Sunday, August 22, 2010

WWE Smackdown Thoughts - August 20, 2010


Smackdown begins with Rey Mysterio in an "aw, shucks" role; he didn't win the World Title at SummerSlam, but at least we got to the bottom of The Undertaker/Kane saga. Rey didn't really have much to say before he was interrupted by Alberto del Rio The overhyped Superstar's vignettes simply did not do the guy justice, his first two minutes in the ring with Rey were better than any of those yawn-inducing hype videos. Also, I heard from the dirtsheets (lol) that Del Rio was really upset about having to remove his mask (he competed in Mexico as Dos Caras Jr.), but it was undoubtedly the right call for WWE to make. The guy's face is just begging to be punched, and I can't see a masked wrestler getting this kind of instant heat in WWE, but more on that later.

Our opening contest was the match we should've got at SummerSlam, but had ruined by Nexus, Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. Match started oddly with Matt Striker ranting on internet critics on "message boards," sounds like he was addressing criticisms from people complaining that Striker was cheering for Team WWE at SummerSlam even though he's a heel. If that's the case, I didn't really see anything like that (though it wouldn't surprise me, smarks always have something to whine about), if people on the internet "in the sweatpants in mom's basement" need to just "go away," why even bother acknowledging them on the air? It's a double-edged sword because I've said numerous times that over-analytical, pedantic, whiny smarks are the reason why WWE doesn't listen to the internet, but if they don't listen ot the internet, why do they constantly have to drudge out the "fat losers in their mom's basement" cliché? Sigh.

Anyway, the actual match, it definitely didn't come close to the groundwork they were laying at SummerSlam before they were interrupted by Nexus. Not much to this one before Vickie Guerrero shoved Kofi off the top rope, causing a blatant disqualification and allowing Dolph Ziggler to retain the IC Title. Ziggler's beat down after the match also adds more fuel to this growing feud, but if it doesn't end with Vickie in a shark cage at Night of Champions, I'm gonna be pissed.

Luke Gallows & Serena vs. Big Show & Kelly Kelly was up next and CM Punk told them before the match that if they lost, they'd suffer a similar fate as Darren Young on Monday, they'd be kicked out of the group. I was very excited to see Serena wrestle, who was pretty impressive here and picked up the win for The SES.

Kane was out next for his explanation, and while I really, really, really hate the idea that this whole ordeal was part of a "15-year plan" to take out The Undertaker, you can't deny how fantastic this promo was. "It's all part of the plan" is an absurd twist for a character that's been nothing but absurd twists, but Kane really sold it here and made me wonder where the hell this guy has been for the last seven years.

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre in another rematch, this time with "DASHING" Cody Rhodes on commentary. I'm honestly not sure where this stuff is going, it feels like when I used to play wrestling sims like EWR and couldn't figure out anything to do with certain guys, and just had them wrestle some combination of each other every week. I really don't feel like any of the four guys involved in this mini feud have much direction; McIntyre & Rhodes seem to be forming a bit of an alliance, and maybe if WWE remembers that the Tag Titles can be defended on both shows, they can challenge the Hart Dynasty soon, but that's about it. Christian deserves way better than this, I know I say it every week, and at least he won a match this week, but he should at least be involved in the IC Title scene. Oh and by the way, that jumping DDT he hit McIntyre with was NASTY! Good match also, which is no surprise considering that Christian was involved. Post-match beat down from McIntyre and Rhodes, with Hardy trying to make the save (complete with a boot on his injured foot), at least gave this story(?) a bit more life.

The Undertaker is returning to Smackdown next week!

Alberto del Rio's ring entrance is everything that is awesome about pro wrestling. The guy has his own personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, and how the hell do I get that job? The only thing you have to do is announce one guy and you get a WWE paycheck? Sign me up! He drove to the ring in a Rolls Royce (good luck finding one of those when you're in Lexington), and he has the Randy Orton/Christian waterfall fireworks. It's like someone went to Create-an-Entrance in Smackdown vs. Raw and gave him all the coolest parts.

Main Event time! Alberto del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio in what has to be the shocker of the year since he made Mysterio tap out cleanly in the center of the ring. Del Rio's armbar set-up is slick too, the destruction of Mysterio's arm throughout the whole match was rock solid storytelling, and he's at least at an 8 on the Glenn Beck scale of "punch-me-faces." I'm not 100% sold on the guy in the ring since I've never seen his work in Mexico, the match was relatively short and Rey Mysterio is notoriously one of the easiest people in WWE to work with, but I was beyond impressed here and have done a complete 180 on del Rio.

Good Smackdown, lots of wrestling and they made del Rio look like an instant-Superstar despite the boring promos hyping his debut. He looked like he was destined to become Eric Escobar 2.0, instead we have a guy who could feasibly jump straight to the main event scene. WWE's going to have to do something with some of the more meandering storylines and the less-than-ideal roster when they make the jump to Syfy on October 1, but Smackdown is still a hell of a pure wrestling show.

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  1. The idea of two luchadors fighting it out every Friday Night on Smackdown... I love it (and someone with some MMA experience too no less).

  2. "Luke Gallows & Serena vs. Big Show & Serena"

    That will be one hell of an existentialist match! It would seem that one of the serenas had a beautiful makeover before the show :D

  3. Sometimes I drink when I write about the SES, just to piss CM Punk off.

  4. "Sometimes I drink when I write about the SES, just to piss CM Punk off."

    the irish man in me salutes you fella