Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Champion of Champions - Final Figure 4

We're down to our last four WWE Champions, let's see how we got to this point:

Undertaker (63%) d. Chris Jericho (37%)
Shawn Michaels (71%) d. The Rock (29%)
Triple H (67%) d. Eddie Guerrero (33%)
Steve Austin (70%) d. John Cena (30%)

More decisive wins there, a bit surprised that Cena did that well against Stone Cold, but I think a good argument could be made for Cena there. Austin is my pick for greatest Superstar of all-time, but he was arguably better when he was chasing the title rather than holding it. Cena has also been a WWE/World Champion for double the amount of time as SCSA as well. While I voted for Austin, it's definitely food for thought. Here's what the bracket looks like as we near the final stretch:

We're now down to the Final Figure Four, here are the matches you'll be voting on this round:

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels
A WrestleMania rematch, your chance to tell the world once and for all who is better. HBK was The Undertaker's kryptonite in the late 90s, but he could never beat the Dead Man when he returned from his four-year hiatus. The Undertaker ended Shawn Michaels' storied career, but was Shawn Michaels the superior WWE Champion?

Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
These two were no strangers to each other in the ring, two of the top stars of the Attitude Era and unquestionably two of the best champions to ever wear the title. Triple H has 14 reigns as WWE or World Heavyweight Champion, but Steve Austin is arguably the greatest of all-time, so who prevails here?

Will keep the voting open for a week, but as usual, I will end things early if there's a blowout. Get your votes in quick though, these matches determine the final!

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  1. At this point I'm voting for Not Shawn Michaels just out of spite.

  2. The fact that Hogan didn't make the Final Four either or on EWB is just silly.