Monday, June 21, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - June 21, 2010

RAW IS WAR, FELLA! I'm live blogging tonight, so keep refreshing your page for ongoing coverage of tonight's show.

Well you know it's a big show when the chairman kicks things off, Vince McMahon is here! Hearing Vince say "welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw!" takes me back to 1993 and that hideous RAW jacket he used to wear. Sigh, I miss Vince as an announcer, how much more fun would this show be if he was in Michael Cole's chair? Anyway, Vince blames Bret Hart for the events of last night involving the NXT Rookies and has "no choice" but to relieve The Hitman of his duties. That's right, Raw starts with Vince firing Bret Hart, I'm sure there's about a dozen jokes to make there, but I'm not that funny. Vince has appointed a new General Manager, who wishes to remain anonymous, and will communicate via e-mails to Michael Cole. Hopefully they don't get lost in between all the poems from Heidenreich. I like the mystery GM though, could provide some interesting moments, and he's off to an intriguing start, hiring all seven NXT Graduates. Not sure how I feel about that, I would've liked to see them raise some more hell, which I suppose they can still do as employees, but they could've taken the outsider thing further.

Oh but wait, our new WWE Champion is here!

Mee mee mee mee, fella!

Sheamus teases handing over the WWE Title since he won it in such a controversial fashion, but laughs and says he doesn't care. The Celtic Warrior has really come into his own on the mic, I'm loving his entire "f-off" persona, he plays it perfectly. John Cena comes out to do what he always does the night after he loses the WWE Title, ask for his rematch. Sheamus declines, but our Mystery GM e-mails Michael Cole to declare that the match will happen tonight and Vince McMahon will be the guest referee. Why am I getting the feeling that our mystery GM will reveal himself and say "IT WAS ME, CENA! IT WAS ME ALL ALONG!"?

Evan Bourne vs. Chris Jericho, in a rematch from last night, and if Jericho loses, he's going to leave WWE forever?! What?! I know Jericho's going to host that show for ABC, and sure he's been back for over two years, but I feel like we just got him back! Perhaps he's going to be the modern day Roddy Piper, just disappearing at random times in order to keep himself fresh? Or ya know... not, because JERICHO WINS! Another awesome match from these phenomenal athletes, Evan Bourne looked like a tough SOB for refusing to tap to the Walls, but Jericho got the knees up to block the SSP and nailed a Codebreaker for the win. I can't help but think Jericho added this stipulation to mess with the copy & paste sites that have been reporting he has "major heat" on him for taking the ABC job. Nice touch with Jericho helping Bourne up after the match, only to shove him back down. Jericho's got his groove back!

Lucky Cannon vs. Cody Rhodes is what they're using to hype tomorrow's NXT?  Thanks for freeing up my Tuesday night, WWE!

Ted DiBiase has fired Virgil and aligned with Maryse. LAME! Virgil, put on those sweet red and white tights and knock Teddy the eff out!

Alright, I'm gonna stop with the pictures before Ray & Andrew from Wrestlegasm sue for gimmick infringement.

Someone has arrived in an SUV limo... they should get the Bret Hart limo treatment just on general principle.

Natalya Neidhart vs. Tamina Snuka is our next match, and considering that they were the best part of the six-person tag from last night, I'm all for more of this. Of course, as I write this, the NXT Grads interrupt what could've been a damn good match. Wade Barrett tries to apologize, but Tyson Kidd just jumps on Heath Slater's head, doing what I've wanted to do for months. Unfortunately, Tyson and David get demolished and it looks like we're about to be addressed.

So David Otunga starts things off with his spraypainted hair, to set the tone. Heath Slater gets the mic next, meanwhile the audience gets nachos. Justin Gabriel wants to apologize to the Harts for what they did. Darren Young apologizes to John Cena, even referencing that people call him the "black John Cena," but maybe John Cena is the white Darren Young, ever think of that? Skip Sheffield continues to look like Hank from Breaking Bad, and Michael Tarver continues to surprise me as the second best talker of the group. Wade Barrett's up last to deliver the goods and explain the mentality behind this entire group, but the crowd isn't buying it. I really don't know where WWE is going with this, because while the NXT Invasion may be over, there's still strength in these numbers... here's hoping it stays that way and they don't become Spirit Squad 2.0

Marty Jannetty John Morrison and Lurch Eli Cottonwood are out next, looks like Morrison's opponent tonight is Ted DiBiase, but he's got a microphone. DiBiase doesn't feel like wrestling tonight though, and his selected Zack Ryder as his replacement, wish I could do that when I don't feel like going to work. Pretty good match, John Morrison picked up a much-needed win, but it's going to take a lot more than beating Zack Ryder to repair his damaged cred.

John Cena is not accepting NXT's apology. I kinda like the idea of the NXT guys trying to be accepted, but the WWE establishment refusing due to their actions. Lots of directions to go with something like that.

Eve & The Great Khali vs. Alicia Fox & Primo... if only I was hungry, I'd get a sandwich right now. Maybe I'll make one just for fun, it's certainly more enjoyable than watching this, and my sandwiches are Delicious and Nutritious, which would also be an awesome name if Buff Bagwell & Simon Dean formed a tag team.

Speaking of sandwiches, I HEAR VOICES IN MY BREAD, Randy Orton is here! Okay, that wasn't funny, don't even pretend to laugh at that, I don't need your pity. Randy wants Wade Barrett to win the WWE Title so he can take it from him, blah blah blah, but suddenly an Orton segment gets interesting, because The Miz is here! The Miz says what I've been saying since 2007, that Randy Orton gets too many damn WWE Title shots. Miz insists the next shot belongs to him because of a "little industry secret," and for a second there, I thought he was going to reference the old WCW rule where the US Champ is the #1 contender, but it's actually that he's The Miz, and he's... punching Orton in the face! Oh I love everything about this, hit him with the belt Miz, don't get in a fist fight with him! Orton turns the tables, but Miz escapes an RKO and Edge nails The Viper with a spear out of nowhere! Big thumbs up here.

Main Event time! John Cena vs. Sheamus for the WWE Championship with Vince McMahon as the special guest referee! If you smell that, it's definitely shenanigans... or my sandwich. We had ourselves a pretty great match going on, it had my undivided attention, and then NXT had to invade, running Sheamus off and taking out Cena, once again. Vince McMahon invites the Rooks into the ring and is apparently taking partial credit for what they've been doing over the last few weeks. Wait, what? And next week our mystery GM is going to reveal something... but before Vince can finish that thought, NXT, or "The Nexus" attack the chairman!

Okay, is the new mystery GM working with Nexus to eliminate the WWE establishment? Was Vince put out there as guest enforcer as a set-up? Now here's the big question, is this a power play for the Anonymous GM to take over WWE or is it an attempt to destroy the entire company?

I really liked this Raw, storyline heavy, but everything was entertaining, and the NXT angle got a hell of a lot more interesting. I have no idea where they're going with it, but any time someone takes out Vince, you know business is about to pick up.


  1. please don't leave chris.

  2. sitcom line of the night ....

    Virgil"but ted, what are you gonna do for protection"

    ted: "I'll go to the drugstore!"

  3. If John C gets the belt back tonight, how many reigns will that make it Razor? Have you lost count yet?

  4. I believe his next reign will be #10, including the World Title runs.

  5. I REALLY like the NXT angle, but having the "Mystery GM" e-mail Cole during the show is a little ... odd. The way they did this was weird and a little hokey with the sound effect.

    Otherwise, a solid show tonight.

  6. The NXT angle is coming along very nicely. Vince putting himself in harms way, really brings the OMG factor into it all. John Cena as a former champ is awesome! Love Evan's push. The only thing that pissed me off is cutting the match up between Tamina and Natalya short...Have they no respect for WOmen's wrestling? Sheesh :)

  7. Sledge - Yeah, I definitely hope they drop the e-mail bit. If they insist on using Cole as his mouthpiece, just have Cole say "I just received an e-mail..." That sound effect is totally cheesy, they might as well blare "YOU'VE GOT MAIL!" through the arena.

    I'm really digging the NXT storyline too, but at this point, I have absolutely no idea what their motivation is.

    Corey - I wasn't a fan of them cutting off the women's match either, especially when there was a perfectly useless mixed tag match to interrupt later in the show. It made sense with the Hart incident from last week, but still, lame.

  8. The Mystery GM is Daniel Bryan