Monday, September 20, 2010

WWE Night of Champions 2010 Review

Buyer's remorse, thy name is Orton!

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Title kicked things off this evening. Dolph was a pair of ass-less chaps away from being a Chippendale's dancer and Vickie Guerrero was wearing leather pants, so whatever your weird fetish may be, WWE's premiere power couple had you covered. Speaking of interesting wardrobe choices, Kofi Kingston looked like he found Shawn Michaels' underwear, circa 1995. Thus concludes the Project Runway portion of the review, now let's talk wrasslin.

I thought this match was a really good opener and the crowd was red hot for it the entire way through. Commentary drug it down a bit, especially when everyone was shocked when Kofi rolled Ziggler back into the ring when he could've had a count-out victory. Whatever happened to celebrating the sportsmanship of the good guy? Kofi wanted to win the match the right way, not on some special technicality that was put in place to make sure Dolph played fair. Seriously, if I could change one thing about WWE programming right now, it would be to put JR back in the booth with Lawler for PPVs. Minor gripes aside, the match was good and Dolph Ziggler scored a decisive pinfall victory, finally establishing himself as the true Intercontinental Champion.
Predictions: 1 for 1

CM Punk's promo on how much he loves Chicago, but hates its inhabitants was hilarious, and a good try, but there's no way you're getting Chicago to boo their Straight Edge Savior... as they drink lots and lots of beer. His match with Big Show was a fun styles clash, but something just seemed off and the match was over before it ever really began. I find Big Show's win to be strange, but Punk will be more than fine despite the loss. Maybe this will force Punk to reevaluate the way he treats The SES? Maybe he needs them more than he thought?
Predictions: 1 for 2

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz was undoubtedly Match of the Night, and perhaps even a Match of the Year contender? Bryan won the crowd over with his ability, which is always nice to see, and The Miz continued to prove why he is the most improved performer of this generation. Fantastic work here, a red hot crowd, dramatic near falls and brilliant storytelling. This match is what WWE and pro wrestling is all about, and watching Miz tap out to the LeBell Lock was just so satisfying. Miz can now move up to the main event scene, where he belongs, and Daniel Bryan is officially a WWE Superstar. I don't know if you get a bigger ringing endorsement than winning the US Title in your first singles PPV match, and forcing the next big thing to tap out. Loved this match.
Predictions: 2 for 3

I had hope for Michelle McCool vs. Melina thanks to their enjoyable match at last year's Night of Champions, and they even referenced it with McCool going for a baseball slide during Melina's entrance, but much like McCool's attempt this year, this match failed. It was better than most Divas matches, but that's like being the best tasting mustard, even if it's good, it's still terrible. Yeah, that's right, mustard is disgusting. McCool won, which wasn't surprising, but I'm surprised/disappointed that WWE has officially named the unified title the Diva's Championship. I get it, it's all branding, but the Lisa Frank Championship is the ugliest and most insulting championship belt I've ever seen. Might as well put rainbows and unicorns on it, and maybe Michelle McCool can use the back of it to write down which boys are the cutest.
Predictions: 3 for 4

Kane vs. The Undertaker was "bowling shoe ugly," as JR would say. I thought it was a good idea to have Taker go after Kane during his entrance, don't even worry about making this one a wrestling match, just have them beat the hell out of each other. We got that for quite awhile, but once the match eventually got in the ring, it lost its appeal. At least we got a definitive ending instead of a no contest or some other shenanigans, but it's safe to say they held back for the eventual blow off at Hell in a Cell. A rare pinfall loss for The Undertaker and Kane's Tombstone was pretty gross too.
Predictions: 4 for 5

The Hart Dynasty defended the Tag Titles next in a Tag Team Turmoil match, and were the first team eliminated, by The Usos no less! Awful match that really exposed how much momentum the tag belts have lost in the last few months, but at least they gave the belts to Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes, who deserved the win after their amazing match with the Harts on Friday. Like I mentioned in my Night of Champions preview, sometimes you just gotta push the reset button, and I think The Harts will be better off if they're in the position of chasing the Tag Titles, rather than defending them.
Predictions: 5 for 6

Main Event Time! Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship with Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Wade Barrett and I knew things were going to get ugly when Chris Jericho was eliminated within the first two minutes after getting hit with an RKO. Also, if the rumors are true, this will be Jericho's last appearance in WWE for the foreseeable future, which is a huge bummer. The dude's becoming this generation's Roddy Piper! Edge was out next, which isn't surprising considering he's done little of note in the last nine months, but the big shock was John Cena being the third man eliminated thanks to Wade Barrett (and a little help from Nexus).

Up to this point, the match wasn't anything to write home about, typical WWE multi-man fare with two guys in the ring and everyone else laying outside the ring like they'd been bashed over the head with a shovel. Things turned around after Cena's elimination though, the pace picked up considerably, as did the crowd, but unfortunately it was because Wade Barrett got hit with an RKO, leaving us with Orton and Sheamus. Tragically, Sheamus couldn't connect with the high cross, and took the fifth RKO of the evening, allowing Randy Orton to win his *gag* seventh World Championship.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, and yes, it makes sense, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. For all the bitching and moaning smarks have done about Cena being Superman over the last few years, I expect each and every one of you to turn on Randy Orton any minute now. The RKO has been put over as more devastating than a gunshot wound, he beat Cena (and the entire Raw roster) on Monday, and now won a Six Pack Challenge without even breaking a sweat. WWE's certainly striking while the iron is hot, unfortunately, that iron is striking directly across my face.
Predictions: 5 for 7

A great first half, a second half that got worse as the night went on, and an ending that made Razor cry combined for a solid, but not spectacular PPV. Better than last year's Night of Champions, but I still think this PPV concept could have a much bigger feel to it. Probably doesn't help when the Hell in a Cell PPV is, for some reason, just two weeks away, and I'm sure that'll be treated like a much bigger deal, even though last year's was my pick for worst PPV of 2009. Tonight was definitely a letdown though after a stellar week of WWE programming, but thanks to the hot opener and the amazing US Title match, there was fun to be had. I don't grade shows on a number scale, but the final grade for Night of Champions 2010: United States Champion.

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  1. PPV of the year so far, even with the dragged-out second half. Miz/Bryan was match of the night BY FAR, and I daresay that was Miz's best match to date. If WWE does another "best PPV matches" DVD/BluRay set next year, that match is a lock for it. And I'd put it up as a Match of the Year contender, too.

    Oh, and one more thing: Sheamus should have won that match. He needed the win more than Orton, and it could have set up a brutal Sheamus/Orton HIAC match that Orton could have won to REALLY cement his new "psycho face" status.

  2. PPV of the Year? That's a pretty big endorsement, even for a year of less than fantastic PPVs. I preferred Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania, Extreme Rules, Fatal 4-Way and maybe even Money in the Bank more than this show.

    But yeah, I do think this was Miz's best match ever, and definitely Match of the Month so far.

  3. You don't like Randy Orton Razor? I would never have thought! ;)

    I think the PPV was great with the exception of Taker V Kane which I felt dragged.

    The Miz is now an accomplished technical wrestler. He is the total package. The voice, the look and the in-ring skills. Very impressed.

    I guess orton going over is just sensible. He's crazy popular right now, and if u noticed how the intro to the match and the trajectory was booked ... CENA ... was made to look like just anyone ...on a par with Barrett... and ... edge is probably edging his way out of the title scene ... and as for jericho ....

    well, when I was booking my (and wifey's) tickets to go see Paul Gilbert here in Belfast in NoVember ... I noticed that Fozzy are on a European tour . . . .

    so I am guessing that jericho is out for a while! lol

    anyway, i must sleep ... i am supposed to be attending a wedding very early tomorrow and it's 5:30am now :( ... just good they aren't close friends ;)

  4. I just got back and I must say I really enjoyed the PPV and had a blast. It was my first live event in nearly a decade. Miz/Bryan was the best match of the night. Obviously being there live makes the most cliche things enjoyable, the crowd had a blast during the main event. I can't believe how over Orton is. It was cool seeing the Undertaker still, last time I seen him he was riding a motorcycle to the ring. I was in awe watching a man who I watched since his SvS debut when I was 6 years old. Not to mention Kane has been around since middle school for me. I used the Diva's match as my restroom food break and I thought every match was fun to watch.
    The dark match was Ted vs. Morrison with Ted debuting new music, nice fun match, routine with JoMo winning. Typical Raw match really. CM Punk loves Chicago and Chicago loves him back despite what he said to us, haha. I can't say how I would of thought of the event if I watched it on TV, but I had fun.

  5. DiBiase has new music? That's good news.

    Glad you had fun, Dale! I think this show would've been a great first live show to break your decade-long dry spell.

  6. I haven't seen it yet, but I got my cousin to SMS me the results.
    Here's what I was thinking while I was supposed to be meditating on my life:
    5. RANDY ORTON?!!!! WTF!

    ....yeah... going to watch it on youtube now! :)