Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kaval wins NXT Season 2!

I'm not going to review the full show tonight, mainly because after last night's terrible Raw, my brain can't possibly handle trying to write about whatever that abomination at the end was, but I do want to talk about Kaval.

Kaval, or Low-Ki for those of you who just can't let it go, won the second season of NXT tonight, and while I never saw what the big deal was about the guy, I definitely stand corrected. Over the last few weeks, Kaval has shed the "I'M MR. GRUMPYPANTS!" shtick and showed us a side of himself that I've never seen before. The guy looked like he was having a blast every time he was at ringside, his promos were fun and he actually captured my attention, which is a rare feat for anything on NXT. Could it possibly be that Kaval... has a personality?! Who knew?

I think some, if not most of the credit has to go to LayCool. Can't believe I just typed that sentence, but despite the fact that they annoy the ever-loving shit out of me on Smackdown, their interactions with Kaval have been funny. All they way from his mopey "Property of LayCool" beginnings to picking them both up and carrying them around the ring tonight, the chemistry between these three is undeniable. Add The Undertaker into the mix and you have the creepiest double date ever.

Kaval turned me into a believer and I can't wait to see where he goes in WWE and who he'll cash in his PPV title match on.

As for NXT, it looks like we're getting a shortened all-Diva season beginning next week and concluding when Smackdown moves to Syfy in October. I'm certainly intrigued, even though I'm incredibly jaded when it comes to WWE's usage of female athletes, but there's one thing that has me excited for NXT Season 3: Aloisia! She's damn near seven-feet tall, how could you not want to watch?

The Champion of Champions is...

No surprise, and the poll results have been on the side of the page for over a week now, but the Champion of Champions is...


While we could debate all day if Stone Cold is the greatest WWE Champion of all-time, personally I thought he was always better when he was chasing the title, there's little argument against the fact that he is the greatest WWE Superstar in history.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the tournament!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - August 30, 2010 -- 900 Episodes!

It's Raw's "Record-Breaking 900th Episode" and we are live blogging. Refresh your page with ongoing coverage of tonight's (hopefully) big show!

And what better way to start off the 900th Raw than with a guy who was around for the very first, Bret "The Hitman" Hart! There's only one guy left in WWE that's been around that long, and that's The Undertaker... which cues the World Heavyweight Champion, Kane! Here's how long Raw's been on the air, when the show started, we hadn't even seen Isaac Yankem yet. Kane says The Undertaker took out an icon at WrestleMania, so he needs to take out an icon tonight; The Hart Dynasty tries to save Bret, but are quickly swatted away. Just as Kane had his throat around Bret's throat... GONG! The Undertaker is here! Kane runs off, but The G?M chimes in to make a historic main event for this historic show - The Undertaker vs. Bret Hart?? Well, how are they going to get themselves out of this one?

Clips from the first Raw featuring a Max Moon sighting! That's like seeing a white Bengal tiger in the wild.

Our first match tonight is a triple threat tag team match, which is weird enough, but the teams are Kofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty vs. The Miz & Alex Riley vs. Kaval & Daniel Bryan?! That collective "BOING!" sound you just heard comes from smarks around the world. Fun little match, Miz picks up the win for his team after nailing Kaval with the Skullcrushing Finale, and then clocks Daniel Bryan after the match with his heavily dented MITB briefcase. Would've liked to see this one go a little longer, but it was worth it for the WTF? factor alone.

Jerry Lawler just hyped the main event of Nexus vs. Team WWE by asking "what happens when a tornado meets a volcano?" Well Jerry, I think Rihanna gets set on fire and Charlie from Lost beats up Megan Fox, but that's just my own personal experience.

LayCool vs. Melina & Eve up next, and the match was over by the time I wrote that. But watch out, it's not over yet, Michelle McCool has a microphone. Oh no! At Night of Champions, it's one member of LayCool vs. Melina to unify the Divas and Womens Titles. Finally WWE has learned that it's pointless to have two belts when only a handful of women on the roster are actually watchable in the ring.

Flashback to last year's Price Is Raw, which was obviously the best use of the Guest Host gimmick throughout its entire existence.

Backstage Chris Jericho vows to leave WWE if he doesn't win the WWE Title at Night of Champions. Looks like Chris is taking time off again! He's this generation's Roddy Piper!

#1 contenders match for the WWE Tag Team Titles next, John Morrison & R-Truth vs. "DASHING" Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre. And hey, a double-DQ finish, why not? Lame, I was hoping for Morrison to turn heel and for DASHING & Drew to go after the tag titles.

Bret Hart vs. The Undertaker in the 10pm main event... this should be interesting. Should've guessed Nexus would be involved here, and Wade Barrett wants to make history, and goes right after The Undertaker?! As they say, more guts than brains. But after Barrett is tossed from the ring, the lights go out and Kane is there, but the lights go out again, no Kane, but here comes the rest of Nexus. Well, what's left of Nexus after Skip Sheffield's unfortunate injury. Lights go out AGAIN and Wade Barrett has Undertaker on his shoulders and lays him out! Justin Gabriel adds the exclamation point, and no matter how they did it, Nexus took out The Undertaker. Oh you guys are SO dead.

Hey, Jackie Swaggs is here! Swagger's here to take on this guy you might remember named Evan Bourne, who got a huge win a couple months ago in the main event of Raw and the crowd went bonkers for the guy, then he disappeared and they did nothing with him? Oh and of course, since it's this Raw, we can't have a match go longer than one minute without something goofy happening, Alberto Del Rio is here! I love Alberto as much as the next guy, but come on! Bourne misses the SSP, taps out to the Ankle Lock, then Del Rio picks the scraps to recreate his attack on Rey Mysterio. Mark Henry makes the save for... some reason I guess? Sigh.

As bad as this Raw has gotten, at least it's not a Resident Evil movie.

But hey, CM Punk is here to save the day to tell us that he's better than The Rock and make fun of the Katie Vick storyline! Punk's here to show us some of the most vile segments in Raw history, but considering it's a PG show now, I don't think they can show the most vile acts in Raw's history. But since I'm here to help, here are my Bottom Four:

-1. Katie Vick
-2. Trish Stratus being forced to bark like a dog.
-3. Choppy Choppy Your Pee Pee
-4. "She's got a penis!" Oh Sexual Chocolate, we miss you.

CM Punk's worst moment though was Austin spraying The Corporation with the beer hose and asks the crowd if they'd like to see that happen to him.


Stone Cold's music hits and the crowd EXPLODES, but ah, it's the oldest trick in the book. CM Punk doesn't care that he disappointed you, because you're a stupid drunk and you smell. Punk's favorite clip though comes from Smackdown when Big Show was superplexed by "I don't know who that other guy was," (hilarious) and broke the ring. That's Big Show's cue, and the World's Largest Athlete is wearing the world's largest suit. Punk's Captain Insane-O reference will be the highlight of the show, even though Big Show busted out the "Showster" impression. Funny stuff, and hopefully will get this show back on track.

Triple H's return from 2002 shown... that's gotta be one of the five loudest crowds I've ever heard.

And that's the cue for Sheamus to talk about how he took out The Game forever and now he's got five other guys gunning for "me WWE Title." Lucky Charms joke would be too easy there. Oddly enough, Edge interrupts (remember him?) to list off his accolades (none of which have occurred lately), and talk about how he's going to win the Six Pack Challenge.

Main Event time! A five-on-five elimination match with maybe 15 minutes left in the show, so this should be an interesting clusterfuck. Sheamus, Edge, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton & John Cena vs. Nexus, and I my shenanigan senses are definitely tingling.

Chris Jericho & Michael Tarver start things off, but Jericho obviously wants to keep his soul for the PPV, so he got himself counted out. Edge came in next and shoved Little Naitch for a DQ! And we're already and 5-on-3. To make this even more bizarre, Heath Slater just pinned the WWE Champion and I'm now officially an atheist. And Justin Gabriel just pinned John Cena!? WHAT IS HAPPENING?! After a lot of RKOs, it's down to Barrett and Orton and Wade Barrett gets the win?! Absolutely bizarre.

Well, that sucked. Not the worst Raw this year, but definitely the weirdest. New rule: WWE shouldn't do "specials," because they always disappoint and they always try to cram way too much in. Nexus is down to five members, they needed to do something shocking and add a new member or two to really make an impact, a win here is nice, but doesn't really do anything for anybody. The rest of the show didn't do anything for anyone else either, especially not WWE fans. CM Punk and Big Show were awesome, so make sure you check their segment out on YouTube or WWE.com if you missed the RECORD-BREAKING 900th Episode, but you can definitely skip the rest.


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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - August 27, 2010

It's the better-late-than-never Smackdown review! I gotta be honest, I'm having a hard time caring about the Blue Brand right now. It's not that they're doing anything wrong, in fact they're probably doing the best with what they have, but again, I'm just waiting for the show to move to Syfy on October 1. I don't get MyNetworkTV in HD either, so Smackdown is the last show I still have to watch in SD, and it just looks ugly. So yeah, hopefully WWE injects some life into the brand for the big move, because I'm pretty excited for it.

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio in a no disqualification match was our opening contest, and I assume you've seen these two wrestle at some point in your travels through the WWE Universe? How many more times are we going to see this match? At the very least, they got to use some weapons and fight outside the ring, but they probably should've done that at SummerSlam to make their main event match a little more exciting. Kane chokeslamming Rey onto a chair for the win is the kind of thing that would make for a cool SummerSlam visual, but hey, gotta give those Smackdown crowds something to remember too, right? Not a bad match...

...but it got a lot better after when Alberto Del Rio came to the ring to trash talk and attack Rey Mysterio! This guy is a Triple A a-hole. An AAAshole, if you will.

CM Punk & The SES out next (for Serena's final WWE TV appearance), and the leader of the Straight Edge Society was in singles action for the first time in months against JTG. Great to have Punk back in the ring, it's been far too long, and the criminally (crymynally?) underrated JTG made a great opponent for him. Not only did Punk take JTG out with the Go 2 Sleep, he also brought back the Anaconda Vice and forced the Blingling Brother to tap out! I'm all for bringing the Vice back, I've always been a fan of everyone having an impact and submission finisher. Punk berated The SES after the match, telling them that's how to get the job done.

What the hell was the deal with that obscenely long segment between Teddy Long & Hornswoggle? I would've rather seen a Hawkins & Archer match.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler AGAIN for the Intercontinental Championship, but this time if Dolph got himself disqualified, he'd lose the title. While I'm growing increasingly tired of seeing these two wrestle every single week, I think this may have been their best contest yet. They know each other so well that they traded counter after counter, loads of near falls, and despite the count-out finish, I dug the match. Obviously not the end of this never-ending feud, but if they could give these two a fun gimmick like a cage match, I think we could have something special on our hands.

Jack Swagger vs. MVP was next in a wrestling match. I know that might sound redundant in a wrestling review, but it was supposed to be an actual, collegiate-style wrestling match. MVP got himself disqualified after throwing a punch, but Swagger had the last laugh by putting MVP in the ankle lock. Also, it should be noted that no one cares about MVP anymore, just saying.

Alberto Del Rio was in action against Local Competitor and while it's no surprise who won this one, I have to talk about how awesome Del Rio was again. Sitting the guy on the top rope, smiling, winking and then shoving him to the outside was beautiful. Hilarious stuff.

Big Show w/ Kelly Kelly vs. Luke Gallows w/ Serena (one last time), was our final match of the evening and the World's Largest Athlete made quick work of The SES enforcer. Big Show's punch was so hard, I think Gallows might revert back to Festus.

I watch Smackdown on DVR every week, so I fast-forward through the entrances a lot of the time, but I will never, ever fast-forward through The Undertaker's. Despite the fact that I've been watching him come to the ring for twenty years (I'm old), this entrance never stops being cool. Hell, The Undertaker never stops being cool, and it's great to have him back on WWE TV... even if it does mean we're getting another feud with Kane. Also, this show had the line of the century when Undertaker said that Kane may be the "Devil's Favorite Demon," but the Devil still calls Undertaker "sir!"

Good show. Definitely too much same old, same old going on, but at least they're doing it well. Again, hopefully the move to Syfy will fix that for us.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 43

Kick-Out!! Radio returns... again! This week: Serena’s release, Rene Dupree’s comments on WWE, Daniel Bryan’s return, and why smarks will never be taken seriously by anyone within the industry.

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Hope you enjoy the show, your feedback is always welcome and appreciated in the comments section!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - August 23, 2010

Yep, we're live blogging! Refresh your page for ongoing coverage of tonight's show. Totally forgot this week's Raw was pre-taped (again), but after doing their very first show in China, it makes sense that they'd get the night off.

Sheamus starts things off tonight, luckily he's okay after that brutal, uncalled for assault from Randy Orton last Monday. Sheamus starts the show off by insulting small children in the crowd... well I might as well just stop watching wrestling now because I don't think anything will ever top that. He's equating these spoiled rotten brats to the ultimate spoiled rotten brat, Randy Orton. Truer words were never spoken, fella. The G?M chimes and actually seems to sympathize with Sheamus, giving him a throne to observe a series of matches tonight where HE will get to determine his opponent for Night of Champions. That's pretty cool.

Next week is Raw's 900th episode. Man, I'm old.

The first match in SHEAMUS KOMBAT! is Edge vs. R-Truth, which could be a pretty fun match. Both of these guys are in a pretty weird spot in WWE, Edge is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the company and R-Truth was a rapidly rising star, but neither one of them seem to have any direction right now. Well, Truth's direction is down after taking a NASTY! spill to the outside, missing a plancha and landing directly on his hip. It was pretty much all downhill from there for Truth, Edge caught him with a SPEAR and called it a day. The Rated-R Superstar called Sheamus' throne "stupid," but he's probably just jealous that he didn't get one when he won King of the Ring, he only got a stupid trophy!

"DASHING" Cody Rhodes will be on Syfy's Warehouse 13 tomorrow night, perhaps he'll help the gang find the Triforce.

Chris Jericho vs. The Great Khali are the next battle in SHEAMUS KOMBAT!!! in what has to be one of the strangest match-ups ever. But hey, screw it, this was a perfectly acceptable TV match and Chris Jericho is good enough to actually make a Khali match enjoyable. And he actually won a match with someone tapping out to the Walls of Jericho, which is also a plus.

If M. Night Shyamalan manages to screw up a premise as good as Devil, he shouldn't be allowed in Hollywood ever again. He doesn't get to make movies, watch movies, or think about movies. And no other forms of media either. No video games, no books, and no country music album either.

Melina vs. Jillian for the Diva's Championship up next, which could be an enjoyable women's match by WWE's absurdly low standards these days. Michael Cole comments on Melina's screaming, apparently he's never watched her wrestle before, continuing his downward spiral, but while I'm complaining about him, Melina picks up the win with the Last Call. Short, but solid match. LayCool interrupts Melina's celebration on the TitanTron and announces they'll be at Raw next week with an offer Melina can't refuse... I assume they have their sights set on the Diva's Title?

The Miz is backstage and he felt humiliated by John Cena kicking him out of the group at SummerSlam and even claims Cena's actions cost him the WWE Championship since he was too focused on Team WWE to cash-in his MITB contract on Sheamus. These two battle in the main event tonight!

The Nexus has arrived and The G?M has lifted the ban on them competing for titles has been lifted. Just give them all the titles. Give Wade Barrett the WWE Title, give Otunga & Sheffield the tag belts (yes I'm aware Sheffield is hurt), give Michael Tarver the US Championship (first the US, then the world!) and give Justin Gabriel the Diva's Title. Actually, my buddy MC over at Culture Kills had the great idea of bringing Awesome Kong in as the female member of Nexus. I'd dig it.

Sheamus has been sitting out here all night, what happens if he has to pee?

Apparently The Miz vs. John Cena is not the main event, because it's happening right now! I'm all for these two mixing it up in the ring, they barely scratched the surface last year and Miz has only gotten better with each passing week. Absolutely fantastic match between these two that comes to a screeching halt when Daniel Bryan attacks The Miz from behind and forces him to tap out to the LeBell Lock! It's a double win for me, because Daniel Bryan looks good and it means The Miz won by DQ! Miz - 2, Cena - 0! Seriously though, cannot wait for Bryan to put that US Title around his waist. Also, the First Lady of Kick-Out!! noted that it took five "umpires" to get Bryan off The Miz. She might prefer baseball to wrestling, like a weirdo.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Usos up next, presumably to play up on Santino's flirting with Tamina. Sorry kids, Glamarella > Santamina. And anything > this match.

Ted DiBiase vs. John Morrison vs. Randy Orton in an inexplicable triple threat match is up next and I presume is our "main event" of the evening? I get Morrison vs. Ted, but making it a triple threat with Orton? Probably because no one cares about Morrison or DiBiase, so they need to spice it up with Orton, but it just strikes me as something TNA would do, "meh, just put three guys in a match and call it a day. Who cares? We've been here all night taping shows, I just wanna go home!" Guess what? Randy Orton wins with an RKO... bet you didn't see that coming.

Sheamus has been tinkin' aboat et for awhile and as the Celtic Warrior, he's not going to wait for Night of Champions to defend his title! He's going to defend his title against someone that's never had an opportunity before, ZACK RYDER! BEST. MATCH. EVER. YOU. KNOW. IT. And one Brogue Kick later (literally the only move in the match), this one's over. Good showing, Zack! You came so close, bro! Now that he's defended his title, he claims he doesn't have to defend it again for another "t'irty days." When's the last time WWE referenced a 30-day rule?

But now that the Nexus ban has been lifted, Wade Barrett does have a title shot in the bank from winning NXT and is cashing it in at Night of Champions! But The G?M is adding to the match and is making it a Six-Pack Challenge featuring all the winners of tonight's matches: Chris Jericho, Edge, John Cena and Randy Orton! That's a pretty big match, but can it really be a Six-Pack Challenge without Stone Cold as the guest referee? Show ends with Sheamus feeding Wade Barrett to the wolves and the leader of Nexus finally gets a taste of his own medicine! But then Sheamus gets a Codebreaker, Jericho gets a Spear, Edge gets an Attitude Adjustment and Cena gets an RKO. Randy Orton (again) stands tall... and people complain about Cena being Superman?

Simple, but effective Raw. While these taped shows rarely pack the punch of a live Raw, they're generally loaded with straight-up wrestling matches, so I can't complain about that. Definitely looking forward to next week's 900th episode though, which should (should) be a good time.

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Daniel Bryan Danielson returns

So it's been over a week now, the community has time to let it set in, now I want to know, was Bryan Danielson's release a work? Legit? Something legitimate that became a work? A work that became legit then went back to work again? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

WWE Smackdown Thoughts - August 20, 2010


Smackdown begins with Rey Mysterio in an "aw, shucks" role; he didn't win the World Title at SummerSlam, but at least we got to the bottom of The Undertaker/Kane saga. Rey didn't really have much to say before he was interrupted by Alberto del Rio The overhyped Superstar's vignettes simply did not do the guy justice, his first two minutes in the ring with Rey were better than any of those yawn-inducing hype videos. Also, I heard from the dirtsheets (lol) that Del Rio was really upset about having to remove his mask (he competed in Mexico as Dos Caras Jr.), but it was undoubtedly the right call for WWE to make. The guy's face is just begging to be punched, and I can't see a masked wrestler getting this kind of instant heat in WWE, but more on that later.

Our opening contest was the match we should've got at SummerSlam, but had ruined by Nexus, Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. Match started oddly with Matt Striker ranting on internet critics on "message boards," sounds like he was addressing criticisms from people complaining that Striker was cheering for Team WWE at SummerSlam even though he's a heel. If that's the case, I didn't really see anything like that (though it wouldn't surprise me, smarks always have something to whine about), if people on the internet "in the sweatpants in mom's basement" need to just "go away," why even bother acknowledging them on the air? It's a double-edged sword because I've said numerous times that over-analytical, pedantic, whiny smarks are the reason why WWE doesn't listen to the internet, but if they don't listen ot the internet, why do they constantly have to drudge out the "fat losers in their mom's basement" cliché? Sigh.

Anyway, the actual match, it definitely didn't come close to the groundwork they were laying at SummerSlam before they were interrupted by Nexus. Not much to this one before Vickie Guerrero shoved Kofi off the top rope, causing a blatant disqualification and allowing Dolph Ziggler to retain the IC Title. Ziggler's beat down after the match also adds more fuel to this growing feud, but if it doesn't end with Vickie in a shark cage at Night of Champions, I'm gonna be pissed.

Luke Gallows & Serena vs. Big Show & Kelly Kelly was up next and CM Punk told them before the match that if they lost, they'd suffer a similar fate as Darren Young on Monday, they'd be kicked out of the group. I was very excited to see Serena wrestle, who was pretty impressive here and picked up the win for The SES.

Kane was out next for his explanation, and while I really, really, really hate the idea that this whole ordeal was part of a "15-year plan" to take out The Undertaker, you can't deny how fantastic this promo was. "It's all part of the plan" is an absurd twist for a character that's been nothing but absurd twists, but Kane really sold it here and made me wonder where the hell this guy has been for the last seven years.

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre in another rematch, this time with "DASHING" Cody Rhodes on commentary. I'm honestly not sure where this stuff is going, it feels like when I used to play wrestling sims like EWR and couldn't figure out anything to do with certain guys, and just had them wrestle some combination of each other every week. I really don't feel like any of the four guys involved in this mini feud have much direction; McIntyre & Rhodes seem to be forming a bit of an alliance, and maybe if WWE remembers that the Tag Titles can be defended on both shows, they can challenge the Hart Dynasty soon, but that's about it. Christian deserves way better than this, I know I say it every week, and at least he won a match this week, but he should at least be involved in the IC Title scene. Oh and by the way, that jumping DDT he hit McIntyre with was NASTY! Good match also, which is no surprise considering that Christian was involved. Post-match beat down from McIntyre and Rhodes, with Hardy trying to make the save (complete with a boot on his injured foot), at least gave this story(?) a bit more life.

The Undertaker is returning to Smackdown next week!

Alberto del Rio's ring entrance is everything that is awesome about pro wrestling. The guy has his own personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, and how the hell do I get that job? The only thing you have to do is announce one guy and you get a WWE paycheck? Sign me up! He drove to the ring in a Rolls Royce (good luck finding one of those when you're in Lexington), and he has the Randy Orton/Christian waterfall fireworks. It's like someone went to Create-an-Entrance in Smackdown vs. Raw and gave him all the coolest parts.

Main Event time! Alberto del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio in what has to be the shocker of the year since he made Mysterio tap out cleanly in the center of the ring. Del Rio's armbar set-up is slick too, the destruction of Mysterio's arm throughout the whole match was rock solid storytelling, and he's at least at an 8 on the Glenn Beck scale of "punch-me-faces." I'm not 100% sold on the guy in the ring since I've never seen his work in Mexico, the match was relatively short and Rey Mysterio is notoriously one of the easiest people in WWE to work with, but I was beyond impressed here and have done a complete 180 on del Rio.

Good Smackdown, lots of wrestling and they made del Rio look like an instant-Superstar despite the boring promos hyping his debut. He looked like he was destined to become Eric Escobar 2.0, instead we have a guy who could feasibly jump straight to the main event scene. WWE's going to have to do something with some of the more meandering storylines and the less-than-ideal roster when they make the jump to Syfy on October 1, but Smackdown is still a hell of a pure wrestling show.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Champion of Champions - The Finals!

Let's take a look at the results from the Final Figure 4:

Shawn Michaels (52%) d. The Undertaker (48%)
Steve Austin (69%) d. Triple H (31%)

So that leaves us with Shawn Michaels vs. Steve Austin in the Finals. An interesting match-up, Shawn Michaels' career was ending just as Austin's main event run was beginning, then Michaels' career began again just as Steve Austin's career was ending. They battled many times throughout the mid-90s and then Austin took the reins from Michaels at WrestleMania 14 in what would be HBK's last match for over four years.

Austin took WWE to brand new heights as WWE Champion, and Shawn Michaels resumé of matches speaks for itself, but who is the Champion of Champions?

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