Monday, August 16, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - August 16, 2010

It's the post-SummerSlam Raw and we are live blogging! Refresh your page for ongoing coverage of tonight's show!

As I mentioned in Superstar Wars, Nexus losing at SummerSlam was likely just the beginning, and Wade Barrett confirmed it. Everyone was so worried about what would happen if they win, they didn't consider what would happen if they lost, and thus, the Empire prepares to Strike Back. John Cena disagrees though, and brought up the fact that Daniel Bryan eliminated half The Nexus by himself (how's that for a rub?), and said it proved that they're not indestructible after all. Cena trash talks each Nexus member individually - including calling Heath Slater the Wendy's Girl and Darren Young the weakest link - and he definitely channeled his inner Rock here, totally burying the guys on the mic, but gets a free pass because he was pretty damn funny. But wait, COLE'S GOT MAIL!

The G?M chimes in, giving Nexus a chance for redemption in a series of matches against members of Team WWE. Wade Barrett ups the stakes though and says if anyone loses their match tonight, they'll be kicked out of Nexus. Despite a little tension within the group, Barrett promises that Nexus will be stronger than ever by the end of the night. "We've only just begun... to live! White lace and promises!"

The Nexus has their choice of of who faces who tonight... except Wade Barrett, he's in action first tonight against his NXT Pro, Chris Jericho! I'm all for this match, especially considering the fact that Jericho is working as Y2J here, even busting out his springboard dropkick. Consider this match the Battle of Hoth, because Wade Barrett has Team WWE playing catch-up now, scoring a huge (clean) win over the best in the world. Fun opening match that puts Nexus right back in the game.

Guest Hosts (hey, remember those?) are here tonight! SNL's Jason Sudeikis, It's Always Sunny's Charlie Day and Justin Long from those annoying Mac commercials, who are in some movie I already forgot the name of. They make some jokes about the NBA and pander a bit to Lakers fans, but what about The Clippers?! They play in the Staples Center too! Short little segment for these guys, who introduce The Hart Dynasty (hey, remember them?)

The G?M chimes in to announce that the Unified Tag Team Titles are now officially known as the WWE Tag Team Titles and here to present the Harts with brand new belts is Bret "The Hitman" Hart, and they look pretty damn slick. Unlike anything I've seen from WWE since the really, really old school Intercontinental Title. The plates are round and look like their made of copper and bronze, I dig 'em.

Michael Tarver vs. Daniel Bryan up next and Michael Cole is already ruining this match with his illogical, over the top commentary. Not sure how I feel about this match though, because I don't like Michael Tarver's chances against the Dragon... but then again, Michael Tarver's true form is an actual dragon, so maybe he'll surprise. And hey, thanks to a distraction from The Miz & Alex Riley, Tarver survives to devour your soul another day! Miz, Riley and Tarver go to town on on Bryan after the match too, nailing him with a Skullcrushing Finale on the MITB briefcase outside the ring. NASTY! Oh yeah, Bryan is totally winning the US Title at Night of Champions.

More awesomeness from The Miz & Alex Riley backstage, adding insult to Daniel Bryan's injury.

Our next Nexus match is Justin Gabriel vs. Bret Hart? That's certainly a match-up I never thought I'd see when NXT started. But before the match begins The G?M chimes in to let us know that Bret Hart will not be competing tonight because he hates Bret Hart and doesn't want to see him compete on Raw ever again. Oookay...? Instead, Gabriel's replacement opponent is on his way to the ring and it's... Randy Orton! Are you kidding me!? I was really hoping for Tyson Kidd or Evan Bourne here, imagine if either of those guys got even five minutes with Justin Gabriel? But it's the save of the century when Sheamus makes the save and gets Orton counted out! Justin Gabriel, you're welcome, fella! But if you guessed Justin Gabriel would take an RKO anyway, you'd be right. To be fair, Gabriel earned that one... but then Orton snapped and blasted Sheamus with a chair a dozen times! Jerkface! Oh c'mon, and an RKO for Sheamus too!? What a dick move.

Skip Sheffield & David Otunga vs. R-Truth & John Morrison up next, glad to see they're doing at least one tag match. By the way, how awesome is John Morrison's beard? I assume he's entering the next stage of his Jim Morrison impression? Here's hoping he doesn't whip it out in the middle of the ring though. Easy win for Nexus, the Lizard King gets decapitated by Skip Sheffield's brutal clothesline, but if he's really the second coming of Jim, he didn't feel anything.

I really hate the "Divas walking to the ring" music.

Melina, Eve Torres & Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox, Maryse & Jillian up next, and the best part about the match so far is that Jon Lovitz is at ringside, and that made me think of The Critic. But oh my God, Jillian picked up the victory for her time. That's right, Jillian just pinned someone... this is how thin the Raw Divas roster is, they're resorting to Jillian to be a credible contender for the Divas Title.

Heath Slater cheap shotting Edge backstage is laughable. I'm sorry, whenever Heath Slater talks, I feel like he should be on a park bench with a box of chocolates. That's right, Forrest Gump reference in 2010, I'm hip to what the kids are into.

Joe Manganiello, the good werewolf from True Blood is in the crowd tonight. He would be more believable in this match against Edge than Heath Slater. I really don't get what WWE sees in The One Man Soft Rock Band; he got a win over Jericho on NXT, he cleaned house and hung on forever in the match last night, and now is taking it to Edge, seriously?! And of course, another count-out victory for Nexus. Alright, Heath isn't going anywhere, that's fine, but these finishes are ridiculously contrived. Wouldn't be so bad if SummerSlam wasn't hampered by weak finishes too, but I feel like I'm watching Raw in 1999.

Darren Young vs. John Cena is our main event for the evening, Nexus going for a clean sweep, but c'mon, it's Darren Young against John Cena. All the "black John Cena" jokes in the world couldn't save him here, and Darren Young gets sent packing. Pretty sure Skip Sheffield broke his nose with that nasty clothesline of his, and Nexus has trimmed the fat. Weird ending, quite anticlimactic actually, but the idea that Nexus was finished after last night has obviously been proven wrong. Wouldn't be surprised if this results in some NXT Season 2 Rookies find their way into the mix starting next week. With a double elimination tomorrow night, I can't see Husky Harris hanging on and he would be a fantastic addition to the group. Just a thought.

I liked Raw tonight. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it did what it needed to do to start the second chapter of the Nexus storyline, and I'm intrigued to see where it's going from here. Also, Daniel Bryan looks like he's about to enter a US Title feud with The Miz, so you can't complain there. It was a tad underwhelming, but I give this show a solid thumbs up.

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  1. These guest hosts ... should they mean anything to anyone outside of USA?

    I thought we were done with guest hosts anyway, I hate them!

  2. Hey he was in "ACCEPTED" so cut him some

  3. Jason Sudeikis is on Saturday Night Live
    Charlie Day is from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Justin Long's been in every early-20s comedy in the last five years. Usually he's in romantic comedies that are disguised as guy movies.

  4. What's that?

  5. Oh , that's Razor for being the cultural ambassador :) I appreciate it!

  6. I was pretty much pleased with the show, as it was clearly used to continue the Nexus storyline and sets up some matches at Night of Champions.

    As I hinted to in my blog, I still wonder if the fact that they didn't rip the wrist band off Young is any indication that he isn't totally out of Nexus or is just something that no one picked up on while doing the segment.

  7. I kinda hated Cena's promo at the top of the show, man. The Wendy's thing had me crack a smile, but the rest just fell so incredibly flat. Ha ha ha! Justin Gabriel is gay! ho ho ho! augh.

  8. Yeah, I forgot to mention the gay joke... that's scraping the bottom of the humor barrel. Even if I may have made a similar joke in Donators earlier today. >_>

  9. Erm.. has everybody forgot Justin Long is in Die Hard 4?

  10. John Cena made a gay joke? It must have been one of the many references I didn't get.

  11. Oh yeah, I forgot about Justin Long in Die Hard 4, which I actually liked, but how do you go from a sidekick like Samuel L. Jackson to Justin Long?!

  12. Everyone else who was in Galaxy Quest > Justin Long.

    Though, I did like his character in Zack and Miri.