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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - August 13, 2010

It was the final show before SummerSlam, did WWE finally make it look like a must-buy?

Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler, dressed like they were going to a Hawaiian luau, started things off to celebrate Ziggy's Intercontinental Title win. Dolph talked about how awesome he is, which is amusing since it took him over a year and over a dozen title shots to finally win the championship, but hey, all that matters is the present, right? Kofi Kingston didn't want to hear it though, running down and attacking Dolph with this newfound mean streak of his, only for T-Lo to break things up. The two are scheduled to square off tonight at SummerSlam, but before that, they had to each battle the participants in the World Title Match, Dolph Ziggler would take on Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston would take on Kane.

Where was Tony Chimel?!

Kofi Kingston vs. Kane was our opening contest, and a bit too much of a styles clash for my liking. Kane's capable of having entertaining matches with guys like Kofi, but I just never got into this one. Kofi missing Trouble in Paradise outside the ring and kicking the turnbuckle post set up a nice story for the match though and Kane pretty much had control of the entire contest after that. One nasty looking Tombstone later, the World Champion prevailed.

After the match, Kane cut a promo on Rey Mysterio, talking about stuffing him in a casket at SummerSlam. With all this talk about caskets, I don't know why they didn't just make it a casket match, but perhaps there will be one at ringside and it'll be the vehicle for an Undertaker return?

"Dashing" Cody Rhodes vs. Christian did not make me happy. The two had a good match, but the fact that Christian lost to Cody freaking Rhodes and is absent from a very thin SummerSlam card is infuriating. I liked the consistency of Christian's shoulder still being injured after the attack from Drew McIntyre though, little things like that go a long way in terms of storytelling. And even though I'm still not entirely sold on "DASHING!" Cody Rhodes, the fact that getting punched in the face was the wake up call he needed to turn the tide and win the match was pretty damn funny. It's like he's a Punch-Out!! character.

After the match, Matt Striker said Cody Rhodes was the reason his sister watches Smackdown. Wait, his sister doesn't watch because her brother is on commentary every week? What a shitty sister.

Big Show vs. Local Competitor #1, Local Competitor #2 and Local Competitor #3 in a 3-on-1 handicap match was next. Complete and utter squash, but the highlight of the night was The SES coming out on the ramp and CM Punk wearing a shirt that said "I BROKE BIG SHOW'S HAND." A hilarious homage to Greg "The Hammer" Valentine's "I BROKE WAHOO'S LEG" shirt. I also loved the idea of The SES being a symphony of destruction and the song they play is the shattering of Big Show's bones.

Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre rematch #159 was next, and speaking of guys that aren't on PPV, there's really nothing for Christian, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre or Matt Hardy to do tonight? I know Smackdown's kinda in limbo at the moment, but why not throw them in a Fatal Four Way to determine the #1 contender for the IC Title? Just a thought. These two had a decent little brutal brawl though that looked like it was going to end on a count-out when McIntyre stomped the steel stairs with Hardy's ankle wedged underneath, but Hardy got back in the ring, only to eat a Future Shock DDT. Are they going anywhere with either of these guys or are they just going to keep trading wins back and forth?

Next, we all got to be a part of the triumphant return of Jack Swagger, who got all that dirty BP oil off him. When he sues, he's going to change British Petroleum to All-American American Oil. Jack's had a rough couple months, and of all people, MVP came out to rub salt in the wounds. MVP references last year's SummerSlam where he beat Swagger, which is kinda like Buster Douglas bragging about that one time he won a fight. Swagger wasn't having any of it though, striking MVP with a mic and apparently starting a match? Swagger had full control of this match until MVP caught a lucky roll-up at the end and actually won a match! There's a first time for everything, I suppose, but at the expense of Jack Swagger? Really? Is it time for the annual "let's pretend like we're going to do something with MVP" push?

Main Event time! Rey Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler in another rematch from last year's SummerSlam. These two have fantastic chemistry, which earned them a spot on my Top 23 Matches in SummerSlam History list, so I was very excited for this match. These two didn't quite have a classic match like that one here, mainly thanks to interference from Kane and his casket, but it was still a solid main event for a show before a PPV. Mysterio picked up a surprise win and fought off Kane after the match and threw him into his own casket!

I really really liked this Smackdown. Pretty much all wrestling and solid hype for both the IC and WH Title matches. While this week's Raw didn't do it for me until the final two minutes, and the SummerSlam card still looks pretty thin, Smackdown actually got me excited for the PPV, simply by being an exciting wrestling show. Here's hoping they can do it again tonight.

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