Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Champion of Champions - Round 2

Before we move on to the next round, let's take a look at the winners of the final batch of first round matches:

John Cena (62%) d. Mankind (38%)
Edge (51%) d. Randy Orton (49%)
Ultimate Warrior (57%) d. Billy Graham (43%)
Steve Austin (98%) d. Sid (2%)

Since we're on the internet, I'm a little surprised that Cena beat Mick Foley, but that's definitely the right decision. I love Mick Foley, but in a tournament ranking WWE Champions, I can't think of a single argument for Foley over Cena except personal preference, which is fine for the 38% that voted for him, but Cena definitely should've won. Edge vs. Orton was a nail biter with "The Viper" making up some serious ground in the final hours. Ultimate Warrior over Billy Graham is heartbreaking, but much like Jeff Hardy over Pedro Morales, I attribute that to age... 20 years too soon, indeed. Steve Austin demolishing Sid is no surprise, but seriously, 2% for Sid? I'd love to hear the argument for that.

Okay, it is now time to move onto the next round, featuring the Slammin' Sixteen! Here are the competitors:

Your next round of matches will cover the West Turnbuckle, and those two matches are now available for voting to the right of your screen. This is a star-studded bracket, and quite possibly the hardest matches to vote on in all of Round 2, so make your vote count! Polls will be open for a week at most, but if the matches are total blowouts, we will move on.


  1. Wow, looks like a monumental battle is brewing for the next round.

  2. I just can't believe HBK is that far ahead of Hulk friggin Hogan.

  3. Especially since Hogan refuses to put almost everyone over ;)

    Payback is sweet sometimes.

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