Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NXT Season 3: now with more sexism!

To be fair to WWE, I don't think it's pure sexism that NXT Season 3 sucks, because the two male-dominated seasons mostly sucked too, but if there was every any doubt in your mind women's wrestling is a joke in WWE, I'm sure it was erased last night. I complain about women's wrestling quite often, and my intent is never to disrespect the performers themselves, but whoever is behind the scenes putting this garbage on television.

I was hopeful for NXT Season 3 when it was announced that it would be all Divas, maybe WWE was ready to bring up a new batch of women and let them actually wrestle instead of being eye candy. Sadly, I was wrong, the first 30 minutes of last night show didn't see an ounce of wrestling, but hey, we did get a dance contest! You know those segments on Raw that are awful and end with Michael Cole laughing and quickly trying to move the show along because everyone knew it sucked? Yeah, it looks like they're going for a full season of that. Now, it looks like some of these women, Naomi in particular, could really wind up making a splash in WWE, but look at the current situation, there's nothing waiting for her or any of them on the main roster.

We're a long way away from the days of Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria, Jazz and Molly Holly tearing it up on a weekly basis, and even the best of the current bunch of Divas are being dragged down by a division without a direction. I have no doubt in my mind that many of these women could see a dramatic improvement if they were given the chance like Trish Stratus was, but instead WWE is content with sending them to the ring for a 90 second train wreck while talented athletes like Natalya sit on the sidelines.

NXT Season 3 should have been refreshing, a chance for them to push the reset button on a division that's become painful to watch, but instead it looks like they're more interested in recreating the Divas Search, but this time with women who have some semblance of athletic ability. Sure, it gets these women more exposure than if they just showed up on Raw or Smackdown one day, but you don't need a show full of pointless dance-offs and flag capturing competitions to do that. Why can't a debuting Diva get a series of vignettes like Alberto Del Rio? Why not put a focus on female wrestlers instead of some hot blonde from Playboy's Cyber Club and... TWINS?! If they did that, maybe the best "Diva" wrestlers wouldn't be ex-NBA cheerleaders, and maybe the crowd would have a reason to get on their feet for the Divas besides going to get a beer.


  1. I'm interested in seeing what Ray at Wrestlegasm is going to make of this.

  2. Aksana ftw! "Let me entertainment a-you!"