Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slammin' 16 East & South!

First, here are the results from the last batch of matches:

Chris Jericho (55%) d. Bruno Sammartino (45%)
The Undertaker (84%) d. Bob Backlund (16%)

I can understand The Undertaker over Backlund, but Jericho over Bruno is just insane. But hey, it's your tournament. To speed things up a bit, we're going to include both the East and South brackets in the next round of voting, so make sure you vote for all four matches. Here they are:

East Turnbuckle
Jeff Hardy vs. Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

South Turnbuckle
John Cena vs. Edge
Ultimate Warrior vs. Steve Austin


  1. Jericho only retweeted you because your site said he was better than Bruno.