Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poll: Unifying the titles

There's a lot of talk going around the dirtsheet world that WWE will unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships, and if they're to be believed, it won't happen any later than WrestleMania 27. My question to you is, should they? Vote in the poll to the right of your screen and leave your thoughts about in the comments section!

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  1. Like you've said, with the amount of talent they have it would be dumb to unify the titles just because it would push everyone down the ladder that much further.

  2. If anything, they should bring back the Cruiserweight title.

  3. No. The talent pool is way too large for only two men's singles belts. With the split rosters per show, they need the titles as is, or there won't be enough diversity. They do, however, need wider feud berths. Get more talent involved!