Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bryan Danielson, still released

Dear Internet,

Please let me be pissed off about this, don't ruin it for me.


So as expected, the internet has imploded. I totally get it, I'm not happy about it either, but the reaction is more distracting than the actual news. "Reports" (from the same people who 18 hours ago insisted it was a work) are suggesting that Danielson upset some "outside entity" with the way he choked Justin Roberts. Some are making parallels between it and the Benoit tragedy, if that is the case (emphasis on if), it seems like a massive overreaction, but sometimes that's the nature of the beast. Danielson's not in a position in WWE where he can dodge a controversy like this, remember back in 1999 when Al Snow's action figure was pulled from shelves because someone thought Head was a woman's severed head? Another overreaction, but Snow wasn't exactly a Rock or Stone Cold, and it wound up hurting his career.

As Sean from EWB put it:

I imagine it worked something like this:

"Wow, that was great work Bryan Danielson. Very vicious, very convincing. We are going to take you places Bryan Danielson, we are going to make you a star!"

"Uh, Mr. McMahon, the advertisers just called. They think we went way too far last night. They want to drop our show."


We could speculate all day about who (if anyone) "pressured" WWE, but please stop with the "but (Wrestler X) did (this violent act) (X amount of weeks/months/years ago), so why does Danielson get punished?!" Because he's the one that someone complained about, end of story. Complaining that JBL choked Jericho with a wire two and a half years ago is asinine.

It's a shitty situation, but this is why Vince McMahon is the chairman of WWE and we just watch, there's a business to run. Even if it wasn't Danielson's fault or he didn't know he couldn't do that, if his actions jeopardized a business deal, then WWE did what they felt they had to do. It sucks, but if you can't understand it, then you're not thinking clearly.

I wouldn't be surprised if internet outrage bleeds over into the mainstream product though, and that's understandable. Even though it'll enter the "bargaining" stage of grief, it worked for Matt Hardy back in 2005, maybe it'll work for Danielson. Or maybe WWE will bring him back when the situation cools down, or maybe he'll go back to ROH, or maybe he'll go tour Japan. No matter what, Danielson will be fine, he just left WWE by spitting in John Cena's face and telling him that he's a superior athlete, he's got all the momentum in the world. But really, let's stop calling for him to sign with TNA, the guy just lost his job, hasn't he suffered enough?


  1. Do you have any predictions about how they will acknowledge why the guy who was supposed to be the clear centerpiece to the NXT takeover (I'm getting that based on the fact that Bryan was the one to yell and spit at Cena)is no longer there?

    Not the same thing at all, but this sort of reminds me of when Rick Rude was in DX for like 3 weeks before he jumped ship to WCW and they just never acknowledged him again.

  2. I would assume they'll just put all the focus on Wade Barrett.