Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Five Count: Favorite Championship Belts

With Night of Champions just a couple days ago, it got me thinking about my favorite championship belts throughout wrestling history. Here are my top five favorite title designs (not championships, just the design):

5. ECW Championship
ECW 2008 Version 3D Heavyweight Adult Size Replica BELT
WWE's first foray into experiencing with something other than traditional gold was with the redesign of the ECW Championship, originally made for Mark Henry in 2008. I think a lot of people were initially turned off by the design, and it admittedly was too big for most of the people who held it, but I thought it looked really cool and really set ECW apart from the more traditional sides of WWE. I miss this belt almost as much as I miss ECW every Tuesday night.

4. WWE Undisputed Championship
WWE UNDISPUTED World Heavyweight DELUXE Replica BELT

While it was originally given to Triple H by Ric Flair after WrestleMania 18, I look at this belt and think about Eddie Guerrero, and that makes me smile.  Also, it was notably the last design for the WWE Championship before everyone's favorite, the Spinner belt, came along.  I like this design though and wouldn't be opposed to WWE going back to it when they drop the current design, but that won't happen until you stop buying the spinner replica!

3. The Smoking Skull 

The only custom belt you'll see on this list, this title was created for Stone Cold during the height of the Attitude Era, and just looks bad ass.  For one, there's a skull on it, which if Affliction has taught me anything, means you're automatically tough if you're wearing something with skulls on it.  Two, the side plates are police shields, why?  Because Sheriff Austin will kick your ass, that's why.

2. Intercontinental Title
WWF Classic Intercontinental Adult Size Replica Belt with Black Strap

Not the current design, the classic design.  The title worn by the likes of Mr. Perfect, "Ravishing" Rick Rude, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon and briefly glanced at by Dean Douglas.  This was the design when the belt was in its prime and was very much the "workhorse" championship.  While guys like Hogan had the drama in the main event, this Intercontinental Title put the emphasis on "sports" in "sports entertainment."

1. WWF Championship: The Winged Eagle
WWE Deluxe Winged Eagle Heavyweight Championship Adult Size Replica Belt

Class. Pure class.  Never in the history of WWE, or pro wrestling in general, has there been a more gorgeous belt than this one.  Simple, elegant, and worn by the likes of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior (with colored straps!), Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels.  I was sad when they retired this design and if any classic belt should come back, it's this one.

I know I left off some favorites like Big Gold, the bizarre, but unique AWA Title and the WCW United States Championship, so leave a comment and tell me your favorite belts!


  1. I like all the belts you listed, so I'll talk about one of your honorable mentions. The Big Gold one. It just looks like it has prestige to it. And I like that it was used in WCW. I always thought it looked better because of the size. When it's worn around the waiste of the champ it really makes them look like a champion. The spinner title may hold the lineage of the WWE, which makes it the more important title. But fact is I can't see someone like the Undertaker or Kane wearing that title. I even thought HHH looked silly in it. Not saying the belt looks particularly bad, but it doesn't fit on some people. I always liked the Intercontinental too, any form of it.

  2. Can't believe I forgot to put the Million Dollar Title on this.

  3. regarding the IC and WWF world titles (those i grew up watching) ... i still wish they were currency and it makes me sad that they're not :(

    The big gold belt ... vs the WWF title ... well ... it's like an old jazz guitar vs a gibson Les Paul!

    all the prestige less the cumbersomeness :D still, all the awesomeness :D

  4. Even though it never made it on TV, I had seen some pictures of The Rocks "Brahma Bull" custom belt and thought it looked pretty sweet

  5. I've always heard rumors about Rock's custom belt, is it true that it never made it to TV because it got lost in the mail and then they just never used it?