Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's like looking in a mirror... only not.

So I'm doing my daily scan of the copy and paste sites and stumbled across Ringside Xcess, and apparently they have their own podcast too... funny, I feel like I've seen this logo somewhere before:

Granted, the soundwave is a stock photo (you can even now use it as a background image in Blogger), but really, the grey text on a black background with the name of your site plus "Radio" attached to it?  I know it's hard for most wrestling websites to come up with anything original, but this is just laughable.  Not as bad as back in November when someone was flat-out copy and pasting my reviews, and considering they just rip off their "news" from PWInsider and The Observer, I'm far from surprised, but come on.


  1. Never mind that their Twitter picture is a black picture with grey text, or that the banner on their site is a black background with grey text?

    So what, they used a stock image that you used for their radio show? It's not as if it's one incident where they did it to make it look like yours. It's a recurrent theme through their website. And if it's a stock image, then it's not specifically for your use.

    Get a grip, man.

  2. Yeah, no offence, but I think you're grasping at straws here...especially when I gave you explicit permission to repost my edit of that WrestleZone "article" in the Bryan Danielson release thread >_>.

  3. It's the exact same logo just with a different font. If it's just a coincidence, why aren't similar logos popping up for multiple wrestling podcasts? Or any podcast? But another wrestling podcast that's been going for a couple weeks just happens to use something that similar? Yeah, sure.

  4. john... I honestly am not sure what you're referencing. :-\

    Anonymous - So if a beverage company just happened to use a red and blue circle as their logo, it wouldn't look like Pepsi's? You can use that stock photos in many different ways, but it just so happens to be set up exactly like the logo I've been using for over a year? Maybe you should check your grip.

  5. I understand that there is a likeness here. But I think you're taking it too far by calling it plagiarism. It's more flattering than anything.

    But, I think, you have three choices:
    1. Take it as a compliment that they liked your design so much they wanted to make their own version of that.
    2. Ask politely for them to retract that logo and create a different one.
    3. Protect your intellectual property under copyright/patent laws so that these guys can't make a logo similar to yours.

    I don't get why this has to be a 'war' between Ringside Xcess and Kick Out!! Wrestling. I don't think it's a case of stealing something to spite you. I think it's more that they've appreciated your logo and wanted to do something similar.

    But, as I said, you don't own the photo nor the design of that particular logo. Until you do, there's nothing that can be done about it besides politely asking them to design a different one.

    But I stand by the fact that I think you're too quick to take it personally.

    And coming from the guy who doesn't like, in your words, 'petty internet feuds', it seems you do like to start a few of them.

  6. Never used the word "feud" or "war." I did change the name of the blog, even though I did posted an entry earlier yesterday titled "Kick-Out!!" vs. the weather," I guess some people didn't really get the joke, so I'll concede the point there that the original title of this post may have come across as more confrontational than tongue-in-cheek, which was my intention.

    But I do this to expose how internet wrestling sites work, whether it's copy and pasting news from the Observer, flat-out stealing someone's editorials, or now, ripping off someone's logo.
    Perhaps it's an "homage" or a "compliment," but it's certainly unoriginal. I don't think it's to spite me either, in fact, I find it hilarious. I think you're taking my reaction as anger, when it's really more along the lines of "lol, copy and paste sites." As I said in the post, I'm far from surprised considering the rest of the content on RX's site is lifted from outside sources too, but this is what I do, and I've done it from day one. The only people who should be offended by that are the people who are lifting, copying, or flat-out stealing someone else's work. If they don't like that, perhaps they should reexamine the way they do business.

  7. Like I said on Twitter, I'd be more offended that the guy's one of many internet 'journalists' that seems to be implying he has inside sources on Twitter than the fact he may or may not have used your logo.