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Guest Post - ROH Glory By Honor IX

The following is a Guest Post written by friend of the site, Trey Irby, who wanted to share his thoughts on Ring of Honor's latest PPV.

And we are LIVE from the Manhattan Center!

Kenny King takes on JAY BRISCOE. Kenny is the perfect opening contest. King is such a star, and I’m just so impressed by his efforts at good in-ring consistency, although, weirdly, I don’t see him as a World champ yet. Kevin Kelly compares Kenny King to DEION SANDERS. Nice to see Kevin back and he isn’t pulling these comparisons out of his ass. The crowd chants “SHE’S GOT HERPES” at Kenny King’s lady friend. Stay classy, Manhattan Center crowd. (A “YOU KILLED KENNY!” chant coming after a headdrop was funnier, admittedly.) Rhett Titus stands outside! Them heels! And Kenny beats Jay Briscoe with the ROYAL FLUSH! The match feels short, but it totally works as an opener.

This immediately leads to MARK BRISCOE vs. Rhett Titus, after some 2-on-1 shenanigans and Mark being a great babyface. This isn’t as good, but I’m not sure why. I mean, the work is fine, but it feels like the same match done again, maybe? Titus has become a shockingly solid talent, though. He’s not just a silly gimmick, but he’s got some skills. I still don’t know what King’s woman is doing. She isn’t really managing? That is, until a fun Mark Briscoe spot diving outside the ring! And an awesome top rope swinging neckbreaker by Mark (which shuts up some random “YOU FUCKED UP” chant). The ending’s made this match for sure. Titus takes a litany of spots. Mark wins off of a Burning Hammer.

Grizzly Redwood promo video, he’s got some help from BALLS MAHONEY. Mahoney notes that “Florida’s not worth a crap.” Nana retorts that “the Embassy is all about big balls!” This is a little immature, but leads to our Erick Stevens and Necro Butcher (who is a heel now?!?) vs. Grizzly and Mahoney. Mahoney’s using that name and the AC/DC song and has a chair with ECW on it. Balls Mahoney takes a beer cup and throws it at Erick Stevens. Necro looks 72 years old. Think the announcers missed the bell ringing. Grizzly’s running with the Zack Gowen “super underdog” gimmick, which kind of doesn’t work for him. Grizzly’s sleeper wraparound is a great spot, though. Also, fine work all around. There’s been a lot of finishes that feel like they ended right around where they should, too.

Some miscues so far, we aren’t seeing the hype package when cued. However, the connection’s been flawless all night. This double chain match “has the potential to be a bloody war.” Steve Corino and Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana and El Generico. The mics are dead (or low in the mix) for the announcers right now, it appears. Pulling on chains and so on. Steen’s bloodied about five minutes in. Generico’s hands covered with Steen’s blood are a great image, though. Corino’s bloodied, too, maybe a minute later. This isn’t really my type of match at all, just a lot of general busted open violence. But it is intense.

And again, the match is getting more exciting towards the climax for sure. Steen dementedly smiles as Generico flies through a table, also a great image. Colby Corino, Steve’s son, cuts Generico’s chain which leads to the guys chaining Cabana. A rather sickening “KILL THE KID” chant starts here. And my stream cuts out for some reason here. Mauro Ranallo had the same problem, too, so it seems to be a GoFight issue. When we come back, the faces have an advantages and Corino taps to Colt Cabana’s billy goat’s curse! The non Kevin Kelly guy says, “KEVIN STEEN WILL NOT DIE!” Steen unmasks Generico! Cabana wraps Generico in a towel and runs. Great closing spot. So, Steen has this T-shirt of Generico’s head on a chair. So he puts Generico’s mask on a chair and uses Corino’s blood as the blood of the chair image. I love this feud, I think.

We get a nice vid of Jim Cornette talking to Davey Richards, referring to Davey’s rumored retirement. This is actually a great MMA-style interview. I think Davey’s a tweener face type now, since this is rather sympathetic storytime stuff, but it’s crushing and real. Too bad this probably is the beginning of the end for Davey’s wrestling career, because this would’ve put him huge over in a WWE setting. “You didn’t choose to be a wrestler, it chose you.” Davey hesitates as he says “I’m not going anywhere.” Goddamn, give this man the belt. Right now. Jim Cornette is awesome at the Joe Rogan role of “just let the guy talk” hype guy, too. This sets up a fun resting intermission, which I want on PPVs.

We begin part two with a World Television title match, Shawn Daivari vs. Eddie Edwards. My net’s been having some trouble here, but from what I’ve gathered, the two are doing some cool spots. I think there was another GFL outage here as well. Edward Edwards wins.

Next is an Austin Aries vs. Christopher Daniels match, which would’ve been the perfect 2005-2008 ROH main event. It’s the wrestling equivalent of Mir vs. Cro Cop! Austin gets to cut a cool ass promo. Aries compares his A-Double initials to Chris Daniels’ initials, saying he’s “obsolete like a CD!” But then Aries plays face and tells Daniels that they should steal the show. And they do some cool shit! I was a bit distracted by college football at this point, but this has been the peak of the show so far, since it’s a conceivable nearfall fest. Angel’s Wings and Daniels wins. I…I don’t know, I feel again that the work is great, but it’s nothing compared to the fun of what is next!

I spent $15 on this pay-per-view entirely based on the ROH Tag Team title match, The Kings of Wrestling vs. Haas and Benjamin. The crowd was awesome here with a wonderful “LET’S GO SHELTON” chant. This is totally the reactions I wish WGTT got in WWE. And Shelton is on fire here! Charlie Haas even gets some shocking heat for some great antics. (There was a “Haas!” chant.) The Manhattan Center is loving the hell out of this and this is worthy of match of the night solely on how the crowd’s responded to it. Yet another dueling chant and a kind of annoying “wrestling’s never been a dirty word in ROH” comment by Kelly but man, these teams are going all out. Haas also is oily and jacked and shaved. He looks closer to the insane guy he was around 2002 than the jobber of 2009. And Shelton did his jumping spot suplex deal. Kings retain by cheating, but man, Haas and Benjamin didn’t lose it at all, amazing chemistry still. Crowd chants “WORLD’S GREATEST TAG TEAM!” and “PLEASE COME BACK!” and it is deserved.

I’m not going to lie, I’m not looking forward to the main event, Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong. In fact, it’s probably troubling that I’m more looking forward to Jim Cornette as color commentator here. Also, two pseudo heels doesn’t work out so well. Not bad, but after the tag match, this show had peaked big.

That said, I enjoyed the hell out of this show. It doesn’t seem as strong, but there was a good traditional wrestling flow to it and the tag match and Davey promo is worth $15.

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  1. Sorry I'm a bit late here, but I enjoyed reading this perspective on the current goings-on in the world of Ring of Honor. I have dipped in and out of ROH for a few years now, but I've only been watching the occasional show or match. With Tyler Black now making his way to WWE, and with Haas and Benjamin dropping in for what I believe was promoted as a one-time appearance, who do you think could be the next star to be scouted out by WWE or TNA, or, alternatively, do you think that there are any underutilised stars on the current WWE roster who have not competed in ROH before who could put on some decent matches on a card such as this if they were released?