Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CoCT - Eastern Turnbuckle Conference

Okay, since the Western Conference was a total blowout, I'm calling this one early and moving along... why drag out the inevitable, ya know? Here are the results:

Hulk Hogan (90%) vs. Batista (10%)
Shawn Michaels (81%) vs. Ric Flair (19%)
The Rock (93%) vs. JBL (7%)
Bret Hart (94%) vs. Sheamus (6%)

And your next batch of matches to vote on are to the right of your screen, they are:

Pedro Morales vs. Jeff Hardy
Diesel vs. Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle vs. Yokozuna
Triple H vs. Big Show

Voting will go for a week, or unless it's another batch of total blowouts.

It appears Blogger's poll function is down at the moment, once the situation is resolved, the polls will be available. Sorry for the inconvenience!


  1. The Fire Pro stuff:

    Sheamus KO'd Bret Hart the third minute of the match (looked like he broke his leg).

    Hogan schooled Batista and The Rock/JBL was entertaining, but not spectacular.

    Michaels/Flair... 93 FP minutes. Flair was triumphant. And he looked good doing it too. So many counters and both combatants were popping out 2.9 counts. I thought it was over after half an hour after a brutal Sweet Chin Music but Flair was under the ropes, and by the time Michaels pulled him towards the center of the ring after the rope break, Flair was able to break the count after 2.

    And Flair bled. Oh, did he bleed. There were submission holds a plenty, but no one would tap. There were acrobatics, the tree of woe and even moves I didn't know they could do.

    But in the end, it came down to an atomic drop and then a small package pin. I applauded.

  2. You should start recording these and putting them on Youtube for us. Go back in time and record that Michaels/Flair affair.

  3. I have a feeling that Jeff Hardy will advance despite the fact that his opponent, Pedro Morales, had a 1000+ day title reign.

    Anyways glad HBK advanced. If this was a greatest NWA/WCW Champion then Flair should win hands down, but i think HBK's title reigns had a bigger effect on WWF/E and are more memorable than Flair's.

  4. Polls are NOW WORKING, so get your votes in!

  5. John, if I was using a PS2 emulator, I most certainly would have had an E-Fed by now.

  6. Wow, there is a battle in this week's poll.