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WWE Smackdown Thoughts - June 18, 2010

Final WWE show before tonight's Fatal Four Way PPV!

And there's really no better way to start things off on Smackdown than with CM Punk, which was exactly what WWE did here. Punk's ready to become a four-time World Champion, but wished that The Undertaker could be a part of the PPV, so he could make him "tap out" again. Hilarious. Punk maintained his innocence in the attack that left The Undertaker in a vegetative state, but wished he had been the one to do it. "The WWE is better without The Undertaker!" But then the lights went out and The Undertaker was standing in the ring! Except... it was Luke Gallows in disguise, which infuriated the crowd. Pretty funny that Gallows played the fake Undertaker though when he previously played the fake Kane in that absolutely abysmal storyline from a few years back. Yeah, you wish you could've forgotten that. This disrespect toward The Undertaker obviously enraged Kane, but he walked right into a trap set by Jack Swagger and the SES, including that mysterious Masked Stranger. The bad guys tried to put Kane in a vegetative state, but Big Show & Rey Mysterio made the save, only to attack Kane themselves! Hey, can't blame them there, Kane's been tough to reason with the last few weeks.

Opening contest was Christian & MVP teaming up to take on the guys that attacked them after their matches over the last two weeks, Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer. Great, first Christian is tasked with helping reestablish Dolph Ziggler, now he has to get people to care about Hawkins, Archer and MVP? C'mon WWE, there are limits to this miracle worker's power. The match was decent enough, but did Christian really have to take the fall to these charisma vacuums?

Team LayCool still annoys the hell out of me, but the continued embarrassment of Kaval is pretty damn funny.

And we go from "funny" to "horrifying" when I had to see Dolph Ziggler in daisy dukes hanging posters in Vickie Guerrero's office.

JTG vs. Chavo Guerrero was as exciting as it sounds. I like both these guys, but expecting the crowd to care about either of them when they haven't done anything in weeks (or in Chavo's case, years), just seems short-sighted. And Matt Striker just made this match even worse with his increasingly unbearable commentary.

Drew McIntyre vs. Teddy Long was supposed to be up next, but it was really just several minutes of McIntyre verbally berating the Smackdown general manager and forcing him to admit that McIntyre is the chosen one. Drew did eventually start the match and pinned Teddy with one foot, but tried to hit the Future Shock after the "match" anyway. Kofi Kingston tried to make the save, but it looks like it was a trap since he was stopped by Drew's personal security force; Matt Hardy even tried to make the save himself, but met the same fate. McIntyre stood tall over both men when it was all said and done. Man, they are hellbent on getting this guy over as the ultimate heel, aren't they?

Dolph Ziggler, along with his sugar mama Vickie Guerrero was in action next against Chris Masters, who we haven't seen on Friday nights in quite some time. Honestly, I would've liked to see this match (and its participants) get more time; Chris Masters is an underrated talent and Ziggler's been struggling for almost a year now, but there was a lot of potential here.

Main Event time! Jack Swagger & CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio & The Big Show in a big tag match heading into the Fatal Four Way PPV. Swagger & Punk kept Mysterio isolated throughout the match, but with a hot tag to Big Show, the tables turned rather quickly. Loved the finish to this one with Mysterio reversing the Gutwrench Powerbomb into something resembling a reverse Killswitch, but the match itself was way too short and they just had to give more time to Kane at the end of the show.

Did not like this episode of Smackdown, there was too much filler, way too much time devoted to Drew McIntyre, and I'm already tired of every week ending with Kane standing tall over the Fatal Four Way participants. Much like the NXT Invasion overshadowing the WWE Title match at the PPV, this Kane storyline has overshadowed the World Heavyweight Championship match. These two major matches are the only selling points of this under-hyped PPV, and they're both taking a backseat to storylines. As I said on this week's Kick-Out!! Radio, it's not that these storylines shouldn't be huge, but they shouldn't distract from a show that WWE expects us to spend $45 for.

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  1. I found myself flicking around the channels during this show (which is something I would never normally do). I also found myself falling asleep before the main event. The main event looked as boring as shit anyway, and I knew that ole Kane would come in and do stuff. Booooo----rrring!

    Maybe I'm going through the same thing you went through a a few weeks, ago - u know the, "i don't really care too much about wrestling right now" vibe!?