Monday, June 14, 2010

WWE Raw thoughts - June 14, 2010

Oh yes, we are live blogging tonight. It's the first Raw since the NXT Invasion, and the first WWE show since the most talked about news of the year, the release of Bryan Danielson. Good or bad, expect a lot of talk surrounding this show, and I'll be talking about it as it happens! Refresh your page for ongoing coverage.

Starting things off with Wade Barrett already in the ring and he's been called to Raw to apologize for his actions from last week. The rest of the Season 1 NXT Rookies (well, not all of them) join Barrett and refuse to apologize, because they were treated like circus animals. I'm beginning to see the weak point in this otherwise brilliant storyline - letting Heath Slater talk. Barrett is an amazing talker though, I even feel like he was saving some of this, because he wasn't even this good on NXT.

Bret Hart isn't amused though, calling the Rooks a bunch of cowards for roughing up wrestlers, announcers, security, referees, etc. This leads Barrett to mention Daniel Bryan, who has been kicked out of the group for "feeling remorse" for what happened last week and that we'll "never see him again." There's the write-out, simple, effective and could make Bryan a sympathetic character if they ever decide to bring him back.

David Otunga gives Hart a list of demands: they want guaranteed contracts, their own dressing rooms and first class travel accommodations, or else we'll see more of what happened last week. Bret Hart refuses, and just to show these kids who's boss, he strips Barrett of his PPV title match, because he's fired! C'mon Bret, if you're gonna do this, do it right, "Wade Barrett... YOU'RE FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRED!" Interesting turn of events, but I assume that means the nWo-esque beat downs will continue.

Our opening contest on the final Raw before Fatal Four Way is... a Fatal Four Way! For the US Title, no less! R-Truth vs. John Morrison vs. Zack Ryder (!) vs. The Miz, which is a pretty huge match and probably could've been saved for the PPV, which only has two matches scheduled! Michael Cole announces that tonight's show is in the Time Warner Cable Arena, which I guess means tickets are overpriced, only get you into shows half the time, and the events will start between the hours of 9am and 8pm. Anyhoo, match is off to a fast paced start, with everyone going after everyone and takes us into commercial break when John Morrison hits The Miz with a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside of the ring onto Zack Ryder - NASTY!

Michael Cole announces that this, as well as the Four Ways at the PPV, are one fall to a finish, which I hate, Fatal Four Ways are supposed to be elimination style! Lots of fun action here, including R-Truth busting out a freaking Osaka Street Cutter, but John Morrison gets the upper hand on his tag partner and nails Starship Pain, but Miz tosses Jannetty out of the ring and scores the pin - MIZ IS CHAMP ONCE AGAIN! A bit of a short run for Truth, but let's be honest, the Bret Hart thing was just a hiccup, the US Title belongs to The Miz. Great opening match, hope the rest of the show can keep up with this.

What is up with Josh Matthews' hair? The interviewer is backstage with Randy Orton who might as well be wearing a big sandwich board that says "HEY NXT GUYS, COME KICK MY ASS!"

Mark Feuerstein from Royal Pains is backstage with (of course) The Bella Twins, when Ted DiBiase tries to buy him off for a spot as guest host. Unfortunately for Ted, Mark's already got a co-guest host, Big Show! Big Show sets up a tag match with him and "Main Event" Mark vs. Ted DiBiase and... Virgil! I hope Virgil rocks those red and white striped tights he used to wear!

Our next match tonight is Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne! Yes please! Unfortunately, the match isn't at all what it should've been, Evan Bourne kicks out of a half Codebreaker, Jericho goes nuts and gets himself DQed, but Bourne got the upper hand and nailed the Shooting Star Press. I expect to get this match on PPV to make up for the lame finish here.

John Cena is here to address the actions of the NXT Rookies from last week, and he has a much more somber tone than what we usually get from the Champ, at least until he gets fired up about the Rookies making "five million new enemies" when they took Raw away from the WWE Universe. Cena's on fire here, really making this whole thing seem unique and special as the NXT heads back to ringside. You didn't think they'd leave, did you? They're seven dudes in speedos, they can't just roam the streets of Charlotte. Cena invites them into the ring, and says that once they put the target on his back, they put it on their heads as well, and the WWE locker room empties out to chase off the Rooks! Crowd was absolutely on fire here, especially when Edge, Sheamus & Randy Orton got involved, but I don't think we've seen the last of the NXT guys tonight, Orton and Sheamus are the main event tonight, and I don't like their odds.

Divas Championship Fatal Four Way has been announced for the PPV - Eve vs. Gail Kim vs. Maryse vs. Alicia Fox, and that makes three matches for the event with six days to go. Speaking of those Divas, they're in tag action here with the good gals taking on the bad gals. Pretty standard Raw Diva stuff here, Eve & Gail win.

And now a fourth match added to Fatal Four Way, US Champion The Miz vs. former champion R-Truth.

Big Show & Mark Feuerstein vs. Ted DiBiase & Virgil is up next and Virgilmania is runnin' wild! Obviously nothing more than a comedy bit, Big Show beats up Virgil and "Main Event" Mark finishes him off with... THE WORM! Ted DiBiase stuffs a $100 bill in Virgil's mouth after the match as well, which is a nice touch, but then takes it back. Hilarious.

Really WWE, more comedy? Santino vs. William Regal w/ special guest referee, Vladimir Kozlov And that's coming after a cool down Divas match, the momentum of this show has stalled considerably. Santino gets an easy with after a handful of tights and a fast count, making this utterly pointless. But then Bret Hart comes out and asks the entire Raw roster to come out onto the stage because he "refuses to let history repeat itself" before the main event. It's a logical move, but the NXT Rookies are going to have to do something if they want to keep the momentum for this group going.


  1. - the right man has the US title now.

    -given the right push ... truth could be an amazing US champ.

    - this f4way match was booked perfectly, for at least 4 or 5 reasons i can think of.

    - Getting RKO to comment on the NXT situation is big! we haven't seen the back of them!


    WWE /// can we PLEASE have some more matches in F4W PPV?

    as much as i love cena and SES ... I cant bear to to watch 2 X 90 min matches!

    thanks wwe ...

    Tom :)

  2. ted dibiase is being booked like a fool on a par with the bellas and santino :( ... wasted young talent

  3. from razor @ twitter

    "I hope Virgil wears those sweet red and white striped trunks he rocked in the 90s!"

    oh gosh, those candy stripes are some of my very earliest moments in wrestling. I remember when I was a kid, my earliest ever moment was in like 1990 i think, and it was a "belt on a pole" or some kind of "keys on a pole" match or some shit with Texas Tornado KVH ... WWE ... I thought, what the hell's up with all these big massive american guys shouting? lolZ


    i remember, the first PPV i ever watched was Summerslam 1991 when candy-stripe Virgil defeated Ted DiBiase Sr for the Million Dollar Belt!

  4. Apparantly he has a concussion so this is something to do while he recovers...which he may have since he has a match tonight

  5. @Matt

    you mean DiBiase?


    Look at "Arch Nemesis"

  7. Ties has always been an asshole though!