Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WWE NXT Season 1 Finale - June 1, 2010

Is it October yet? Because I'm kinda ready for this show to go away.

Let's start with the good: Wade Barrett winning. That's really about it, unless you enjoyed the train wreck nature of the show, otherwise, Barrett was the lone piece of good news. Honestly though, it's not even that big of a deal since it's pretty much been a forgone conclusion that Barrett would win for the last two months, and within those two months, the show took a serious nosedive in terms of quality. Certainly not Barrett's fault, but aside from him and Daniel Bryan going all loose cannon on us, has there been anything entertaining on NXT lately?

Now for the bad (everything else):

I felt a great disturbance in the Internet Wrestling Community, as if millions of furious fanboys suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened. Yes, as hilarious as it is to watch the SMARK FURY!!!11! over Team LayCool mentoring Kaval (aka Low-Ki), it doesn't change the fact that we now have to watch the insufferable Michelle McCool twice a week. It's obviously WWE screwing with the internet crowd, which I fully support, but this crosses a line into the flat-out absurd.

Speaking of flat-out absurd, who the hell is in charge of naming the Rookies? Husky Harris? Eli Cottonwood? Lucky Cannon?!?! Are these wrestlers or porn stars? Lucky Cannon better be damn good, because he's already got an uphill battle ahead of him with that name.

Speaking of names, can someone explain to me why second and third-generation stars are getting their names changed? Duke Rotundo (son of IRS) becoming Husky Harris is one thing, but Joe Hennig, the son of Mr. Perfect becomes Mike McGillicutty?! Seriously?! While we're at it, how about we rename all the other sons of famous wrestlers? Cody Rhodes, you're now Curt Mackey. Ted DiBiase, you're Fred Johnson. Randy Orton? Robby Randolph! What's the point in billing someone as a third-generation star if you're not going to use the famous name? Sure, a lot of actors who want to make it on their own steam don't use their famous parent's name, Angelina Jolie isn't Angelina Voight and Nicolas Cage doesn't use the famous Coppola name, but Mike McGillicutty?! COME ON!

I get it, WWE wants to own the names, but this is getting out of control. Let's just call him Mike Perfect, and then you have the instant joke of whenever someone calls him "Mr. Perfect," he can say "Please, Mr. Perfect is my father, call me Mike."

Anyway, here's the Season 2 cast:

Husky Harris w/ Cody Rhodes
I get the name change here, "Rotunda/Rotundo" doesn't really mean as much to the WWE Universe since Husky's dad hasn't competed under that name in WWE since the days of the US Express, and that's going WAY back. Pairing him with Cody Rhodes makes sense too, so maybe he'll do alright, despite the unfortunate "Husky" name.

Eli Cottonwood w/ John Morrison
The dude is certainly a freak of nature, standing at 7'1", but he's really lanky and his speech during his hype video wasn't exactly striking fear into my heart. Still, the dude is freaky tall, so he'll automatically stand out.

Percy Watson w/ MVP
I have a feeling this guy is what Darren Young should have been. His hype video was ridiculous, almost like Disco Kid from Punch-Out!! come to life, but I have to admit, I was amused. The dude can obviously talk and he seems like a walking heat generator, he could be the guy to watch.

Titus O'Neil w/ Zack Ryder
There was absolutely nothing remarkable about this guy in his introduction. Maybe the Long Island Loud Mouth can get us to care about him?

Kaval w/ Team LayCool
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I'll let you in on a secret, I've never really understood the appeal of Low-Ki. The guy kicks hard, but so did Tajiri, who was WAY more entertaining. I've enjoyed watching the guy work on many occasions, but I feel like he's been over-hyped for years by his superfans.

Lucky Cannon w/ Mark Henry
I honestly didn't hear a word of his promo because I was too busy laughing at the name Lucky Cannon.

Mike McGillicutty w/ Kofi Kingston
The son of one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all-time paired up with the current Intercontinental Champion makes sense, and I'll get over the name change eventually, but seriously, it's really stupid. Looking forward to seeing Perfect Junior work though, and maybe we'll get to hear the old school Mr. Perfect music!

Alex Riley w/ The Miz
Judging by his hype video, I got the impression that Riley is a combination between The Miz and Jack Swagger, which would be as awesome as it sounds. THE AWESOMELY AMERICAN AMERICAN AWESOME AMERICAN ALEX RILEY! Who wouldn't love that?

But unless these guys are really entertaining or WWE makes some sweeping changes to the overall presentation of the show, I don't know if I could see myself really enjoying NXT Season 2. I want to see more of a reality show and less nonsense that used to be reserved for the Divas Search. And hopefully there won't be two months of useless filler like there was in Season 1.


  1. You didn't mention the other big change for NXT season 2, "During season two, YOU, the WWE Universe, will have 50 percent of the vote that determines who’ll win the next WWE NXT!"

    Funny you mentioned "Disco Kid from Punch-Out!!" I was just thinking all of these names could have come straight out of an old Nintendo game.

  2. I'll admit I enjoy NXT, but it's nothing compared to the ECW it replaced. That show featured young stars without all this filler, and I honestly feel that some of these guys could have showcased their potential more than they did on NXT.

  3. Yeah, I really miss ECW. I know no one watched it, but no one watches NXT either, and at least on ECW, I got to see Christian prominently featured, rather than stuck in go-nowhere feuds.