Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Champion of Champions - The Finals!

Let's take a look at the results from the Final Figure 4:

Shawn Michaels (52%) d. The Undertaker (48%)
Steve Austin (69%) d. Triple H (31%)

So that leaves us with Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin in the Finals. An interesting match-up, Shawn Michaels' career was ending just as Austin's main event run was beginning, then Michaels' career began again just as Steve Austin's career was ending. They battled many times throughout the mid-90s and then Austin took the reins from Michaels at WrestleMania 14 in what would be HBK's last match for over four years.

Austin took WWE to brand new heights as WWE Champion, and Shawn Michaels resumé of matches speaks for itself, but who is the Champion of Champions?

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