Sunday, June 13, 2010

WWE Smackdown Thoughts - June 11, 2010

Rey Mysterio kicked things off on this week's Smackdown, and before we get into that, let's talk about this absurd talking point that I'm seeing on various social networking sites. In the wake of Bryan Danielson's release, supposedly after strangling Justin Roberts, people are somehow trying to make a parallel that Danielson was punished for a violent act while Rey Mysterio was rewarded for injuring The Undertaker. Oh smarks. Listen Smarky Smark and the Smarky Bunch, because I'm going to explain to you how wrestling works: people get injured, it happens. Rey Mysterio is not a notoriously sloppy worker, in fact, many wrestlers regard him as their favorite opponent because he's so easy to work with. Rey Mysterio injuring The Undertaker is completely irrelevant to what happened with Bryan Danielson. I'd say it's the dumbest complaint I've heard so far regarding Danielson's release, had someone on some random message board not blamed it on Triple H's children (yes, now Triple H's kids bury people, according to the internet).

Okay, that piece of ridiculousness out of the way, let's talk about Smackdown. Rey Mysterio talked about winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Fatal Four Way, Jack Swagger came out to disagree, Rey Mysterio called him Tweety Bird, and then your Straight Edge Savior, CM Punk interrupted to let us know that he's about to become the only four-time Straight Edge World Heavyweight Champion! If you guessed that Big Show would be out next, surprise, you'd be correct. Big Show claims that he pulls off bald well (which is true, Big Show with hair looks goofy) and that Punk should pull off the mask, but Punk threatens to pull off Big Show's face. That, my friends, is why CM Punk is better than you... and your face.

What I didn't expect out of this segment was Kane on the TitanTron pointing fingers at all four men in the PPV main event for taking out The Undertaker, but c'mon, we all know it was NXT.

Our opening match was Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger in what was supposedly the first one-on-one encounter between these two. I assume they'll do Big Show/Mysterio vs. Punk/Swagger next week, but I find it a little strange that they'd give away two huge matches like Punk vs. Swagger and Show vs. Punk for the first time ever on a weekly show. Rey hit the 619 and the springboard splash early in this one, and I thought Rey had just pulled off a ridiculously quick win over the World Champ, but Swagger got his foot on the bottom rope just in the nick of time and this match continued. Very exciting back and forth contest, but the finish was beautifully executed with Mysterio hitting the 619 on Swagger's midsection, then hitting a springboard dropkick to Swagger's back, hitting another 619, then a springboard legdrop for the win! Rey looks strong going into Fatal Four Way, Swagger had to be hit with two 619s and got the post-match beat down, but then Kane came down and took out both guys. Man, they're really trying with this Kane push, which you can't say about any other Kane push that's happened in the last few years.

LayCool out next along with their errand boy, Kaval! You know, these two would be really entertaining if they weren't absolutely unbearable on the mic. Speaking of unbearable, Tiffany's theme music played, because she had a one-on-one match with Layla. Tiffany has been surprisingly good in the ring and Layla seems to be improving, so the match was better than what we usually see from the Divas, but it was also only about two minutes long.

They showed the entire NXT attack from Raw again. Raw was watched by at least four million people, NXT was watched by over a million, it's been viewed over a million times on, and now again on Smackdown... okay, I think we've all seen it now.

Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero and her Pat Benetar haircut) was our third match of the night, and these two kinda beat the hell out of each other. Christian took some rough spills to the outside, Ziggler took a nasty flying dropkick right under the chin, and I had to listen to Matt Striker on commentary! A very enjoyable match, and even though Christian got the win, I can't help but still think Captain Charisma is above this, especially when he has to suffer the post-match beat down from Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer, then the sleeper from Dolph Ziggler. Speaking of things that put you to sleep, Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer!

Drew McIntyre was in the ring demanding Teddy Long come to ringside, and he was awfully impatient about it. You just came through the curtain yourself Drew, did you think Teddy could just magically appear? Anyhoo, T-Lo did make his way to ringside and was forced to watch Matt Hardy's attack on Drew McIntyre from last week and the "match" the two had on Raw. Now, as per orders from Vince McMahon, Matt Hardy is now suspended from all WWE programming, and it seemed like he was about to announce that Teddy Long was suspended or fired, but Kofi Kingston interrupted. After Kofi trash talked McIntyre, we never heard his announcement to Teddy Long, and I'm pretty sure that's not how getting fired works. I've been fired before, if I knew someone could just interrupt the person relaying the message and my job would be safe, I would've given Kofi a call!

Oh... bummer. After commercial, Teddy Long got the bad news, he's not fired, but next week he has a match against Drew McIntyre! Okay, at this point, I'm thinking McIntyre is just making shit up. He's forging letters and orders from Vince McMahon and Vince is too busy being crazy to notice.

Main Event time! Big Show vs. CM Punk for the first time ever! Not really much to this one, mostly all Big Show until he tried to take off CM Punk's mask, but then The SES & The Masked Stranger attacked, causing the DQ. And much like our other match involving the F4W participants, Kane stormed ringside and attacked everyone. I really can't believe it's 2010 and Kane is a believable centerpiece of a professional wrestling show.

Decent show, we really only got two matches: Mysterio vs. Swagger and Christian vs. Ziggler, and the rest was all hype for Kane. Still, those two matches were pretty good and the Kane storyline is entertaining, but we could've got another match or two had they not insisted on replaying the entire NXT Invasion for the third time this week.


  1. of everything that's been said, you seem to be going on about it more than anyone else.

  2. daniel bryan's release, that is.

  3. And? It's big news. People should be talking about it, what bugs me is some of the reactions I've seen... like whining about Rey Mysterio or blaming Triple H's kids.

  4. That's fine. You told us you didn't like all the overreactions yesterday. Yet today you continue to whine about those same overreactions.

    Yes it's big news, but unless there's something new to say, why repeat what you've said?

  5. Because I read a new overreaction related to the first person I saw on screen during Smackdown? I made a comment about how Rey Mysterio injuring Undertaker is not at all comparable to Danielson's release, which I mentioned nothing about yesterday.

    Unless you expect me to stop talking about stupid shit that gets said in the IWC altogether, and if that's the case, you're going to be disappointed.

  6. "Why do you talk about something more than once on your own blog?" Really? Sigh.

    Razor, why DO you keep talking about WWE, anyway? I mean, you've already discussed it once, so ...

  7. Re:

    "Drew McIntyre was in the ring demanding Teddy Long come to ringside, and he was awfully impatient about it. You just came through the curtain yourself Drew, did you think Teddy could just magically appear? Anyhoo, . . ."

    RAZOR .... Oh gosh, i fear that Ray from Wrestlegasm has taken over your site! You must do something instantly!!!!!

  8. Razor referenced something I brought up! (the idiot on WrestleZone who claimed Triple H kids got Danielson fired). Does this mean I can call myself a wrestling journalist? To the copy and paste machine!

    Also is talking about someone being fired then talking about the IWC reaction to that person being fired really repeating yourself? Looks to me like they are similar but different. But what do I know?