Monday, July 19, 2010

WWE Money in the Bank 2010

The concept of doing an entire Money in the Bank PPV was pretty controversial, some loved the idea, some hated, but tonight we finally got to see how it would play out. Here's our official review of the first ever Money in the Bank!

Smackdown Money in the Bank kicked things off, and I have to admit, reviewing these matches is incredibly difficult. What do I say? "Oh did you see that crazy Boom Drop through the Spanish Announce Table!?" "What about Big Show looking like a beast, dragging in a 350 lbs. UBER LADDER?!" "Or what about the big drama with Christian and Matt Hardy?!" If you saw it, you know it was cool, if you didn't see it, you need to, but short of giving actual play-by-play, I'm not sure what to say. I think it's impossible for these matches to be bad, because even if they turn into the wrestling equivalent of a car wreck, that's kind of the point. The match got my heart racing, there was a point that I thought anyone could have won, and it did exactly what it needed to do, set the tone for the show. I was pissed Christian didn't win, pleased that Drew McIntyre didn't, and flat out confused that Kane did. Kane? Really? I guess it shouldn't have been that surprising since he's been the focal point of Smackdown for two months now, but still, Kane? More on that later.
Predictions: 0 for 1

Alicia Fox vs. Eve for the Diva's Championship was next and I really don't understand the hate that Eve gets. She's a great athlete and straddles the line between Diva and wrestler, she could be a major player in the Diva's division someday. I can't say the same for Alicia Fox, who actually made it through the match tonight, but whenever she was in control, I was bored. And I know this is the world of wrestling where Rey Mysterio can feasibly beat guys twice his size, but for some reason, it doesn't translate to the Divas for me. Eve looks like she could rip Alicia Fox in half and for whatever reason (maybe I'm crazy), it kills my suspension of disbelief. Same thing whenever Beth Phoenix wrestles most of these stick figures, I just don't buy it. Alicia Fox picked up the win, but I just can't care about the Diva's Championship when she's holding it.
Predictions: 1 for 2

Unified Tag Titles were on the line when The Hart Dynasty battled The Uso Bros. and I think I got my wish in this match. In my MITB preview, I mentioned how The Usos have kinda stalled out the momentum of the Tag Titles, and with the Hart Dynasty picking up the definitive win, I think it's safe to say the champs will be moving onto bigger things. Nothing against The Usos, they performed well in this match and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of them, they're just not as exciting as JeriShow, ShowMiz or DX were in the tag division. This match was fine, nothing we couldn't have seen on Raw, but a rock solid tag match.
Predictions: 2 for 3

Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger with the World Heavyweight Title on the line was a damn good match. If I had to leel a complaint against it, it would be the same thing that hurt the Tag Title match, it could've been a Smackdown main event, but it worked just fine on PPV. Swagger looked like a wrestling machine and a shark that smelled blood, he was a wrestling cyborg shark and Rey Mysterio's ankle was his chum (suck it, Matt Striker). Rey Mysterio just barely got the win with a surprise hurricanrana, but Swagger wasn't having any of that. Jackie Swaggs gave Rey Rey a post-match beating, but Kane made the save and ran him off...
Predictions: 3 for 4

...But that was only so he could clear the ring and cash in his Money in the Bank contract! Kane vs. Rey Mysterio was the first time in history that the MITB was cashed in the same night it was won, and the Big Red Machine kept the perfect streak alive. For the first time since June of 1998, Kane is a World Champion, which I believe is a new record between World Championship reigns. You know, I'm not the world's biggest Kane fan, but I think a lot of that stems from WWE never doing anything with him. They've teased Kane pushes for years and he always winds up as background noise, but this Undertaker storyline appears to have been his opening and WWE finally pulled the trigger on him once again. I'm not jumping for joy over it or anything (insert "should've been Christian" here), but hey, 12 years between reigns is a long time, and it's the first time we've seen MITB cashed in on the same night, so at least it's an eye-catcher. So yeah, I dig it.

Layla vs. Kelly Kelly was somehow worse than the Alicia Fox match. Layla's been pretty good lately, and I've never really had an issue with Kelly Kelly as a wrestler, but this match wasn't worth the time. Layla won, do I need to elaborate?
Predictions: 4 for 5

Raw's Money in the Bank was beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Match of the Night and I'm quite confident it will be July's Match of the Month as well. Finally, The Miz has arrived, and after being initially written off as a joke, a reality show star, a guy who couldn't even properly host the Divas search, a guy that they weren't even comfortable putting in the ring at first, is on the cusp of becoming WWE Champion. Everyone said John Morrison was the star, and since their split, Miz has proven each and every one of those fans wrong. Even I wasn't sold on The Miz at first, his time as the "host" of Smackdown was laughably bad, but the minute they turned the guy heel? Pure brilliance. He's arguably the most improved wrestler WWE has ever seen, and if he's not WWE Champion by WrestleMania 27, then someone dropped the ball badly. Miz deserves every bit of of this and he better make Money in the Bank go 8 for 8.

As for the actual match, it was great. I got really excited when Evan Bourne nailed Orton with the Shooting Star Press and then got up to the top of the ladder, I loved watching DiBiase get whipped from a ladder bridge to the outside (ow), and John Morrison in the iron maiden was NASTY! Even Maryse trying to climb the ladder for DiBiase was amusing. I wouldn't have complained if Evan Bourne grabbed the case, but there's no doubt in my mind that the right guy won here.
Predictions: 5 for 6

Main Event time! John Cena vs. Sheamus in a steel cage match for the WWE Championship! If you guessed Nexus would get involved, you'd be right, but before that, the match kept teetering between "entertaining" and "dull." Cena proved once again that he's a freak of nature, somehow getting to his feet and climbing to the second rope after being prone on the mat with Sheamus locking in a sleeper... no wonder why his back and neck are in rough shape. Sheamus looked like a legitimate main eventer here as well, dominating most of the match and even kicking out of the Attitude Adjustment, but there were a lot of lull periods as well. I felt the uneasy alliance they formed Monday night kinda took away from the blood feud aspect between these two and when Nexus came to ringside, the whole thing just became a Raw segment rather than the main event of a $45 PPV. Sheamus picked up another cheap win and hauled ass out of the Sprint Center (get it?), while Cena stayed behind and threw stairs at Michael Tarver. Kinda anticlimactic, this is PPV, peel away a layer of the Nexus mystery or give me a shocking beat down, not something we saw two weeks ago on Raw.
Predictions: 6 for 7

Despite the ending taking the wind out the sails a bit, this was still a very fun PPV, even if it was something of a two match show. Still, those two matches were Money in the Bank ladder matches, which is pretty awesome and made the show worth the price of admission. Plus, a fun World Title match and the shock Title win for Kane push solidify this one into the thumbs up territory for me. Plus, The Miz now holds a Money in the Bank briefcase, which can be summed up with only one word: AWESOME!


  1. No offense, but I absolutely HATE the Miz. His wrestling is boring, and he is just completely annoying.
    Beth is the only Diva I like, and you seem to like the same thing as me in female wreslers. (muscular rather than super skinny)
    I absolutely adore Morrision, I think he's a great and entertaining wrestler, and has a wonderful personality.

  2. No offense taken. Different strokes for different folks - I think The Miz is the most rapidly improved wrestler that I've seen since at least DDP and The Rock.

  3. I completely agree with The Miz winning MiTB. Not only is he one of those superstars you love to hate, he's chock full of talent and charisma, and there's nothing more awesome than that <3

    As for Kane winning, I think it's great he's finally getting his first big push since being unmasked, but there were other men in that match that deserved the push just as much: namely Matt Hardy and Christian. Still, I'd much rather have Kane as my World Heavyweight Champion than Rey Mysterio, so I'm happy.

    The women's division has become a complete joke, but I feel like it wouldn't be hard to save. When you have really talented wrestlers like Natalya and Eve, all you have to do is put them in the ring together.

    And finally, the main event. I'm a huge fan of both Cena AND Sheamus, so the outcome didn't matter as much to me as the actual match did. I love the whole Nexus thing- minus the RIDICULOUS slogan; seriously, they need something less stupid- so I'm never disappointed to see them come out to the ring. However, I would have been more interested if Wade Barrett had decided to use his PPV title shot on the weakened Sheamus. But what can you do?

    For the most part I was extremely pleased with the PPV, and hope that the other "new concepts" for WWE are as successful.