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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - June 25, 2010

T-Lo and Vickie Guerrero did a cold open for this week's show, letting us know that they are evaluating the Smackdown talent pool to determine the eight athletes who will compete in the Blue Brand's Money in the Bank at upcoming MITB PPV. I'm a fan of the MITB match getting its own PPV, but I really don't like the idea of two briefcases floating around the WWE landscape. Can the Raw winner only go after the Raw title? Or will it be like it's been in the past where the MITB could be cashed in on either show and the winner could then join that brand? The only upside I see is that WWE might see the "cash in when the champ is beaten down" bit as played out and we might actually get to see MITB cashed in for an actual match. I'm willing to see how it plays out, but at first glance, I'm less than thrilled.

Our opening contest was Big Show vs. the former World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger. I've seen a lot of people complaining about Swagger's title run, but I think it's safe to say that the guy is a legitimate main eventer at this point. He went from total jobber who barely appeared on Raw to winning the World Title and pinning Randy Orton clean. Might not have been the longest reign, but he got a fun feud with Show and is about to enter a feud with Mysterio, so I'd say he's sitting pretty, definitely beats losing to Santino. Oh and on this episode of Smackdown, he took Big Show out with the ANKLE LOCK! A great addition to his repertoire, and I love that smarks start complaining that he "ripped off Kurt Angle," when Angle started doing the ankle lock to rip off Ken Shamrock. Surprisingly good match here and a good way to give Swagger his, ahem, swagger back after losing the World Title.

Six-man tag team action was next with Vance Archer, Curt Hawkins & Dolph Ziggler taking on MVP, Christian, & Kofi Kingston, a match that combined many ongoing feuds. Tough match for me since it had Christian and Kofi teaming up (awesome), but Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer (a lot less awesome). Christian, Kofi and MVP did their damnedest to keep this one interesting, especially in the early goings when they were flying all over the place, but when the bad guys had control... meh. Ziggler's good, and I think this match could be a good launchpad for him setting his sights back on the Intercontinental Title, but Hawkins and Archer are just so. damn. boring. Luckily things picked back up near the end when Christian and Ziggler were carrying the workload and I'm always thrilled to see Christian pick up a win, but I'd really like to see him doing more. There's absolutely no one on Smackdown more qualified to win MITB than Captain Charisma, and this time should be the charm.

Since Vince McMahon is on the shelf, Teddy Long can now run Smackdown as he sees fit, and thus, he reinstated Matt Hardy to take on Drew McIntyre. And while I said above that there's no one on Smackdown better suited for MITB than Christian, I'm pretty much convinced that Drew McIntyre's gonna win it. As for this match, McIntyre continued to look vicious, and Matt Hardy continued to be Matt Hardy, and I'm sure that has two different meanings, depending on your feelings of V1. I have to laugh at Matt Striker calling Drew McIntyre's hip toss off the top rope a "Michinoku Driver," simply because of the way Hardy landed, and another reason why Striker is becoming increasingly annoying on commentary. Really, that moment and the goofy call were the best parts of this match, but for the most part, it's nothing you haven't seen before between these two. The crowd wasn't that into it, it dragged on, Todd Grisham even said "I bet Matt Hardy wishes this match would go all night long," but it felt even longer than that. I like Matt and McIntyre shows potential every week, but I just don't know if these two really have the chemistry. Decent ending though with McIntyre's NASTY! bump on the stairs and then hitting the Twist of Fate, but it was a long road to get there.

After the match Teddy Long appeared on the TitanTron and told us that Drew McIntyre's visa has expired, and called out security. That's right, T-Lo had arena security deport Drew McIntyre. I know Vince is hurt, but if he can pull some strings for Drew here, then I'm fully convinced that Vince McMahon can do anything. If he can keep someone from getting deported, why does Linda even need to run for senate?!

Cody Rhodes, excuse me, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes was out next to tell us that he's the most handsome man in WWE. Hey Cody, just because you kinda look like that weird looking dude from Twilight, don't let it go to your head. His promo was actually pretty amusing though and easily the most entertaining Rhodes has been since they teased him turning on Orton after he RKO'd Dusty. But seriously, someone get this guy new theme music, I don't exactly think "dashing" when I hear music that sounds like it belongs in the background of a direct-to-DVD sequel to Roadhouse.

Hey, Dolph Ziggler wants an IC Title match, which I'm all for, I just hope he doesn't lose six of them in a row again.

Kelly Kelly beat Rosa Mendes. I'm more interested in Kaval still being the property of LayCool.

A vignette was shown for Alberto Del Rio, an unmasked Dos Caras Jr., who claims to be the only honest man. Dos Caras literally translates to "two faces," so I wonder if we'll be seeing the mask, which would be a pretty funny way to get heat on Mr. Honesty. If we don't see the mask, then I'm not exactly sure what the point of this character is.

Main Event time! CM Punk vs. Kane in a no-disqualification match since Kane is apparently convinced that Punk and the SES were responsible for The Undertaker's vegetative state. Speaking of The SES, this match was pretty much Kane vs. all of them, including the masked member (although isn't CM Punk also a masked member of the SES?), and it wasn't even much of a match at all. They all brawled at ringside, Kane and Punk took the fight to the lobby where the Big Red Machine slammed Punk through a merch stand, but our Straight Edge Savior eventually escaped the arena and Smackdown literally ended with CM Punk running across the street.

Pretty good show, lots of wrestling, I really enjoyed the first two matches, and Cody Rhodes actually showed some semblance of a personality, which is definitely a newsworthy event. Still not sold on the idea of two Money in the Bank ladder matches and I feel like they're just stalling on the Kane storyline, but a much better show than last week's.

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