting gold on a talented female athlete? That's like seeing a white Bengal tiger in the wild! I'm not going to complain though, Natalya as the #1 contender is awesome news.

Looks like next week we'll find out who's stalking Ted DiBiase and/or Maryse. If it's not Goldust, I don't care.

Sheamus is here, fella! The Celtic Warrior tells us a tale of two princes, and one about Little Miss Can't Be Wrong, then issues an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. After a commercial break, The Great Khali takes Sheamus up on his offer... oh dear. Khali lights Sheamus up with a NASTY! chop to the chest, which instantly turned the former WWE Champion red, and much like when you step on Wiggler in Super Mario, Sheamus went nutzo! The Celtic Warrior demolished Khali here, getting himself DQed in the process, but hey, if I had Khali's hand tattooed on my chest, I'd be pissed too.

The Cutting Edge is next and Edge's guest tonight is The G?M, which is interesting. The G?M is apparently Skyping, but has his (or her) voice masked to protect his identity... or it's GLaDOS from Portal. The Spear is a lie. Edge grows increasingly frustrated and tries to storm off, but he has a match tonight... against John Cena!

John Cena vs. Edge is always a fun match. We've seen it a lot, but their rivalry has been one of the best longterm rivalries that WWE has ever done. Good match between these two, with Edge shockingly picking up the win after a spear... but Cena's foot was under the ropes, and The G?M ordered the match to continue. Cena made the comeback and locked in the STF for the win, and Edge went nutzo on the G?M's laptop. "Edge, you have the crazy eyes" literally had me laughing out loud, I so hope we haven't heard the end of the GLaDOS voice. It instantly made Edge interesting again. Good thing the G?M bought the extended protection plan.

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs. Evan Bourne & Mark Henry, and all I want out of this match is for Gabriel and Bourne to get three minutes of pure high flying insanity. Please? Well, we get a little tease of it, with Gabriel missing the 450 and Bourne nailing the SSP, but stupid Heath Slater rolls Gabriel back over Bourne and Nexus wins. Nexus destroy Bourne after the match, and if you ever needed anyone to make Nexus look dangerous, Evan Bourne would be the guy to do it. Good promo from Barrett after the match too, if Cena doesn't lose on Sunday, I'm going to be really bummed.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Rhodes & McIntyre in another rematch for the WWE Tag Team Titles. I guess with Rhodes & McIntyre winning in a controversial fashion on Friday, the Harts have earned another rematch. But this is one's on Raw, which doesn't exactly have the luxury of long matches like Smackdown, so this wasn't anywhere near as enjoyable as their previous two encounters. Harts argue after the match, and they better not be splitting these two up, which would be really dumb and counter-productive.

Main Event time! Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton and even better, Chris Jericho has a microphone! Jericho was listing his accomplishments, and they're so great, they had to go to commercial. Jericho went down a long list of his victims, including Kevin Nash, Diesel AND Oz, and was rudely interrupted by stupid Randy Orton's stupid face. Great match though, as it should be considering Jericho being involved. Match descends into utter chaos though when Sheamus runs in an causes a DQ, Jericho nails Orton with a Codebreaker, but catches an RKO when he goes for a chair shot and eats a PUNT!? NOOO!!! That's not good. Maybe Jericho was punted so hard, he'll return in a few weeks as Y2J? Please?

Fairly good Raw. I kinda dig when Raw's taped, as long as I can avoid the spoilers, because they tend to put more of a focus on in-ring action than the usual goofiness on the live shows. Still, with Hell in a Cell just one Smackdown away now, WWE's got a lot of work to do if they want people to actually buy this PPV.

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  1. Oh Razor ... Nickelback are on tour :D It's great news for you! I know how big a fan you are!!! :D

  2. Oh cool Natalya won? I spent that few minutes dumping the rubbish ... oops - translation - "taking out the trash" ;) lol

  3. Amazing promo by Seamus about the Red Hand ... (although, he couldn't say it over here for fear of political uprising) lol

  4. What do u think of them mentioning Foley's book on wwe?

  5. I must have not been paying attention, I missed it.

  6. They were totally bigging up Mick Foley's new book! It was so odd that they did that, seeing as MF is a TNA employee. Actually both King and Cole took turns to big it up!

  7. Razor, my stream broke up a couple of times. Did Edge pin John Cena?

    Also ... I am guessing that Seamus beat Khali.

    is that what happened?

  8. Sheamus got DQed. Edge pinned Cena, but the GM ordered the match to continue and Cena beat Edge.

  9. Edge vs. GLADoS was glorious. "Edge, you have the crazy eyes" is instantly memetic.