Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kick-Out!! Radio - Episode 42

Gonna stick with Podbean's embeddable player for awhile. Let me know if you like it or if I should go back to the video version of the podcast.

This week, Razor asks if there are any original stories left to tell in wrestling. Is the Nexus ready for the big time? What would the ultimate 90s reunion show look like? Also, rumors regarding Shawn Michaels, gloves (yes, gloves), and The Ultimate Warrior entering the WWE Hall of Fame. And Randy Orton is in the Superstar Spotlight.

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Theme song: "Believe" by Grasp Infinity


  1. Well, I did find this match which may interest you:

    Jericho Vs. Tazz on ECW

  2. Good find, I've honestly never seen that match... and wow, it is deliciously old school ECW.

    I hate to be one of those "could the Ric Flair of the 80s beat the Ric Flair of the 90s?" folks, but Jericho today vs. Taz from 1999 would be a hell of a match.

  3. I described the Jericho-Mysterio series as the equivalent of a John Gielgud-Laurence Olivier matching wits on the stage.

    Oh, and you mentioned Macho Man. Mattel is introducing new wrestling figures and The Sultan of Slim Jim's was there via recording promoting them (they celebrate great moments in wrestling history, and his figure is his look from Wrestlemania 7)... so maybe there is a chance he could make up with the WWE at some point too.

  4. You know technology has moved on when Razor says "a good, old fashioned" email. Haha. Great show, Raze!

  5. hey rvd did have a match with rey before one night stand 2006 to hype it up, its on the best of smackdown dvd i think...

  6. @delliot - I figured they had to have crossed paths in WWE at some point. Now I just want RVD to come back and get 20 minutes on PPV with Mysterio. Wouldn't mind seeing him tangle up with Jericho again either, their match at KOTR2002 is criminally underrated.

    @anonymous - Very true. I really only use email anymore for work.

    @camookie - This may be the first time something I've done has been described as "epic" without "fail" following it.

    @MC - I am totally stealing "Sultan of Slim Jims."

  7. Run with it Razor, run with it.

    Re: Randy Orton... during that long period when I didn't watch wrestling, I still managed to devote some quality time to the WWE games... and the first time I saw Randy Orton, he rubbed me the wrong way.

    He just looked like he was a smarmy little dick... and he was working as a face at the time too!

    I mean, Chris Jericho plays an asshole, and does it well, but even if I didn't read his bio, he still comes off as a good dude as a heel. But Orton... I could hear stories about how nice he is and all the sweet stuff he has done outside the ring, but in the back of my mind, he will always be a dick based on my first impressions.

  8. Regarding the injury at Over the Limit

    Randy Orton suffers from hypermobile shoulders which makes dislocated sholders a common thing, much easier to do it when you have the disorder. That's why nobody was making a fuss about it, unlike if Mr. Glass/Anderson had done it.