Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - September 13, 2010 - Kick-Out!! was there!

What a day! Just got back after a long drive and an absolutely awesome day of wrestling. In case you don't follow Kick-Out!! on Twitter, I got to go backstage at Raw before the show today! Long story short, a friend of mine scored an interview with John Cena to promote Legendary, so I tagged along to "film" it (and nerd out). Cena was surprisingly laid back, a nice guy, but we only had a few minutes with him. Unfortunately, WWE's people didn't let us take pictures, something about "being professional," blah!

The coolest part was just getting to walk through the backstage area and see all the guys and gals just hanging out. In my brief walk to and from the studio that Cena was in, I saw Zack Ryder (without his hair spiked), Justin Gabriel, Steve Lombardi (aka The Brooklyn Brawler), Heath Slater, The Usos, Tamina, Alex Riley, Wade Barrett, Maryse and yes, Randy Orton. Luckily for me, Orton and Maryse were talking to each other in the hallway, so Randy was too distracted to give me an RKO for all the shit I talk.

So that was part one of the day, part two came when Raw began, and of the many WWE shows I've been to over the years, this was definitely one of the most fun, so let's talk about it!

Before Raw started, there was a dark match between Zack Ryder and a returning Ezekiel Jackson! At least I assume it was a dark match, it could've been on Superstars, but it'd be pretty weird to bring Big Zeke back on Superstars, wouldn't it? Zeke was working as a face and it was like he hadn't missed a beat since leaving. Very excited to have him back, as I've always thought the dude has "future main eventer" written all over him.

First Superstars match was Santino & Kozlov vs. The Usos, which was obviously more fuel to the Santino/Tamina fire, but that's all I'll say about it for now.

Primo and The Great Khali was also taped for Superstars, but I won't spoil it for you, since I'm sure you're dying to see it on TV!!!

Okay, let's talk RAW!

Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals was tonight's guest star (note the change from "host"), and fit right in with the WWE Universe. Chad's as charismatic as they come and I've been waiting a long time for him to do something with WWE since it seemed like such a natural fit. It could've been a train wreck, but Chad was in his element and did a great job out there. If this football thing doesn't work out, I'd honestly love to see the guy train to become a wrestler, seriously. Hey, could he possibly turn out any worse than Kevin Greene?

But things got awesome when The Miz showed up! Miz seemed to be excited to have Ochocinco on Raw since they have so much in common... except for the fact that Miz is a champion! Oooh burn! Call it cheap heat if you want, but Miz had the crowd in the palm of his hand here and had me in stitches with all of his jokes about "The Bungles." Cincinnati sports fans are fickle though, so Miz was lucky he got to do this after the first game of the season, if Raw came after a few more losses, the crowd would've been cheering him instead. Cincinnati fans aren't exactly the most loyal, The Bengals don't even sell out all their games when they're doing well! To be fair, the cheapest tickets are still absurdly expensive, and beer is like $10 a cup, so many of us make the choice to keep our electricity on instead of going to NFL games. Hey, we may not be loyal, but at least we're smart, it's not like we're Steelers fans! OH SNAP!

Speaking of "snap," The G?M let Ochocinco pick Miz's opponent for his submission match tonight, and it was Mr. Tap or Snap himself, Daniel Bryan! It looked like Night of Champions came early for Cincinnati! Or not. The Miz pulled himself from the match after getting his ass handed to him and subbed in Alex Riley (you can just do that?) and Riley tapped immediately to the LeBell Lock. Miz tried to make the save, and nearly hit the Skullcrushing Finale, but instead Bryan reversed and made Miz tap out too! I gotta say this about Bryan, there's no doubt he's a fantastic wrestler, but he just makes everything look so fluid and so easy. His reversals might be the most beautifully executed that I've ever seen. Great opening for Raw Roulette.

Edge & Jillian singing "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" was hilarious.

Edge vs. Evan Bourne, then Mark Henry in a Bodyslam Contest though? Not as hilarious. I get that Edge and The G?M have their own little mini feud going on right now, but what's up with these pointless matches the last two weeks? And if you're going to have Mark Henry slam Edge right in front of the turnbuckle, why couldn't Evan Bourne hit the Shooting Star Press for revenge? I just didn't get this bit at all, but Evan Bourne's kick to Edge's head was cool.

Before the "Song & Dance" match, R-Truth came out on stage to teach the crowd the lyrics to "Get Buck, Get Crunk." Say what you will about Truth, but he was over HUGE in Cincinnati and got one of the loudest reactions of the night outside of Orton and Cena.

R-Truth & Eve vs. Ted DiBiase & Maryse in the Song & Dance match was surprisingly fun, if completely silly, but if it means a new song for R-Truth, I'm all for it. Also, Maryse's hilariously awful dance was the greatest thing she's ever done. It was also the most the crowd has ever cared about Ted DiBiase, so I'd call it a success.

John Morrison's little pose backstage was silly, but his free-running Parkour bit backstage was really cool.

Speaking of really cool, John Morrison vs. Sheamus was freaking amazing. I know I've been rough on Morrison lately, calling him John Jannetty, but this is the beauty of wrestling, two matches can instantly restore one's credibility. After a phenomenal match with Jericho last week and now this incredibly exciting, innovative and hard-hitting match with Sheamus, I'd say the guy could easily fit into a main event situation. That flip off the stage, climbing the minitron and diving off?! Morrison went insane tonight, and I loved every second of it. Awesome, awesome, awesome match. Match of the Night, easily.

Chris Jericho holding Raw hostage after costing Morrison the previous match was great too. Jericho demanded his spot back in the Six Pack Challenge or else he'd quit WWE. The G?M buckled, and Jericho yelling at Cole to just read the damn e-mails was hysterical. Jericho would get his spot back if he could beat The Hart Dynasty in a handicap match... inside a steel cage!

Chris Jericho vs. The Hart Dynasty, or really, Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Kidd, was another really good match, but all it left me thinking is how much I want to see Jericho and Kidd get 10 or 15 minutes to work with in a regular match. Jericho reversing Tyson Kidd's super hurricanrana into the Walls of Jericho, and Kidd landing on his damn head in the process, was NASTY!!! Actually, that doesn't even do it justice, and it didn't come across as gross on TV as it did in person, but I was directly in the line of sight of it, and it was UBERNASTY~!!!

Also, I'm really glad to hear that the Six Pack Challenge at Night of Champions is now an elimination match.

Hall of Famer, Pete Rose was in the audience!

Goldust vs. William Regal in the Trading Places match was beyond hilarious. Regal is the funniest guy in WWE right now, and even though the match didn't last longer than a single Power of the Punch, it was worth it just to see Regal in the Goldust outfit and doing the heavy breathing. Still, when you have a potentially awesome match between two hardened veterans like Regal and Goldust, why not give it some time? Maybe next week on Superstars?

My bright orange "OCHOCINCO" sign was visible while Ochocinco was announcing the main event, it was right next to his head, but I was so far back, the letters aren't visible.

Main Event time! Randy Orton vs. John Cena in a tables match was so much fun. The crowd was electric for both guys, the dueling chants were going, the "BOO!/YAY!" stuff was going, and when the match turned into a complete mess, the crowd got even hotter. I was especially excited for this one since I haven't seen Cena in person since 2006, he's been injured or out promoting something the last few times Raw's been anywhere near me, so it just made tonight even more special. Of course, he wound up wrestling Randy Orton, which we've seen a bajillion times in the last year, but like I said, the match was really good and loads of fun to watch live. And I have to give props to Orton, reversing the Attitude Adjustment into the RKO through a table was friggin slick.

After Raw went off the air, Chris Jericho emerged from the table pile and tried to hit Orton with a Codebreaker, but caught an RKO. Then Edge tried to hit the Spear, but he got an RKO too. RKOs for everyone again this week and the Orton ultra push continues, but Cincinnati went nuts for it, so the fans were definitely sent home happy.

I don't think I can heap enough praise onto this show. Obviously I'm going to have a bias since I was there, but it was everything that I love about wrestling. We had great matches, great storyline development, hype for the big monthly show, comedy that was actually funny, effective usage of pop culture, and most important of all, it was fun. Only stuff I didn't dig was the Edge/Evan Bourne bit and Goldust/Regal not getting any time, but those are really minor gripes for an otherwise exciting night.

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  1. INSANE RAW! I loved it very, very much. Let's see why:

    Miz dissing Mr. Eight-Five, then bringing in Riley in an Awesome shirt then tapping out to LeBell lock = AWESOME
    Maryse's dance = EPIC
    Kidd landing on his head = EPIC
    Jericho vs. Cole = F'N EPIC
    King Regaldust vs. Goldregal = EEEEEEEE*inhale*PIC!
    Randy Orton strikes back = THIS WAS EPIC TOO!
    Aaaaaand... JoMo from the jumbo/minitron (I don't get the difference) = F'N EPICC!!!! I was screaming for this one.

    I love this RAW. Its a great way to help get it back on its feet in time for NOC, though I am still pissed at no-tag-team-match for it.

    And you lucky b*stard! Going around backstage... If you hear that faint screechy sound, that's me and my friend rampaging through the streets of southern Manila at our nonexistent chances of meeting Justin Gabriel.

  2. "Epic" is definitely a great description of tonight. Dare I say, best Raw of 2010?

  3. Tell it like it is, bro. WWWYKI.
    I'm totally buying a cheap t-shirt and drawing "I (HEART) WWE... again!" with sharpie on it. Tonight's RAW was the almost perfect balance of everything good in the WWE today. Let's hope the momentum keeps going!

  4. Oh cami, I am sure you can find an "I heart WWE" t shirt at the ukay ukay ;) Although, i will be in Manila next month, so I may buy it! Ingiit kayo the readership of this blog! lol!

    Yes Razor, I am jealous too! lol!

    And ...

    it was a great raw. Glad i stayed up late for it for once lol!


  5. oh and Raze ... Zeke retweeted you!

  6. Hey Razor. Good review, glad you enjoyed yourself at the show.

    I have an odd question: I've seen vids from the crowd of Raw openings, so I have to ask; did the crowd sing along to Raw's theme tune at the start of the show?

  7. You know, I think they did. Cincinnati is full of Nickelback fans too, so I wouldn't be surprised.

  8. You mean YOU didn't sing? I've always imagined you to have a... never mind. Haha.

    One more thing; any words of wisdom on maintaining a wrestling blog? As you may remember, I do have a bit of trouble. I just wondered whether there was anything you've done which helped Kick-Out!! remain this long?

  9. Wow, good words about Morrison, made me a happy girl. :-) You're so lucky that you got to be there. But then again, even though not televised, I feel extremely lucky to have gone to the Toronto and Hamilton shows over the weekend.

  10. Gotta give it up for the Cincinnati crowd, that was one of the hottest crowds I've heard in a LONG time on the ol' TeeVee.

  11. My happiness is multiplied by a LOT when I find out that my uncle in California told me that the John Morrison and Hart Dynasty shirts I asked from him (birthday gift? pleads for like a month) ARRIVED TODAY! THEY'RE GETTING SPECIAL TREATMENT AND ARE FLYING HERE ON AN AIRPLANE SOMEWHERE WITH HIS PILOTFRIEND! AAAAAAAAAAH! I'm wearing my JMo shirt with PRIDE as soon as I get it!

  12. Cincinnati crowds are usually pretty hot, but when you give them a show like that I can't blame them for getting super excited.

  13. Cami didn't even comment on my terrible tagalog! lol

  14. Tom, I didn't comment only because it didn't make sense at all :)) You basically said "deepen at the readership of this blog." HAHAAHHAHAHA